March 30, 2016

Superfood Smoothie Bowl Vlog

Superfood smoothie bowl recipe

After spending a bit of time with Adrianna and Tamara at their shop, The Fix & Co., I knew I just had to get in the kitchen with them to whip up an exclusive recipe. Smoothie bowls are my weekend ritual. During the week I make batches of chia puddings or overnight oats to grab on my rush out the door, but weekends are a different story. I love getting all crafty with my smoothies and take my time to top them with all the superfood goodness I can. I actually pour them out of the magic bullet container (I know- more dishes!), layer them up and take my time eating then devour them instantly. In all seriousness, they have become something I look forward to!

The girls and I put together a wicked recipe to share, and since I was the taste tester I can assure you this blend of dates, blueberries, banana, and a variety of superfoods is sure to elevate your morning or snack (or dinner- no judgment here, we've all been there!). It's refreshing, energizing, so nutritious and will leave you full for hours (not to mention vegan and gluten free). The blend of dates and raw cacao with the matcha powder gives the creamy smoothie a subtly sweet taste that is so delicious. I had so much fun putting together this recipe vlog and I'm so eager to hear you thoughts! The recipe is also posted below, along with a few more questions from our Q&A. 

Superfood Smoothie Bowl
makes 2 servings 

Smoothie Ingredients: 
3 pitted dates
1 frozen banana (frozen is preferred as it makes for a thick consistency)
1 tsp of matcha (we used Matcha Ninja, it's organic and blends well)
1 tbsp raw cacao 
1/2 cup of frozen blueberries 
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk (or any dairy free alternative)
1/2 cup of coconut yogurt (or any dairy free alternative) 

Smoothie Toppings: 
1/2 cup of granola (gluten free) to layer
fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates
shredded coconut
sliced almonds 

Blend all smoothie ingredients together.
Pour granola into two bowls and top bowls with smoothie.
Top smoothie with desired toppings.

Superfood smoothie bowl recipe

Did you catch my interview/cleanse experience? Tamara and Adrianna are just killing the juice scene in Toronto. They truly love what they do and love promoting a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. There passion is evident in their words, products and demure. I asked a few business related questions to see what it's like being an ambition juicery in Toronto and here's what they had to say. 

Q: What sets you apart from the other juice retailers in the city? 

A: We believe the main thing that sets us apart is that we produce our cold pressed juice on site, which means we can customize all of our juices and packages. We use organic and work with local farmers, like many other juiceries do, but where we stand out is that we produce everything ourselves in smaller batches. This ensures that the quality of juice is high. We never water down anything and our customers get what they pay for. We are also one of the first fresh bars in the west end (Etobicoke). We wanted to bring downtown concepts and the downtown feel to the west end. There are a lot of people who want juices, salad bowls, smoothies, and smoothie bowls without having to drive downtown to find it. We also deliver juice/cleanse packages and cater to offices or for small events. We may have started as a juicery, but now we are more than that. Being nutritionists, we decided to do everything we could to get our products out there while spreading the word of whole food eating, which means we do a lot of community and outreach events, but also run educational workshops in our store. 

Q: What key business advice would you give to young entrepreneurs? 

A: I think that we can both agree that the key business advice for young entrepreneurs is to be authentic and to do what you truly love. Finding a way to make your passions a career makes it so much more meaningful and enjoyable. Let things progress naturally, but take charge of your life and don't let anyone tell you you can't do something. We never thought a year ago that we would have our own shop and come this far after 6 months, but if you believe in your goals and it feels natural to you, then you are on the right path. There will be mistakes and bumps along the way, but they are all just experiences to propel you forward and move you in the right direction. Failure is not an option unless you allow it to be. 

Q: What's next for The Fix & Co?

A: We would really like to take our business to the next level by setting up our on-line store, having our products available at other retail locations and hopefully open up another small location. We don't know where that location will be, but we do know that having another spot is somewhere in the future. We are just going to keep hustling and keep doing what we are doing, because it's been working. We would definitely like to see some expansion in the next 6 months or so.

