June 13, 2014


Where do I even begin… Europe was a complete and utter dream come true. Not only was I with my best friend whom I love, but we got to explore some of the most magical and beautiful places I have ever seen (more on that later!). I know I have been home over a week, but there was/is so much catching up to do! Not to mention sort through the 2000 pictures I took (literally). As crazy happy as I was to get away, I was so happy to return home. Of course I miss the European lifestyle, but coming home really makes you appreciate friends and family even more, and as cliche as it sounds, find the beauty in the simpler things that were once overlooked. It offers a sense of revitalization and refreshes your mind, body and spirit. I feel so much more inspired (probably due to the thousands of year old art and architecture I was witness to), and am ready to begin the next phase of my life.

So, what can we look forward too!? Well, a travel series is most definitely on its way, but I have also officially begun the job hunt. It's scary and exciting all at the same time. In-between all the applications I am taking time to get a little inspiration from two powerful ladies, Sheryl Sandberg and Sophia Amoruso. They both are ridiculously honest and witty, and I recommend anyone in a similar boat to give them a read.  

*Try infusing your water with strawberries, basil and lemon! 

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