October 19, 2017

How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

Ever wonder how when you travel you get so overwhelmed by the beauty and newness of places that you often forget to focus on the little details? You end up taking that classic picture of the Eiffel Tower that has been posted a billion times, there a bunch of smiling tourists in the background and truthfully, no real "Parisian" would ever fathom even taking a similar photo. On this trip, I really wanted to emphasize the hidden beauty, the less explored and be one with the locals! This gives you a new perspective on the city, allows you to see it behind native eyes, and yes-- you're Instagram feed will look a lot more fancy and distinguished!

Here's are five ways to Instagram Paris (or really any city) like a local.

How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

1. Play with angles.
Like I said, everyone has seen a picture of the Eiffel Tower. So how can you shoot it in a way that's different, yet exciting and still recognizable? Take an interesting photo that focuses on new angles by snapping just the top portion of the landmark, or shoot interesting buildings from new perspectives (i.e.: peaking out of a beautiful row of buildings). Cropping the buildings, or showcasing just one aspect of it instantly makes the photo more dramatic, mysterious and a little romantic.

How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

31 rue cambon, Chanel How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian
Versailles; How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

 How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian2. Get the details.
The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles is absolutely breathtaking, but I can guarantee if you try to take a shot of the whole room your photo will be crowded with tourists listening to headsets.  Focus your shot on a grouping of the chandeliers or a partial shot of the mirrors. I mean, even the ceiling is gorgeous, snap that while you're at it. The same goes for taking photos in the city. There is so much beauty to be found. Think of all the ornate doors, door handles, and balconies. Did you know most courtyards are just left open during the week for deliveries and workers? I found some of the most beautiful places just wandering behind closed doors! The big picture may be beautiful, but they know you're there anyway. Try going for the less discovered smaller picture and really hone in on the beauty.

Versailles; How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian
3. Avoid the overplayed.
Yes-- Cafe de Flore is a Parisian establishment. But seriously on every corner is a stunning cafe where you can sit outside, enjoy a noisette and listen to the allure of the French language. Why not head on over to La Palette, which is just down the street, enjoy your time in a potentially more breathtaking setting. You'll feel the true Parisian vibes and are guaranteed a less rushy time. There are countless boulangeries, patisseries, and restaurants that are just waiting to be discovered. I discovered the world-renowned Meert waffles by just walking by! And it was that much more special because I didn't have any preconceived notion of the place. This was also the case for Popelini. The chou was the most amazing and finding it on my own was a great pleasure. Don't get trapped in by the trends and discover the unknown. Then snap it!

Hotel Grand Amour; How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

Popelino; How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

4. OOTD the location.
There is no need to search out any boring old white walls here! Every inch of this city is stunning. Just hop on any street corner and get someone to take what I call the "up-down" shot (where the photographer aka partner/mother/bestie gets to ground level and snaps a photo looking up) and you madame are guaranteed to look like a true Parisienne! I love showcasing the setting, landmarks and interesting points with an OOTD. Find a spot that accentuates the aesthetic of your outfit and showcase the city too!

Louvre; How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian

L'Eclair de genie ,How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian
5.Accessorize it.
I know while travelling it's unlikely that you will bring along odds and ends with you, but I'm sure you'll have your card holder, sunglasses or a fabulous lip stick on hand. Use these props to your advantage. Pull out your accessories and style the shot by incorporating a bit of yourself it in. Make it  your own, otherwise, it's just another coffee and croissant.

Hotel Grand Amour,How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian
How to Instagram Paris Like A Parisian
Do you think these tips will help? How do you snap shots of new cities?!



  1. Ohhhhh these photos! You make it look so easy,, And so inspiring ❤️ I’ll give it a try in Old Montreal, not exactly Paris, but........ ❣️

  2. Okay now I need to go back to Paris!

    xo Joëlle

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