October 29, 2018

The Truth About Waxing at Fuzz Wax Bar

Does waxing hurt, fuzz wax bar toronto, Jessie Frampton

Answering the question "does waxing hurt" at one of Toronto's top waxing salons, Fuzz Wax Bar.

About a week ago I posted an Instagram story at Fuzz Wax Bar. I got loads of questions about my experience so I figured it would be best to get it all down in a place where you can come back to. So today I'm diving into it. The truth about waxing. Does it hurt? What's the recovery time like? Everyone's skin is totally different, and while I am by no means an expert (I leave it to the ladies at Fuzz), here are my findings and what you can expect when you go to Fuzz Wax Bar.

First off, let me set the tone. Fuzz Wax Bar is a wax-only salon. They specialize in waxing to give you the best experience possible. The salons are clean, crisp, and refreshing. Citrus essentials oils are diffused throughout. I know... you're already feeling relaxes just reading this! Now, why do I go back?

1) Fast and convenient
Speed waxing is a thing. I don't know how they move their hands so fast, but it's truly an art! I walk in and can do half my body in 20 minutes. No one has time to lay there for an hour! Firstly, that's annoying and scary, and secondly downright painful! Fuzz has mastered the art of waxing and specialize in waxing only, so you know you are getting cared for by the pros since this is just what they do. The service is so fast you barely know what's going on. And when you do, it's over.

Did I mention they have multiple locations and take walk-ins? Yeah, I never really prepare myself for a wax. I just usually drop in when I'm close by or call when I'm in the area. Fuzz is great at accommodating your lifestyle, which I really appreciate! Plus, I don't stress all day thinking about the forthcoming wax sesh!

2) A female-driven company 
I've had the pleasure of meeting the founders, Jessie and Florence, and asides from being just lovely human beings, they are boss babes in the truest sense. I love supporting local, women driven businesses and Fuzz is the epitome of female empowerment. They are women building up women. They hold masterclasses on building your brand and how to succeed as female entrepreneurs which I have had the pleasure of attending. I left truly inspired by their stories. They literally made something huge out of an idea!

3) Care for sensitive skin
Let's get this out and open. I am a baby when it comes to waxing. But at Fuzz, I literally do not worry. Sure a wax is a wax. I'm not going to say a bikini wax is painless for me, because I do feel pain, BUT they do everything in their power to prep the skin and care for sensitive skin. I can leave with little to NO redness, which is crazy for my sensitive skin. They use hard wax on sensitive areas which means the wax adheres to the hair, and not the skin, so it's less painful. If you have had a scary wax situation, I promise Fuzz will be nothing like that.

4) Always leave with a new friend
Every. dang. time. Honestly, I don't go in requesting anyone in particular because like I said, I usually do a walk-in appointment. But every single time I've had the sweetest ladies. They always make me feel extremely comfortable, and I'm talking so comfortable that I forget they are literally seeing me in my most vulnerable state. We end up having great conversations and they make it a point to know you. Not to mention, they are all so kind when I huff and say "is it done yet"! I love my Fuzz ladies!

5) Walk out ready
The wax they use is really high quality. Somehow I don't need any recovery time. I can walk straight, I don't feel on fire, and there is no discomfort. This was something new for me, as I thought it was normal to leave a wax wanting to rip your pants off!

Some tips I've learned from the ladies:
- Moisturize and exfoliate in between waxes
-Go natural (from scents, perfumes, etc.) on the days following to avoid any irritation
-If you are worried about pain, you can apply numbing cream 30 minutes prior

Btw: they sell my favourite dry brush for exfoliating the skin,

Now you tell me. What's your wax experience like? If you have any questions about Fuzz shoot them my way. Or just walk into the location closest to you. You'll feel at home!

The Truth about waxing at Fuzz Wax Bar, Toronto waxing


October 17, 2018

5 Fashion Pieces You Need For Fall

How to Style a Teddy Coat for Fall and other fall wardrobe staples

Do you love fall? So much newness on the horizon, right?! You really can feel the sense of revival in the air. It's refreshing to whip out some of those cozy, comfy pieces that have made their way to the back of the closet during the summer. I'm looking at you leopard faux fur overcoat! Over the past few years, I've started to invest in key pieces-- less is more. This is easier to do in fall since I tend to gravitate back to grounding, earthy tones, and more neutrals. It makes maintaining a capsule wardrobe much more attainable! If you're doing a closet purge or investing in some new staples, here are my top 5 pieces you need in your wardrobe for fall.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

1. Dark Denim --Switching out the white and light for dark and grungy styles. I tend to do this every year come fall. Dark denim goes with anything, you can dress it up with a pair of heels and a blouse, dress it down with a loose t-shirt, or go casual with a knit sweater for an afternoon at the apple orchard. It doesn't matter what the occasion, darker denim is a sure bet. I like a bit of a wash in the thigh area to spice things up!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