I can't wait to see what's next for The Fix & Co. Check them out online, visit the shop, or have your goods delivered. If there is anything I can leave you with, it's that your health really is an investment in your future. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for taking the utmost care of it and nourishing it in the best way possible. At least go make yourself this crazy good smoothie bowl.

Thanks so much, ladies!

Check out part 1 of our Q&A and my Body Reset cleanse experience here.


March 28, 2016

Pattern Play

wide leg striped pants, chanel inspired coat, Spring style

Toronto Fashion Week came and went at lightening speed. I mean I basically don't even remember it now that I am in full sugar coma mode from this weekend aka this -which I devoured!  This outfit was probably my most fun/eccentric outfit of the week. Dressing playful while still in my comfort zone, I paired a comfy pair of wide leg pants with a tweed, Chanel inspired, mini jacket. I love how the colours matched and how the pieces unexpectedly worked so well together! The patters are complementary and the soft fabric of the pants juxtaposes with the structured, sturdy fabric in the jacket. The jacket also has pearl embellishments and is lined which kept me toasty in and out of the tents and on our walk along King Street to scour out cocktails and to fulfill post-show hankerings (girls gotta eat!).

I seriously feel in love with both pieces separately and then paired them together and felt like the most sophisticated, girl boss around. Both pieces are from my fave shop, Lemonberry, and if you're looking for one of a kind pieces, go now! To take this outfit a step further, and really make it Fashion Week apropos, I sported these embellished Sam Edelmen pumps. They are grey and sparkly, which accented the outfit perfectly. The purpose of Fashion Week is to dress however you want, right? Do it up, take it down, just do whatever makes you feel your best.

What I'm Wearing:
Gentle Fawn pants (available at Lemonberry, similar)
Darling London coat (available at Lemonberry)
Sam Edelman pumps (similar, similar)
Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)

What do you think? Do you pattern play for fun events, or keep it minimal and chic? 

Also, check out Toronto Life's article "Street Style: The best spring looks we spotted at Fashion Week". So excited to be included! I posted their shot from outside the tents below. 

wide leg striped pants, chanel inspired coat, Spring style

Gentle Fawn wide legged stripped pants, Toronto Fashion Week
Toronto Fashion Week, spring street style, Chanel inspired coat
Rebecca Minkoff bag, Darling coat, Gentle Fawn pants, Toronto Fashion Week Street Style
photo via Toronto Life 


March 25, 2016

Body Reset With The Fix & Co.

Completing a little body detox was one of the things I had been wanting to cross off my Spring Refresh list.  After a lovely day spent with the ladies from The Fix & Co, I was ready for the challenge. And, since I chose the Monday after Daylight Saving Time to begin my program, a challenge it was (in the best way)!

Meet Adrianna and Tamara. Two powerhouse chicks who own, operate and run The Fix & Co, an adorable shop in the Long Branch area of Toronto. Since I am a huge advocate of fuelling your body with whole, nourishing foods I was so excited to get a chance to sit down with the ladies and have them answer a few questions about juicing and the world they have built for themselves at The Fix & Co. Today I'm sharing part one of the answers and a recap of my cleanse. I can't wait to share part two of the interview because I'll be sharing an exclusive, and insanely delicious recipe (stay tuned!). Before I recap how the day went, let's cover the basics of cold-pressed juice, shall we?

Q: What is the difference between cold pressed juice and regular juice? Why drink cold pressed?

A: Cold pressed juice describes a method of extraction. Regular juicing usually means you have used a centrifuge juicer that uses fast spinning blades to extract the juice. Often times, using a centrifuge juicer exposes the fruit and vegetables to high heat killing the live vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in the juice. Although this is still a valuable form of juicing, especially for a beginner, we prefer the cold pressed method because it produces a far more superior juice. The cold pressed method uses more of a crushing and pressing method that doesn't expose the fruits and vegetables to high temperatures. This means the juice is more live! This method also produces a higher yield, produces less waste, and produces a juice that is smoother, tastier and more nutrient dense than you would find with a centrifuge juicer.  

Q: So how did you become involved in the cold pressed juice world? What propelled you to take the leap into opening a storefront? 

