October 20, 2014

New York in Photos

For some reason last month's trip to NYC felt like the best one yet. We spent our time trying out new restaurants and having leisurely brunches in Soho, notably at Cafe Gitane and Le Pain Quotidien. We walked endlessly to explore some of our favourite neighbourhoods and to revel in the last of the beautiful weather. We ate our way though the San Gennaro festival, where I indulged in one too many zeppoles, and we sipped martinis on our hotel's roof top bar before seeing the play 'Once'. We made our way up The Top of the Rock, which was a first for us, unfortunately in a gloomy hour, but I don't think the view could even be bad. Did I mention we ate, a lot? We devoured eclairs from Maison Kayser, and even managed to score a frozen s'more from Dominique Ansel Bakery. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend to spend with the greatest momma eva.  Here are a few of our favourite moments in photos. 

{prettiness in Greenwich}
{best avocado toast ever @ Cafe Gitane}
{i am addicted to parfaits, too}

{san gennaro}

{view from Hotel Hugo's roof top bar}

{Sarabeth's in Tribeca}

{goodies @ Le Pain Quotidien}
{Perry Street. hi, Carrie Bradshaw's glorious apartment}
{Caliente Cab}
{eclairs and the best cappuccino ever, from Maison Kayser}
{San Gennaro festival taking over Little Italy}

{Dominique Ansel Bakery} 
{frozen s'more… yeah, think about it}


October 14, 2014

Brooklyn Flea

Before we flew back to Toronto we made a point to check out the Brooklyn Flea Market. I was literally obsessed with all the vintage furniture and jewelry. Williamsburg  is definitely a place to check out. So many funky cafes, bars, and vintage shops fill the town's streets that we could have spent hours roaming around. And unfortunately there was little to no space left in our luggage to bring home some sweet treasures but the memories will have to do. 


October 08, 2014

Forever Neutrals

The frigid fall is officially upon us and my addiction to neutrals seems to be growing. As you saw here, I have been lusting after sleek, versatile and comfortable pieces for the season, and they somehow all manage to revolve around black and beige. This past weekend felt quintessentially like autumn, which compelled me to sip on Forever Nuts tea (from David's) and admire the foliage and their array of colours. If this weather is any indication of what is to come, I will be perfectly content with repeating this drill all while parading around in neutral ensembles (as long as there is a trip to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch in the near future).

{Topshop hat, Old Navy sweater, Zara pants, Indigo bag, Steve Madden booties}


October 06, 2014

Times Square

When you have an hour to kill before a evening show on Broadway, why not take a stroll through one of the world's busiest intersections? Times Square is full of powerful, contagious energy (even if you feel it for only for a few minutes before wanting to get the heck out of there).  The tourists roam with heightened senses and sparkly eyes, which is a drastic change from the charm of Greenwich, or the relaxed vibe of Brooklyn. I will confess- there was a brief moment where I wanted to burst out singing Alicia and Jay-Z...which was then followed by the urge to, following the show, return to our base in Soho for dinner and drinks. Hate it or love it, Times Square is definitely a thing to experience. 

More pictures from NYC to come!

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