January 24, 2015

January Joy

Apparently this week was host to Blue Monday...which is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. I actually found this week to be a decent one, despite societal pressures to book vacations and give in to post holiday gloom. Yes- a lot of people are escaping the cold and are heading for the tropics, and yes- I may be a tad envious, but (!) there is plenty going on here to rave about. So, to keep up with the positivity I am sharing five moments from this week that had a lovely impact and put a smile between my frozen rosy checks. Why not take a minute to think back on this past week to recognize and appreciate what already is making you smile.

{1. I'm obsessed with this bag 2. I match the floor at Citta (which was by the way delicious)}
{The prettiest of roses; Valentine's Day prep has begun!} 
{Stocking up on these cold pressed juices from Trader Joe's in Buffalo proved itself clever as they have been helping me fight a bug all week}
{Celebrating at Colette Grand Cafe with chocolate profiteroles and champagne}
{Officially addicted to pointy toe pumps}


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