After both of Tamara's parents got sick, it became our passion to get involved in the health and wellness industry somehow. Cooking was always something we loved to do, so it was natural for us to start a business that had food involved. We started by juicing for ourselves, experimenting with different fruits and vegetables, creating different recipes. From there, we would get our friends to taste test everything and the consensus was they loved what we produced. Eventually, a friend of ours asked us to set up a pop-up juice bar at a weekend event she was hosting. That weekend we made a few hundred dollars and got great reviews. So we just kept rolling from that. We kept doing events, started doing juice delivery for friends and family, did a lot of taste testing events and finally grew a following. We grew so much that we outgrew our kitchen and had to start looking for a commercial space. Also, juicing started to take up much of our time, like it was a full time job, so we decided why not make it into something more? Our business grew naturally, it was never forced. 

Q: Juice is great for boosting immunity. What are your go-to foods/remedies, for when you don't want to take medication?

First, I think it's important to state that there are instances where you just can't avoid taking medication or replace it with food/juicing if you have a certain health condition. But there are MANY foods that can heal, just like there are many foods that can make us sick. Right now, we have a couple of favourite remedies to help combat inflammation or illness. One is our "Cold Buster" juice, which has served useful during the cold and flu season. It's our blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon, ginger, cayenne and echinacea. This blend is super high in vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system, but it also highly anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral thanks to the high potency of ginger and cayenne. Echinacea has been used to help reduce the symptoms of colds and flus. 

Another remedy we have been selling a lot of is our Golden Turmeric Milk. Turmeric is our favourite superfood right now. For this concoction we use the whole root and juice it. Turmeric root has been commonly used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine and is used to combat inflammation, to relive aches and pains, and to help soothe and heal. Turmeric has also been found to decrease the risk of heart disease, to be extremely high in antioxidants, and to increase brain function. We also use turmeric in other products, such as our Fixer Elixir juice, and will continue to use this amazing food in other products to come! 

Q: Many people struggle with over indulging and overcoming annoying slip ups. Any tips for how to bounce back? How do you stop yourself from feeling guilty for it?

A: Because we are usually at the shop (7 days a week, at least 8 hours a day) we are always around good, whole foods. We eat and drink our products everyday, which makes it easier for us to make wiser choices when it comes to food. So I guess the easiest way to eat well, is to surround yourself with good food as often as possible. But, if we do indulge (which happens because we are normal like everyone else), we often take our eating back a notch. We keep it simple and light by drinking juices, eating salads and soups, and increasing our water intake. This also helps to keep our energy levels up during busy days.

To stop yourself from feeling guilty, you have to change your train of thought. Guilt is an emotion like any other, and like other emotions you can often control them or overcome them especially when negative. I think the key to overcoming guilt is to choose to make your health a priority, which means majority of the time you promise yourself to eat as well as possible and fuel yourself right. On the other hand, there will definitely be times where you may indulge, but that is okay. It is part of life. We all want to go out and enjoy time with family and friends, and that often includes indulging. So the first step is to acknowledge that indulging happens, but this isn't how you eat majority of the time. The second step to overcoming guilt is to set boundaries, by either planning times you are going to indulge, by controlling your portions, or allowing yourself to eat or drink certain things. A little planning can really help with our over eating and eating habits we aren't too proud of.

Q: I love those tips! Accepting and moving forward is so important. Finally, what's your healthy eating mantra? 

A: Our healthy eating mantra is "eat whole, eat fresh, eat simply" as much as possible. We find that the best tasting foods come from nature and are fresh, which means the less ingredients found in a product the better! Also, eating simply means to take it back to basics, to not over-complicating our eating or our diets. Eating simply can also mean that we try to keep our recipes pretty simple too, because food tastes best in its natural form. You don't need to tamper with it too much (by adding sugar, salt, etc) to make it taste good. 

The Fix & Co had just launched their new Body Reset Program which includes 4 juices, 1 nut milk, a salad and soup. Knowing that I would be consuming some food definitely made the whole cleanse process less intimidating. So, let's get to it! 