2. Teddy Coat - If you've tried to resist the teddy coat and have had no luck, raise your hand. I know... there is just something about them. The warmth, the feeling of comfort, the oversized nature of the piece. It's a must-have, and the fact that I'm on my second teddy coat just proves they are here to stay. My first one was so utterly cozy, I just wish I didn't run it into the ground! I scored this one online (shop the coat), which I love because it has a different shape than my previous style, has a straight collar, and a zipper. I went with the classic cognac colour as it pairs well with black, white and denim, but there are some adorable black ones, and I've seen red if you're feeling frisky!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style, style a teddy coat

3. Black Thick Frame Sunglasses-- Every. dang. year. It's like clockwork, and I didn't even realize until now. In May I tend to put away my classic black Celine Catty sunglasses, and every September (just in time for my annual New York trip), I pull them back out. There is something so chic, so classic and so mysterious about a thick-framed black sunglass. I've had my Celine's for years. Completely worth the investment and I never go a fall without them. They elevate any outfit instantly. Seriously... I can be wearing my tights post workout and look like I'm going places! Just think Kim K walking off the plane at LAX.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

4. Black Booties -- Is there anything more quintessentially fall? I didn't think so. You need a pair of booties for the season. Okay, they don't have to be black, it's just what I prefer! In all honesty, I pair them with the leftover summer pieces in my closet, be it a mini skirt, a shift dress, or even a midi skirt. Then we have all the outfit possibilities with the trousers, denim, and dresses. It's time to put away the flippy floppies. Pairing your summer pieces with a pair of booties really extends the shelf life! Summer florals look great with some darker accessories and the footwear can really tie the whole look to the season.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

5. Earth Tones -- You don't have to out an buy a 2 piece mustard set, with an army green overcoat here. I just mean incorporating some of the tones into your wardrobe ever so slightly to set the tone. I love doing this subtly since I am not really an earthy tone lover. I'll add in a mustard tank here, or a deep purple lip there. You can do this with accessories such as scarves, or bags, too. Don't be afraid to tap into some new colour ideas, while maintaining some of your favorites. I've been doing this gradually! I.e. a mustard skirt (that is still floral!), a burnt orange jumpsuit, you get my drift!

What's your fall style like? Do you have any pieces that make a comeback every year?

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October 13, 2018

New York City Travel Vlog + The Color Factory

GUYS, it's finally live! Check out the latest VLOG installment.

New York City in the Fall... or should I say summer! We walked over The Brooklyn Bridge, hit up Joe's Pizza, went to The Color Factory and did Instagrammable stuff! The fiance and I got up to a lot in NYC... Get ready for all the laughs.


October 11, 2018

New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary

Soho street blogger, fall 2018, leopard dress
Last week Brandon and I took a mini jaunt over to New York City. We were just feeling like a quick getaway was needed and NYC is always a good time, so we booked relatively last minute. We spent two nights, three days in the city and enjoyed every second of the short time we were there. We had a jam-packed few days-- walking over to Brooklyn, visiting The Color Factory, and hitting up some favourite shops and restaurants. 

NYC is always a good idea, NYC quotes


This time around we stayed in mid-town at the Library Hotel. Usually, we stay in SoHo, so this was a change for us. I LOVED IT! The Library Hotel is literally a hop away from The New York Public Library and Bryant Park, which is just a gorgeous area. There is so much around yet you don't feel like you're in a real touristy area. I loved the location because Grand Central Station is literally down the street which gives you access to pretty much the entire city, there are tons of amazing restaurants, shops and bars close by, and a Whole Foods is just two minutes away by foot. Needless to say, between all the great places close by and the amenities of the hotel, we were in heaven.
New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary
First of all, can we discuss the concept? Each floor of the hotel is categorized by the Dewey Decimal System and the rooms are stocked with at least 50 books each! Our room was called The Manufacturing Room which was part of the Technology floor! But let's get real... you're going to love Library Hotel for the daily continental breakfast buffet and the 3-hour wine and cheese reception every night. We basically had wine and apps every night before heading out. It was the perfect calm to our day. After hustling on the streets we would come back, shower, get ready and then enjoy a quiet moment in the lounge. Another gem? The hotel has a rooftop patio bar! Yes! Since we were blessed with summer weather in October, we got to enjoy cocktails on the rooftop with locals and other hotel guests. It was an amazing place to hang out with some good music before heading out for the night.
New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary
wide leg denim jeans at Grand Central Station


Sure we did a lot. We shopped in SoHo, walked over to Brooklyn, hit up areas of the city we've never been to, but I'm sure you know all about the classic NYC spots. But here are two of my highlights I just need to tell you about.

