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April 18, 2018

VIDEO | Three Wellness Practices to Relieve Anxiety

Three Wellness Practices to Reduce Anxiety and Stress Naturally

So new video Wednesday is becoming a thing! Do you guys love it? Please say yes! I have so much fun creating video content. It's such a wave of fresh new energy but I want to hear what else you guys want to see.

In today's video, I'm chatting three wellness practices that have helped me to relieve anxiety and stress, naturally. They are also such great grounding and balancing practices to try. And no, one of them does not include yoga! Check out today's video and let me know if you'll give them a try! I'd love to hear what you do to relieve stress and anxiety naturally as well.


April 11, 2018

VIDEO | How To Maximize Your Summer Wardrobe

By now I'm sure you know I am the queen of mixing and matching my wardrobe! I love repurposing pieces to maximize wear and really get the most out of what I have in my closet. In today's video, I'm sharing three ways to get the most out of what you have in your closet!

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April 09, 2018

How To Wear Pink on Pink

How to wear Pink on Pink, Pink Power Suit, Dynamite Dotted Lollipop blouse, Shop M pink pant, Hudson Bay white leather mule, Blue Lemon Paris bag

While some people feel unstoppable in black, there's nothing that makes me feel more powerful than a pink on pink ensemble. The colour makes me feel best, and there is no reason to shy away from that. You gotta do what feels good for you! Wearing pink on pink has me manifesting all my wants, and I am willing on spring with all of my might, here. Just hoping that the temperatures will warm up this week so I can bring out some more of my spring pieces.  So how do we wear pink on pink? This blouse and pair of pants, which had me sold from the second I saw each of them, are part of my spring lineup. The pants (which I got at M) are the softest material ever, literally track pant material, but they are dressy. It's a win-win in any situation! Work, play, they just fit! And this lollipop coloured blouse (which is now on major sale!) caught my eye with its dotted texture. I can't wait to pair it with midi skirts and pants alike! I couldn't resist taking each piece out of a spin this weekend, even if I did need to throw a coat on top. Wearing pink on pink is easy. Play around with different shades and different textures.

As you can see I've started to whip out my spring shoes, too! White leather mules are going to be HUGE for me this spring! What's at the forefront of your spring wardrobe?!

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Spring 2018, Pastels & Pastries, How to wear Pink on Pink, How to wear Pink on Pink, Pink Power Suit, Dynamite Dotted Lollipop blouse, Shop M pink pant, Hudson Bay white leather mule, Blue Lemon Paris bag

How to wear Pink on Pink, Pink Power Suit, Dynamite Dotted Lollipop blouse, Shop M pink pant, Hudson Bay white leather mule, Blue Lemon Paris bag
Pastels & Pastries, Pink tie waist pant, pink Dynamite dotted blouse, Blue Lemon Paris bag pink, White leather mule


April 06, 2018

VIDEO | Chic & Nasty House Hacks

How to style your home, Chic Styling Tips, Blogger Home Style, Blogger Design Tips, Shelf styling, cheap wall art,

Chic and nasty... what does that even mean?! You'll need to check out the latest video! I am going over my top three house hacks to decorate on a dime, make your home super stylish, and personalize your space with some great conversation pieces. 


April 05, 2018

What You Need To Plan A Wedding

Real talk. Wedding planning is a JOB. At first I was in a state of panic, not knowing what the heck I was doing, where I was going, or even when it would happen. But, now that I have a few details sorted out I am getting into the groove and mapping out my plans more strategically. But not with the help of some serious goods. I'm excited to share more wedding plans and updates with you guys! BTW- have you watched the latest Wedding Planning vlog? Subscribe so you never miss an ep! Back to this list... here are some KEY items that I have been relying on through the stressful phone calls, numerous social settings and indulge in a little self-care. BECAUSE WE NEED TO! 

Wedding Planning Essentials Pastels and Pastries

1 - The cutest clutch for any bride-to-be.
  2 - A planning book to get you in order.
3 - Everyone's going to be looking at your nails. This is the only polish that lasts!
4 - An amazing glow serum to radiate your skin from within
5 - The best way to ensure you're getting a deep sleep, and enough sleep. Don't know how this miracle spray does it, but it works!
6 - A concealer that doesn't crease, winkle or flake... so good!
7 - I'm all about natural beauty and wellness. The more tips the better. 
8 - Get your smile as white as your dress! Whitening at home-- no pain, no discomfort. 
9 - Boho chic guide to wedding planning! 
10 - For when you need to chill the heck down. Literally smells like heaven. 
11 - Hydration is key when you're on the go. 
12 - An all natural lash and brow serum that will lengthen and thicken!

(click on the numbers to take you to the link!)

Anything I am missing that I need to get on board with?! Let me know!


April 02, 2018

Bonjour Spring Denim

Wide High Waist Jeans H&M, Spring Denim Trends 2018, Pastels & Pastries, Red Beret, Boujour tee shirt Sundry, Soukh bag, spring style

April is here! Sound the alarm! Could I not be more excited? This past weekend the sun was brilliant, and we were even graced with double-digit temperatures. I always love Easter weekend because I get to go full out pastel crazy (as you'll see in the next few OOTD posts!). Not that I don't do that on the regular, but Easter is sort of a kick-off into my pastel, pink, floral dreamland.