WAKE UP CALL: I woke up to a rainy, and extremely dark morning. My gym bag was already packed, so I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed and headed out for the day. Loosing an hour of sleep was not in the slightest helpful to this cause. I arrived at work feeling exhausted, foggy and just ravenous. I pulled out the first subject-- The Fixer Elixir- a tart blend of grapefruit, cucumber, turmeric and maple syrup. Delicious. I loved the balance of grapefruit with the cucumber. Killed my hunger and left me feeling refreshed.

10:30 AM: A slow morning at work, and I wasn't feeling overly hungry. I reached for the second contender, Daily Dose. It's a mix of greens (swiss chard, romaine, kale), a granny smith apple, pineapple and lemon. It tasted seriously nourishing, but a tad sweet for me. I added some water to the bottle and got juicing! My head felt totally clear, and energy levels were high.

12:12 PM: Usually by this time of day my stomach is screaming for food. I wasn't overly hungry, but definitely felt a manageable pang of hunger. I just love to eat so I was excited for lunch time. Salads are my daily go-to lunch so this gourmet mix of greens, roasted sweet potatoes, red cabbage, pomegranate seeds, roasted eggplant, and pumpkin seeds was right up my alley. Loved the lemon dressing, too! Polished off the salad feeling good and energized for the afternoon.

2:00 PM: There's the familiar feeling... FOOD, I NEED YOU. Thank goodness for the almond milk! On the Body Reset Program you can drink the almond milk in sips throughout the day, or whenever you feel you need a little extra boost. I had to break into the bottle of cinnamon, vanilla goodness by 2:00 PM and stopped myself half way to save some for the evening.

3:20 PM: Still hungry. Reached for The Antidote-- a blend of kale, celery, cucumber, dandelion greens, granny smith apple, parsley and lemon. Definitely the most "green" tasting juice as the parsley really brings out the earthy hints. The lemon gives the juice a nice favor and made this juice more appetizing for me. Also, this juice is ultimate for alkalizing your body, which I've noticed at this point because my pee is literally white! TMI? Sorry, this is healthy body talk, peeps!

4:00 PM: Finished work and distracting myself from hunger with errands for Fashion Week. The Almond Milk has become my BFF again at this point. Sip, sip, sip...

7:00 PM: I arrived home a bit later today, and immediately warmed up the Moroccan Stew on the stove. To say I was hungry would be an understatement. I don't even think I let the stew fully heat up, that's how fast I devoured it. I would have liked more vegetables and less chick peas in the stew, but it was delish and satisfying! Definitely needed that meal.

8:30 PM: By this time I totally forgot there was another juice to consume! I could barely get through half, as I just wasn't hungry. The girls gave me another green juice for my final and it was tasty but I didn't need it all. I went to bed feeling so energized --like I actually couldn't fall asleep right away!

ALL IN ALL: It wasn't challenging to stick to the plan. Since I try to eat as fresh and as whole as possible in my daily routine I didn't find the diet restricting at all. The juices tasted delicious and I looked forward to trying each one out. Obviously I was hungry, but knowing that it would only be a one day program allowed me to push through it. My energy levels soared and the next day I felt clear headed and energized to the max!

Doing a cleanse with the addition of light meals made the whole process so much less intimidating. I totally get why juice cleanses are so popular these days! If you're looking for a way to jump start a healthier lifestyle, and inject more nutrients into your body by increasing fruit and veggie intake I would definitely recommend starting with this unique program, especially if doing a juice only cleanse sounds too hardcore. You can read more about all the benefits here, but you'll find yourself craving less sugar and it will give your digestion system a total flush (again, TMI? Nah!). I loved doing this cleanse, and can definitely see myself doing it again after the holidays, or to get back on track after a stressful time.

What is your take on juicing? Will you try it?

Thank you to the lovely ladies at The Fix & Co for breaking down the basics and sharing this program with me. Stay tuned for part two! An exciting recipe is coming your way!