We got up to a lot in NYC! Most notably, was The Color Factory. You're just going to have to watch the vlog to see what goes on in there. It's an interactive exhibit of installations of color. It's a collaborative project between artists, creatives, designers, and makers to tell unique stories to awaken your senses. Smell, taste, feel... it does it all! When you walk in you are handed a mochi ball then you're shown a brief video to prepare you for the exhibit. As you go into each room they showcase color and heighten your imagination. Just think-- macarons on conveyor belts, ball pits, balloon dance parties. I love that whether you're an adult or a child you're in for an amazing experience.

The Color Factory in New York City, blogger travel diary

When I first discovered The Face Gym, I knew I had to book an appointment immediately. It's not a facial, it's a work out for your face. Think, face manipulation at it's finest. A non-invasive face life. They move their hands so fast and it's relaxing, exhilarating and I left feeling amazing! They seriously use their hands to contour your face beyond belief. They also used natural products on my skin too, which I love!  You know I am a huge fan of lymphatic drainage, and they seriously got rid of all my puffiness in my cheeks (something that I've been working on for a while)! The Face Gym can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and I highly recommend splurging on yourself and getting some work done (sans knife)! If we had one in Toronto, I swear I'd be there every week!

New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary , The Face Gym

New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary , Blogger experience at The Face Gym in NYC, Gee Beauty

But really, what's the best way to document all the food, sights and sounds? By VLOG, of course! The vlog is coming in a few days, friends, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some more photos and here's what we ate & tips for traveling with a foodie. 

New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary
New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary , Pastels and Pastries NYC travel guide
{Bookmarks Lounge}
New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary

travel blogger experience at The Color Factory

New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary , Bookmarks Lounge, NYC, Library Hotel, best boutique hotel in midtown

Pastels and Pastries, gabpacifico in NYC fall 2018, travel vlogger, best spots in new york city

New York City Fall 2018 | Photo Diary

*Thank you to Library Hotel who graciously offered us one night complimentary. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Truly, a fab hotel in mid-town with some amazing amenities! 


October 08, 2018

Eve Lom Radiance Transforming Mask in Review

Pastels & Pastries review of EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask

Glowing, supple, radiant skin-- GET AT ME!

EVE LOM is one of the most luxurious skincare lines I'd had the pleasure of trying. I become obsessed with the cleanser which had led me to fall for their face mist, face oil, and now face masks. When I had heard some pretty epic things regarding EVE LOM's latest addition to their collection, the Radiance Transforming Mask, I knew it had to try it out. It promised an intense facial treatment (packed with botanicals and antioxidants) to smooth out your skin, exfoliate, hydrate, and leave you looking fresh. FRESH indeed my friends!
EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask Review, The Best Face Masks Fall 2018

The mask is soft, not sticky, it's light and glides on like a dream. Think of the consistency of aloe gel. I like to apply with a hairless mask brush and get an even layer all over my face. Now here is where you have two options. One-- leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes, then wash off. Two-- use it as an overnight mask. I've done it both ways. Both times I've had noticeable results.

Pro tip: When using the mask overnight massage it into the skin after applying so there is less residue. I also like to cover my pillowcase with an old pillowcase or shirt in case my face rubs too much into it. Other than that I do not find any issues with masking overnight! I just pull my hair back and sleep normally. If the mask feels too heavy, blot away some excess with a tissue before hopping into bed.
EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask Review, The Best Face Masks Fall 2018

My skin was dull, it lacked any radiance, and it looked extremely tired. Eyes were also quite puffy.

EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask Review, The Best Face Masks Fall 2018

You can see in the picture with the mask on, the glow is already starting! It feels so light on the face and SO refreshing. Like you've just rubbed cool cucumber-lime gel all over. You could literally leave this on forever. I think that's why I had no issue with leaving it on as an overnighter. It feels like it's tightening your skin as you watch.

Can I just say WOW? First of all, no downtime. Some masks leave you red, inflamed and just plain blotchy or irritated. Not even an ounce of this found here, my friends. It must be from the gentle caviar lime which promotes natural cell turnover. The mask is also packed with other natural ingredients like algae extract and hemp seed oil.  Algea to firm and hydrate, and hemp seed oil which moistens in a non-greasy way.  My face was so soft to the touch, was so smooth and hydrated. The smoothness is not just a feeling, my face actually looked blurred... in a good way! Not to mention it was radiant and refreshed and looking pretty dang velvety.