Sundry Bonjour Shirt Nordstrom. H&M Wide High Waist Denim, Pastels and Pastries, Denim Spring trendsThis pair of jeans was on repeat for me this weekend. I love how they are totally different than anything else I own. I have recently been getting into different styles of jeans lately and I'm loving the breakaway from my go-to skinny jean style. I use to wear skinny jeans, and only skinny jeans, thinking that I could not pull off any other types, but this fun pair is totally proving me wrong! Since I purchased this pair, I even found myself pulling the trigger on a pair of mom-style jeans! I did not think I could wear them! But leave it to AE to make a pair that is flattering and fun. Denim is huge this spring, and we are making the transition from classic styles to strong styles-- think more fun, more flare, more embellishments. Wide leg, cropped leg, bejeweled leg, here are some styles you should take a chance on this spring:

Baggy Denim
Loving the wide leg, and baggier styles! Not to mention, they are ridiculously comfortable. Next, I think I may need to get into a pair of denim culottes to really hone in on the 90's look. They are so refreshing and I love how you can easily take them from day to night. A pair of slide-on loafers in the day, and a quick switch to a pair of pumps at night. They are sure to make a statement.

Cropped Denim
Hi, mom jeans! I was searching high and low for a pair that would work for my body type and finally, American Eagle came to my rescue. I could not believe how much I loved them! Warning-- these are a total man repeller, LOL! Brandon cringes when I wear them. But paired with a white oversized tee, or this Bonjour tee, I am sold! Feeling like I should go park a vintage wagon somewhere in Venice Beach and just chill for days. These are also a great transitional piece. They pair equally as well with booties as they do with flats.

High Waist Denim
I'm just obsessed with this pair I'm wearing in this post! I was so skeptical when I brought them to the fitting room, but immediately I fell in love. Wear them to the office, out at night, or on a casual Sunday. They have some retro vibes that I love, too.

Mixed Mediums
Pair elements of all the styles together! Go wild here and embrace all the fun new denim styles this spring. There are also great jumpers and overall styles that feature a few of the different looks in one. There's also all the embroidered styles and bejeweled styles to take advantage of. It's a new season and the perfect opportunity to get into some new looks. I'm breaking away from my go-to skinny jeans, how about you?

P.S. Check out the fabulous new collection by Soukh. A beautifully curated collection of treasures from all around the world! No two bags are the same.

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Wide High Waist Jeans H&M, Spring Denim Trends 2018, Pastels & Pastries, Red Beret, Boujour tee shirt Sundry, Soukh bag, spring style

Wide High Waist Jeans H&M, Spring Denim Trends 2018, Pastels & Pastries, Red Beret, Boujour tee shirt Sundry, Soukh bag, spring style

Bonjour t Shirt, High Waist Baggy Denim, Spring jean trends 2018, mom jeans, american eagle

Wide High Waist Jeans H&M, Spring Denim Trends 2018, Pastels & Pastries, Red Beret, Boujour tee shirt Sundry, Soukh bag, spring style


March 29, 2018

4 Shoes You Need This Spring

Pastels & Pastries, toronto blogger, spring shoes, mules, slides, white sneakers

Later, winter! So over you, it's not even funny. Spring is here, officially, but the weather is still unpredictable. It snows one day, the next its literally sunshine and daisies. I'm not complaining, I'll take any sunshine I can get! One struggle I always have during this transition stage is knowing what to wear on my feet. I'm so done with boots by now, but it is still cold and wet! In light of the seasonal changes, I've rounded up the top shoes you need to go from winter to spring.

1- Slip On Loafers
I have been addicted to the slip-on lately. They are the perfect shoe to walk you into warmer weather. Slip-ons leave you some breathing room in the back and the closed-toe option is perfect for these March days. It still is cold, but I can't be bothered to wear boots, and they protect my toes from literally getting frostbite. Want even more springy vibes? Opt for a while pair. Beyond chic. And you can never go wrong with a pointy toe to dress up with a pair of trousers or down with a pair of jeans. These are going to become such an office staple during the warmer months, but I've already started wearing them!

pink slides H&M, gucci dupes
{$32.24 here}
2. White sneakers
If there is one pair of shoe everyone needs in their collection, it's a white sneaker. When the weather is cold but sunny I love pairing white sneakers with some denim and a long wool coat. It's such a refreshing switch up from wearing boots.  In the warmer months, pair them with dresses and skirts for a sporty but classic look. My Keds are one of the best pairs of shoes I own-- they withstand all seasons. I always take them with me while traveling because they are a go anywhere shoe! 

H&M pink slides, pink lucite heel booties, black 3. Print boots
Remember how I mentioned snow is still continuing to fall? I just know we're bound to have another snowfall soon! So no, we can't just dismiss the realistic necessity of boots just yet. I have a funky pair to help me get through these final dreary winter days. The print screams spring, but the practicability is there. Actually, now that I am looking at these ones again, they are so impractical! LOL-- a high lucite heeled bootie? Oh well. There are so many fun options for printed boots these days, it's not hard to find a pair you'll love. Better than basic black and you can mix and match your spring patterns. 
Pastels & Pastries, toronto blogger, spring shoes, mules, slides, white sneakers
{white $49.99 here}

4. Mules
The mule is not going anywhere, guys! And why should they! They are so versatile and so functional. You just slide 'em on. I bought a few pairs this season already. One flat pink pair, and also a black block heeled style. I just love shoes with no backs! This may be too much info-- but sometimes it can get hot and my feet swell! Especially while walking in the warm weather. I know I'm not the only one! Going backless is the best way to let 'em breathe but still look stylish. Sidewalk ready at any time, and they pair with any outfit-- jeans, skirts, dresses. I'm sold.

Are there any styles you are hooked on for spring? Let me know if I missed any!

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