March 23, 2016

Mini Egg Sugar Cookie Cake

Easter Baking with mini eggs

I think the addiction to Mini Eggs is real for most of us. There is something so intoxicating about just the smell of those delicious Easter treats. Crunchy, crispy and chocolatey, and the scent of vanilla magnifying as soon as you open the bag. My mouth is watering just thinking about them… I love making a classic Bunny Bark for Easter, but this year I wanted to try something a bit different. This weekend I went off on limb to adapt Sally's Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake to resemble something similar to my favourite cookies by Toronto bake shop Desmond and Beatrice. The result? An utterly sweet, chewy, soft baked, pastel dream of a cookie cake. So perfect for any Easter/spring gathering! Take stock of Mini Eggs while you can and get in the kitchen to re-create this easy, massive and delicious cookie cake.

Mini Egg Sugar Cookie Cake 

1/2 cup softened butter
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 and 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 and 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
2/3 cup chopped mini eggs (plus a few extra to leave whole to place on top)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, and spray a 9-inch pie dish with nonstick spray. Set dish aside.
  2. Cream the softened butter for 1 minute with a mixer. Once smooth add the sugar until fluffy.
  3. Beat in egg, egg yolk, and vanilla until combined.
  4. In a separate bowl, whisk together the all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cornstarch. 
  5. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture in three equal segments until combined. Dough will be thick.
  6. Lay mini eggs on wax paper and cut into chunks. If you can do this in a large tray it will be easiest as the mini eggs tend to fly all over the place! Add mini egg pieces to dough and fold in using spatula. 
  7. Press the dough evenly into the sprayed pie dish (I added some whole mini eggs to the top of the dough for more colour). Bake for 23-25 minutes or until lightly brown on top. Cool on wire rack before taking cookie out of the dish. 
  8. Optional: Use your favourite frosting recipe (this one) to create little flowers/swirls on the top of the cake. Top the larger ones with whole mini eggs.

Easter baking with mini eggsMini Egg Sugar Cookie Cake

Mini Egg Sugar Cookie Cake, perfect for any Easter/Spring gathering

Easter baking with mini eggs

Easter baking with mini eggsEaster baking with mini eggs

Easter baking with mini eggs


March 21, 2016

Jewelled Pink

Perfect Easter Spring Pastel look

Sometimes making the most minor of changes to your daily routine will make you feel most glamorous. 

You must know by know that Easter is my favourite holiday. Not just for the influx of pastel coloured everything (which I am obviously obsessed with), but with Easter comes spring and the notion of revival and fresh life. Whether it be the grass or the gardens, there is definitely a sense of blossoming and blooming in the air, and I can't get enough. 

Even as a little girl I would always put my favourite floral or pastel coloured dress on for Easter celebrations with the family. This year will be no different. Besides the fact that it makes me totally nostalgic, I love the chance to pull out all my feminine pieces and get extra girly. I especially love this colour pairing; nude and pink is such a classically girly combination! To really up the glam factor I added my mom's vintage hair clip and created a semi up-do. It's a rare occasion for me to style my hair differently, but the little change made such a huge impact, not only to the outfit, but to how I felt. Instantly I felt so elegant and graceful, and it's something I will definitely be trying more of from now on. 

What's the one thing you do to instantly elevate your look? Is it an extra swipe of liquid eyeliner, or a bold lip? And let me know, will you be dressing up for Easter?

What I'm wearing:
Club Monaco trench (identical)
Forever 21 crop top (identical)
Zara skirt (similar)
Shoedazzle pumps (similar)
Vintage hair clip

Pink skirt and nude crop for spring style.Vintage accessories

Vintage accessories, nude Club Monaco trench, pink Zara skirt

Vintage pastel hair clip

Spring Pastel Easter style

Club Monaco trench, Zara pink skirt, vintage bag, nude heels

Club Monaco trench, Pink Zara skirt, Nude heels, vintage nude bag


March 17, 2016

Suede Fringe

Tuesday was day one of Toronto Fashion Week for me. It was a busy day coming straight from work and I rushed into the tents to met up with JoĆ«lle to catch the evening's shows. We casually ducked out for a matcha tea latte at Milano Expresso Bar and to snap pictures in between shows and made a fun evening out of it. I love how blogging has brought about such great friendships with other TO bloggers. It's so strange to think last year at this time I was attending my first ever TFW show, solo! If there is one thing Toronto definitely has going for it, it's the awesome community of bloggers supporting bloggers... at least that I have come across!  

