March 27, 2018

How To Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Skin

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

I love this quote. Loving yourself and your beauty is not as easy as it may seem. We all have those cringe moments... you know the ones. But what if we always felt great in our skin? What if we accepted ourselves for everything we are? How positive and infectious would that be? To constantly walk around feeling so proud and in love with yourself. This kind of self-love has the power to move mountains. And that's the self-love I want to exude. To feel that acceptance we must learn how to get as comfortable as possible as we can in our own skin. Your body is yours and only yours. It does extremely amazing things for you-- it takes you all over the world, it works endlessly for you, and it allows you to move to your own beat and live to your fullest potential. We must thank it for all that it does! The way to show it gratitude is to honour it, accept it and see it under this positive light.

Feeling more comfortable in our own skin is not something that is automatic and that happens overnight. Society has shaped us to develop these insecurities which alter our level of comfort. But, want to know a secret? We can get it back! It's yours for the taking. There are a few ways you can start working on growing this acceptance today, and it's something that you must do. Because, after all, your self-acceptance is the only acceptance that truly matters. I'm not preaching that I love my body day in and day out, but I want to. And I'll work on it for as long as I have to because my body deserves that. For all that it does for me.

Have a read through my little list and see which ones resonate with you the most and try it out. Become aware of these judgments so that you can alter your perspective. It really works!

1. Stop worrying about things not affecting you.

This can be a variety of things, and not just related to the body. It can be your friend's size, their job, their income, etc. Focus on things that do matter like family, your hobbies, and interests. Comparing is a form of judgment and once you let go of these comparisons and catch yourself making them you can turn this negative thinking around and focus on what you do have and love.

2. Don't seek validation.

Once you start doing things for the validation of others it loses the authenticity of the act. You don't need anyone else's acceptance or appreciation. Doing things for yourself and not for the reward is a great way to get comfortable with yourself. It will show you your capabilities and prove just how mighty and strong you are.

3. Release what does not serve you.

This relates to many aspects of your life. Distance yourself from negative people and their negativity will rub off on you. Stop following accounts that make you feel shameful or give you negative emotions and low self-esteem. IHaving this reminder of things you cannot do, own or have will drastically affect your mood and will push you away from loving yourself. Instead, it will make you jealous and judgy. Bask in the positivity of others so that the positivity will become second nature to you.

4. Fake it till you make it.

So you're having a bad day and all you see is gross. I've been there, too. But instead, you need to pull yourself up in these moments. ESPECIALLY these moments. They are the ones that will make you stronger.  I do not mean fake who you are here. I just mean push those positive thoughts into your head, even when it's hard. The best way I know to do this? Affirmations. You look in the mirror and smile. Smile until you feel so silly smiling at yourself. Tell yourself you are a babe and do a hair flip. Practicing self-love and positive self-talk has amazing powers. Over time it will work and you it will not be so hard to say anymore.

5. Wear things that make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

What makes you feel the best? A sexy lace bralette? Sweats and a knit? Whatever it may wear it, and love it. Avoid wearing something that doesn't work for you just because it's trendy and wearing things that you don't feel yourself in. One of my favourite outfits to lounge about in is a lacy bra and high waisted bottoms. I know... how bougie of me! I'm loving this WonderBra Wear It Your Way bra right now because it makes me feel comfortable in my skin. It's feminine, practical and classy. Want to know the best part (aside from the colour being called "Paris Nude")? It can be worn eight ways! I didn't even know that was possible. Seriously any kind of shirt. I love it. Plus it's totally smooth under clothes and there is no painful wire.  WonderBra just gets comfort, innovation, and elegance. I'm on my path to more self-love and I'm taking them with me!

What about you? What makes you feel comfortable in your own skin? I'd love to hear how you practice acceptance.

*WonderBra Spring collection is available at The Hudson's Bay. Thank you to WonderBra for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.



  1. xoxoxoxoxo

    1. you are SO sweet!!! Such an inspiration lady.

    2. So proud of you, Gabriella. Awsome messages to be sharing with everyone that will listen. Self acceptance is the key to happiness.

      “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
      ― Sharon Salzberg

    forever bookmarked xoxoxo

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