February 12, 2014

Impromptu Valentine's Day Brunch

This past weekend I surprised my beau with an early Valentine's Day brunch. It was lovely and delicious, and obviously unexpected since it was a week early. I decided on the brunch at the 11th hour which meant I didn't have some of the essentials. Not to worry! Here's how to pull off an impromptu brunch for someone special!

The main. Originally I was craving waffles, but not having a waffle maker killed that dream real fast! Then a Pinterst picture popped into my head, the Nutella stuffed French toast! I had tons of fresh berries, which was great, but was out of Nutella. I decided it would taste just as good stuffed with chocolate so I used some Cadbury Buttons and filled the centre. Unlike this recipe,  I lightly grilled the toast, then layered the chocolate, and sandwiched another piece of toast on top, to avoid the sogginess.

His favourite. He loves strawberry milk, which I surely don't have lying around. I blended milk, pure strawberry jam, and frozen strawberries. Ta da! And in 15 seconds I had a strawberry milkshake.

The extras. Anytime we go out for brunch I hate choosing between the sweet and savoury items. I mean maple syrup and bacon go hand in hand, right? I didn't want to neglect the savoury side, so I baked some bacon (which eliminated the whole house smelling lik a diner), and cracked a heart shaped egg over a piece of whole grain toast. For the sides I whipped up a Greek yogurt parfait and dipped strawberries in vanilla Greek yogurt (after dipping put in freezer to set). Add a few cups of coffee, maple syrup and vanilla Chantilly cream, and we had a perfect, last minute, brunch!

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