Like I mentioned, I've done the mask overnight, and for 30 minutes, which is perfect to do before a night out! Either way, I'm EVE LOM in love.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Best overnight mask for fall 2018, eve lom radiance transforming mask

EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask Review, The Best Face Masks Fall 2018


October 04, 2018

NYC Eats & How to Travel With Foodies

Cha CHa Matcha Pink Drink and Matcha Tea Lattee in NYC 2018

Brandon and I both love a good dining experience. Whether it’s the Deux Moulins in Montmartre or a taco stand on the North Shore, we get it done. When it comes to traveling we both love to do the research and hit up some wicked places, not only for the food but for the whole experience. But, I have to say our taste in food can be polar oppositions at times. While he loves a good quality cut of steak, I’d be happy with a do it yourself salad bar with fresh ingreds. And when it comes to travel eats you are also under a strict time constraint. You could be choosing two lunches and two dinners, max. Then you need to decide on all the coffee, pastries, ice cream...it could really never end! So, how can it be done? How can you hit up your favourite spots in one trip, without the other person hating on you for dragging them to Your Butcher’s Daughter for the billionth time? You can most definitely save yourself the foodie fight, and here’s how. 

How To Travel with Foodies, Marinara Pizza NYC, best cauliflower crust pizza in NYC
{Marinara Pizzeria on the Upper East Side-- I got the cauliflower crust, while B got the original}

1. Don’t make separate lists. 
If you make a list on your own you’re sure to set up an argument. Foodies are passionate about where they eat, so having an ok meal on a trip when you are limited in time is not going to sit well. If I made a list of all the delish (to me), healthy places in NYC and told B I had our dining covered, he would despise me for the whole trip! You can definitely take note of some places you're excited to try but do not make a definite list based on your own preference. 

How to Travel with Foodies, Tacos of NYC
{Los Tacos No.1 in Chelsea Market}

2. Do your research together and come up with a list of mutually agreed upon places. 
This is something we did together and it worked so well! We both sat at the computer and since Brandon is more visual we watched YouTube videos for the best rooftop bars in NYC or the best restaurants pf summer 2018. It helps when you both can see them on screen together and can decide which ones you both are loving. Once we chose a few we looked into the menus to ensure we’d both be happy. We both knew we needed tacos from Los Tacos No.1 in the Chelsea Market, so this was an easy meal. The tacos were easily some of the BEST we ever had. 

how to travel with Foodies in NYC_ babbos
{We both heard amazing things of Babbo's (Mario Batali's restaurant in Greenwich). When we saw the menu spoke to both of us it was a no-brainer!}

Tip- make a list of places by area so you’re never forced to make a decision on the fly. I do this so I know if whether we’re in The Meatpacking or Upper East Side, we’re covered.

Berry Eclair from Almondine Bakery in Brooklyn How to Travel with Foodies
{Berry Eclair from Almondine Bakery in Brooklyn}

3. Give your travel partner one non-negotiable and accept it. 
You gotta give in. Relationships are all about compromise right? There is no winner in the battle of the foodies. Allow your travel partner one place they are just dying to try out. Sometimes you may actually love it! The last time I brought B to a vegan resto he ended up loving it! So you hate where they’ve chosen? Do not be sour. Remember they are doing this for you, too! Appreciate the experience for what it is. Even if it’s a cheese museum and you hate cheese. Haha—no... but imagine Brandon brought me to a cheese museum!?! I’d die. In all seriousness, embrace the situation and do it with a smile. If you show an ounce of discomfort it will likely ruin their whole experience. Show up in full. 

How to compromise food with traveling and how to travel with a food lover. We had the guac burger from ByChloe and Joe's Pizza
{Guacamole burger from By Chloe for me, and a slice of Joe's Pizza in Greenwich for B}

4. If it’s possible, do a combo. 
This works sometimes! Do you have a “fast foodie” place you want to check out? Or a food fest that will host multiple trucks? For example, in the Chelsea Market, there are loads of different food vendors. If you both can satisfy your foodie cravings in one meal, but not necessarily have the same thing, go for it! Take it away and have a picnic in the park. Or research two spots semi close to each other where you both can get your fix. We did this while wandering around Greenwich. I wanted me obligatory stop in By Chloe's for the guac burger, and B wanted a slice of Joe's famous pizza. We both got what we wanted (take away for both), and headed to the park to eat. 

Library Hotel's Wine and Cheese Reception from 5-8 PM, How to travel with a foodie

5. Realize there is always next time. 
Yup. There’s always next time. Or the next city, with the next best restaurant. Don’t let yourself get down that you didn’t visit all your spots. Just be glad you got a few crossed off your list. 

Was this helpful? How do you guys make it through traveling with other foodies? 
5 tips for travelling with a food lover- Ralphs' Coffee Truck in Rockefeller Centre- NYC travel eats fall 2018
{Ralph's coffee truck in Rockefeller Centre}

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