October 14, 2016

The Girls VS Beware That Girl

The Girls by Emma Cline vs Beware that Girl by Theresa Totten

It feels so good to be reading again. I don't know about you, but I'll go through stints where I am a total book worm, then I'll go through phases where I'll leave one untouched for months. We have ourselves a battle of the "girls" right here. My latest reads were the "The Girls" by Emma Cline, then immediately after that I jumped into "Beware that Girl" by Theresa Toten. Both stories are thrillers centered around a group of girls, but in totally different time frames and cities. Since they have both been hot topics in the literary world as of late, I figured it would be fun to break down each book and let you decide which one sparks your interest more. One definitely did for me!

The Girls by Emma Cline vs Beware that Girl by Theresa Totten

The Girls-- If you liked The Virgin Suicides you'll be quick to jump to read this one. Let me set the stage for you: Northern California, summertime, the 60's. The book follows, Evie, a young girl who is coming of age and ends up getting mixed up with a cult that lives hidden in the hills on a ranch. Evie comes across this group of girls and is completely enamored, and from there the story gets a little crazy. A little bit of drugs, a little bit of seduction and a little bit of violence. It's definitely a thriller, but I found it quite slow to really take off. I was constantly putting it down at first and trying to force myself to get through the first bit. However, it's no doubt that Emma is a great writer, she is very poetic. The book is dark, a little melancholy and it sure has a thrilling end!

Beware That Girl-- Think Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl. Theresa Toten was able to capture my interests a bit more in this one. The story takes place in current time on the Upper East Side, so immediately I was ready to dive in. To put it simple-- we have Kate, a girl with many secrets, looking to do whatever it takes to get into Yale. Whether that means getting close to "the haves" of the school, or working at a Chinese Market 7 days a week, she'll do it. I love that Kate is super smart and that her past unfolds as you get into the story. Things take a wicked turn when a certain someone comes into the picture. The story gets twisted pretty fast and the suspense will have you flipping the pages.

Overall? I found Beware That Girl to be more enthralling, thrilling and enjoyable. Must be my affliction to that NYC beat! It's definitely a lighter read, but I found it to be more suspenseful and fast-paced. Let me know if you'll read either book, or if you have already. Or if you hate that I just posted a book review on here! - lol



  1. I totally go through the same reading and not reading stages. Thanks for the review!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. You've got my interest on both reviews! And autumn is definitely my time to cocoon and catch up on reading!

  3. I definitely go through reading and non reading phases too, I'll have to make a note of these for my next reading phase!

    Chow Down USA

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