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September 19, 2017

Essential Vibes

Keds Ace Leather White White, Tuck Shop Trading Co Toronto t-shirt, red flare mini skirt, Poppy & Peonies crossbody, Le Chateau black collarless blazer, summer to fall essentials, EGPR

There is something about mini skirts and all white sneakers... Am I right?! Totally tennis chic. AND THEN you throw on a blazer and you just feel bad ass! This past weekend the weather was on our side. More than on our side, it was pure bliss. Pure summer! I live for hot, steamy summer days and nights, and even though this weekend was technically the start to fall I could not help pulling out some key summer essentials to take me straight on to fall. A mini skirt to combat the heat, but in a colour that is definitely autumn-appropriate, a shoe that rocks any season, and an illuminating brush that will give any highlighter a run for its money. 

September 13, 2017

NYC: What I'm Packing

It's that time of year again and I could not be more excited. My annual mother-daughter trip to NYC is just a week away and I'm already making a list and checking it twice. Last year we traded in our trip in September for a family trip in August for a cousin's wedding. It was lovely, but trooping around NYC with my brothers was no easy feat. Let's just say there were less cute cocktails involved than I would have liked. Which is why I'm suuupppper excited for this year's trip. We always go in September as it is around the time of San Gennaro Festival (read more on that here). Here's an inside peek into what I'll be packing along for this year's trip. I am thinking double duty neutral fashion, minimal but effective beauty products, and skincare essentials. Follow along on Instagram for more updates!


September 11, 2017

Blue and Yellow

Target yellow pleat midi skirt, Blue strapless ruffle top, blue clutch, Sam Edelman sequin pumps, blue drop earrings, pale blue earring, Transitioning to fall with Yellow

Who would have thought I'd wear yellow and blue... together! When I first saw this skirt I loved the pleats and the way they separated at the bottom. But would I ever wear it? After all it's yellow. I took it home anyways (because the price couldn't be beat) and I can report that I can't stop wearing it! Pink on top, blue on top, paired with black and white stripes, it's becoming an addiction. I love how the colour has an effect to instantly make any outfit fall appropriate. I wore this outfit to an evening of back to back events last week and I'm so excited to keep transitioning it for fall. Burgundy and plum here I come!

September 07, 2017

Entrance Way & DIY Palm Print Bench

DIY Palm Print Bench, Blogger Entrance Way, Interior Design, Palm Print Leopard, Homesense

Our place is by no means fully decorated. We didn't want to rush into buying pieces or furnishing every inch of the rooms with pieces that we didn't love. But I did want our entrance way to be complete. It's the first room I see when I walk into the house, and the last one I see when I leave the house. I wanted it to be inviting for guests and to give off happy fresh vibes. When we came into the house the paint colour was not allowed to be changed. My thoughts were "UGH- so much green!". If I had my way it would be a beautiful shade of... you guessed it, white! So I started thinking what is green and beautiful. Palm trees, duh! I love the look of leopard and palm print together, so I when I found this chair at HomeSense I immediately started looking for a palm print bench.  I found tons! However, for $199? No thanks. 

My mother so graciously gave me her old wooden bench and B and I got to working. I sourced the fabric at EuroFab (a fabulous fabric shop on Queen Street) and picked up a bed cover to act as the cushion. I sanded and painted the base of the bench, then we put it all together. I love that it opens and acts as a storage unit too. Overall we saved ourselves a pretty penny and I think the entrance way looks way more complete! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this little project. If you are interested here is how we put it together:


September 05, 2017

Flowering in Fuchsia

Fuchsia floral crop top, fuchsia satin midi skirt, B Brian Atwood Astor pink heels, Pink drop earrings, Summer Style, fuchsia colour block

I wanted nothing more than to frolic around in the most summery outfits I could put together this Labour Day long weekend, however, the weather was not on my side! Friday night we headed out for date night... and it sure had been a while with all the craziness that has been going on lately. We chose a local sushi restaurant and indulged in some sake to toast for the long weekend. I pretty much said "f the weather" and went with my initial decision to sport all the summery; a white, fuchsia and purple crop top, a fuchsia satin midi and what could possibly be my most favourite shoes right now, these B Brian Atwood block heels (on sale!). They are beyond comfortable, and the colours are big, bold and beautiful.  


August 31, 2017

The Day Our Worlds Changed & Coping With Loss

Coping with Loss-- Joe's Jeans light denim, Forever 21 beige ribbed crop top, Rebecca Minkoff  white bucket bag, Old Navy gold sandals

I contemplated posting these photos for a long time. The memories associated with this day are bittersweet. My mom and I had a planned staycation at a hotel in the city a few months ago. It started off fabulous. A day of shopping around town, lunching at Early Bird, then we checked into the hotel where we settled in for some drinks by the pool. The night was off to a great start, dinner at Gusto 101 and ice cream and cookies to go. Then we got the call in the middle of the night. Someone very dear to us had passed. It was like the world came to a stop. We quickly packed up our things and bolted out of there.  The past week and half have been a whirlwind. There are no words to describe loss.


August 29, 2017

(If I was going) Back to School Essentials

Back to school essentials- Thursday Plantation peppermint oil, Benefit Punch Pop, smashbox, Always X Always weekly note pad, Hobbry, Waterever Forever, Indigo, Saje, Bando

So the whole "back to school" thing may not be a reality for me this year, but that doesn't mean I still don't have fun looking at all the back to school flyers and get excited about all the new stationery and notebook releases! I always loved back to school shopping. I would sift through flyers for hours on end and plan out exactly what I would need. Then I would set up my pencil case, backpack, and even my closet. Ah, the memories! I still get all giddy when I talk to my little cousins about back to school. It's always bittersweet because summer is coming to an end, but I love how it totally gives you a sense of revival. This year, I'm still prepping for back to school, just in a different way! I'm doing a huge purge-- I've already started with my closet and I'm giving my office supplies a refresh. There are a few things that I'd definitely be packing in my school bags this year so let's get to it...

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