This Soia and Kyo jacket was such a fun piece to wear! I love the fact that the company was founded in Montreal. Yay for wearing Canadian! The piece is just stunning-- the colour is timeless, the suede is extremely soft, it fits like a glove and the luxe fringe detailing just makes it a standout style! The coat is available at Lemonberry boutique, which I know I mentioned, but it truly is a shop you need to visit for one of a kind pieces! I felt like a rock and roll princess all evening, twirling around having the fringe dangle all around me. I pretty much could have jumped on the runway during the Ellie Mae presentation as her theme was definitely rock and roll sweetheart. The models pranced about to killer music showcasing bouncy curls, moody lips and edgy coats. 

What do you think of the coat? Timeless or too "du jour"?

What I'm Wearing:

Soia & Kyo  jacket via Lemonberry
RW & CO dress (similar, similar)
Michael Kors boots (on sale)
Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)

Thanks to La Petite Noob for snapping these pics!


March 15, 2016

Blushing Repeater

Spring Pastels-- Ripped denim, blush trench, blush lace up flats

A weekend filled with sunshine and a killer to-do list makes this pastel lover a happy girl at that! I spent the weekend doing a few shoots (which I can't wait to share!), but it was just so nice to have the sun on our side. The spring like temperatures came out on Saturday which triggered me to finally wear these lace-ups flats that I am particularly obsessed with. I can't wait to couple them with more cropped pants and dresses as the weather gets warmer! But I must say... I am particularly loving them paired with this blush trench. This combo is going to be on serious rotation for the next little while! I believe they call it the "outfit repeater" (FF to 1:06...gotta love Lizzie!).

There really is something so lovely about dressing for spring, it's so natural and easy! Don't you think? Maybe it's just the summertime girl in me. By the way-- nearly every person who has asked where I purchased these jeans is shocked to discover it was at American Eagle. They are the most comfortable pair I own right now, and I would recommend this fit to anyone looking for a new skinny. So soft, but still have the denim feel that you'll want. Just a warning- you'll foot will go into each and every hole on the way into them! Oh, the struggle!

How have you started dressing for spring? And I'd love to get your take on firstly, the lace ups-- are you over them? And secondly, the jeans-- too holey for you or just the right amount of holey goodness?

What I'm Wearing:

RW & CO trench (similar)
American Eagle jeans
Topshop flats
Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)

Spring Pastels-- Ripped denim, blush trench, blush lace up flats
Spring pastels, denim, blush trench, blush lace up flats


March 10, 2016

Spring Refresh

I love spring for various reasons. There's the sunny skies, blossoming flowers, cropped pants paired with flats, and the pastel resurgence. But, I also love spring for the sense of growth and renewal. The month of March always seems to drag for me, but this year I am actually finding it to be moving pleasantly along. There are a few things I like to do every year around this time to refresh for the season. Whether it's revolves around my closet, body, the home, or just in my mind, I am ready to revitalize after a long, dark winter! Here are some ideas if you're looking to hop into spring with a clear mind and happy spirit.


I like to start with the closet. I always pick this time of year to do a real purge and go through all my clothes and giveaway what doesn't fit, doesn't work, and what I've been pushing aside for too many months. I take this time to grab items I may need to get altered, if I can't be bothered they become giveaways! Piles propagate on the bed and floor as I go through the dresser, closet, then move to the places that people often ignore--  the sock, underwear, bra drawers, then I finish off with the bags, shoes and accessories.

Not only is it important to purge what you don't need, but you are also re-organizing in the process, putting away winter essentials and bringing forward your spring/summer wardrobe. I like to take the purge a step further and really look at how I am building my closet. I make a list in my phone of key pieces I may be missing (i.e.: boyfriend jeans, black blazer, white button down, etc.), that way when I go shopping I am not tempted to buy every floral/pastel/blush pink dress I see and focus on what my closet is lacking. Quality over quantity! 


