February 11, 2013

House Lovin'

I love decorating for any and all occasions, so Valentine's Day is no exception. After all, the house needs some loving too! But I have to say, I prefer incorporating festive items that take a sleek approach to the holiday as opposed to tacky porcelain cupids and heart window decals! These pieces on their own don't necessarily allude to Valentine's day and I wouldn't mind having them out all year round, but when brought together they scream lovey dovey!

13. Red Rose Stacking Bowls 



  1. The poems of Pablo Neruda are beautiful. A must have for now and everyday !


  2. I want that iPhone case! Gah!

  3. Ok - I've come out of the closet for you - no more anonymous! That frame looks better than Urban Outfitters one!


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