Spring is also a great time to give your body a little detox. The weather is finally getting warmer which makes it the perfect time to add outdoor walks on your lunch break. Sitting at a desk all day can really make me go a tad crazy, and my butt ache! I hate not being able to get outside during the colder months, so once spring hits I'll be heading outdoors on lunch. I also love that spring allows me to add more outdoor runs to my work out routine. Just getting the fresh air can do wonders for your mental state of mind. Bye-bye treadmill! 

Spring is not only the perfect time to do a little detox or cleanse, but also add in a bit of pampering! I don't treat myself to spa services often, so I take the change in season as the perfect opportunity to get a massage,  facial or mani/pedi. Not in the budget? Hit up the drug store and treat yourself to a fun nail polish, face mask or body scrub. Add in a quality candle, an interesting book and bubble bath to that mix and you're set for a spa night at home.

Taking care of the mind is just as important as taking care of the body. Sometimes the change in season can create such stints of low energy. I like to really up my green intake to keep my mind clear (and it's great for the physical body too). I've been getting inspired from Julie Cove's new book "Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better" lately, and although the whole lifestyle isn't realistic for me to follow, she has some great tips on how to sneak more greens into your meals, and what to cut out if you are feeling sluggish,bloated/gassy or have low energy. For example, eating too many types of food in one meal can cause bloating, so try taking a digestive enzyme. Or swap out banana for avocado in your next smoothie to really up the greens.


Over the winter months, junk seems to pile up. Take the upcoming month to clean, de-clutter and organize. Start with the make up and toilettes that seem to have been sitting around for too long, then move to other areas of the house like the office, kitchen (yes, you-- Mr.Pantry) or front closet. It's amazing what a little purging can do for your mental state. Just knowing that things are more organized helps me sleep better at night. While we're on the topic of sleep, if you do need help getting back into a good sleeping routine, check out these tips for a better sleep. 

So! To sum it up for you-- surround yourself in a clean space, with positive people, try to get outside more and eat more greens. Pretty much guarantee a fresh start to a new season! How do you prepare for a new season? Do you have any tips to refresh for the spring? Let me know!


March 07, 2016

Tips For Going Monochrome

Top 3 tips for going Monochrome; white on white neturals

There is something so fresh and inviting about an all neutral outfit, don't cha think? Last weekend I took full advantage of the brief stint of spring-like weather we had and went bare legged! I love playing with different tones of neutrals to give off such an effortless, yet put together look, regardless of the season. Whenever the sun is shinning it's like I am compelled to wear lighter, or brighter tones. It just ups my mood and makes me most happy. Since this day was the first mild, sunny day in a bit of time I guess I went all out!

Although there definitely isn't a formula for going monochrome, there are a few rules I like to follow while decked out in the same colour palette. 
  1. Play with the shapes. Combining a tight fitting skirt with a more loose fitting pullover really gives some definition to the outfit. Tucking in the pullover forces the waist to become the point of interest and keeps the outfit from looking like a shapeless, long garbage bag (am I right?).
  2. Mix up the textures. The sweater is knit, the skirt is cotton and although both pieces are ribbed, the ribs are different widths, which is more visually appealing. The marble-esque bag also adds in another textural element and creates another point of interest. On a side note-- do you believe I almost sold this bag because I didn't think I'd wear it enough?!! Crazy, I know. SO glad I hung onto it! 
  3. Combine shades. Each piece is of a different temperature, but they totally complement each other when paired together. I love going monochrome for this reason; it allows you to pull unlikely pieces together and create something beauteous! 
Add in some fun jewels and some low booties (this was a Sunday afternoon, after all) and you are ready to rock!

Do you have any rules or guidelines you like to follow when going monochrome? I'd love to hear! 

Top 3 tips for going Monochrome; white on white neturals

What I'm wearing:

J Crew (similar) pullover
Forever 21 skirt (similar)
Rebecca Minkoff bag (sold out)
Sam Edelman boots
Aldo cuff, Shop for Jayu ring

Rebecca Minkoff marble mini bag, white on white

Top 3 tips for going Monochrome; white on white neturals

Top 3 tips for going Monochrome; white on white neturals

Top 3 tips for going Monochrome; white on white neturals

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