October 29, 2018

The Truth About Waxing at Fuzz Wax Bar

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Answering the question "does waxing hurt" at one of Toronto's top waxing salons, Fuzz Wax Bar.

About a week ago I posted an Instagram story at Fuzz Wax Bar. I got loads of questions about my experience so I figured it would be best to get it all down in a place where you can come back to. So today I'm diving into it. The truth about waxing. Does it hurt? What's the recovery time like? Everyone's skin is totally different, and while I am by no means an expert (I leave it to the ladies at Fuzz), here are my findings and what you can expect when you go to Fuzz Wax Bar.

First off, let me set the tone. Fuzz Wax Bar is a wax-only salon. They specialize in waxing to give you the best experience possible. The salons are clean, crisp, and refreshing. Citrus essentials oils are diffused throughout. I know... you're already feeling relaxes just reading this! Now, why do I go back?

1) Fast and convenient
Speed waxing is a thing. I don't know how they move their hands so fast, but it's truly an art! I walk in and can do half my body in 20 minutes. No one has time to lay there for an hour! Firstly, that's annoying and scary, and secondly downright painful! Fuzz has mastered the art of waxing and specialize in waxing only, so you know you are getting cared for by the pros since this is just what they do. The service is so fast you barely know what's going on. And when you do, it's over.

Did I mention they have multiple locations and take walk-ins? Yeah, I never really prepare myself for a wax. I just usually drop in when I'm close by or call when I'm in the area. Fuzz is great at accommodating your lifestyle, which I really appreciate! Plus, I don't stress all day thinking about the forthcoming wax sesh!

2) A female-driven company 
I've had the pleasure of meeting the founders, Jessie and Florence, and asides from being just lovely human beings, they are boss babes in the truest sense. I love supporting local, women driven businesses and Fuzz is the epitome of female empowerment. They are women building up women. They hold masterclasses on building your brand and how to succeed as female entrepreneurs which I have had the pleasure of attending. I left truly inspired by their stories. They literally made something huge out of an idea!

3) Care for sensitive skin
Let's get this out and open. I am a baby when it comes to waxing. But at Fuzz, I literally do not worry. Sure a wax is a wax. I'm not going to say a bikini wax is painless for me, because I do feel pain, BUT they do everything in their power to prep the skin and care for sensitive skin. I can leave with little to NO redness, which is crazy for my sensitive skin. They use hard wax on sensitive areas which means the wax adheres to the hair, and not the skin, so it's less painful. If you have had a scary wax situation, I promise Fuzz will be nothing like that.

4) Always leave with a new friend
Every. dang. time. Honestly, I don't go in requesting anyone in particular because like I said, I usually do a walk-in appointment. But every single time I've had the sweetest ladies. They always make me feel extremely comfortable, and I'm talking so comfortable that I forget they are literally seeing me in my most vulnerable state. We end up having great conversations and they make it a point to know you. Not to mention, they are all so kind when I huff and say "is it done yet"! I love my Fuzz ladies!

5) Walk out ready
The wax they use is really high quality. Somehow I don't need any recovery time. I can walk straight, I don't feel on fire, and there is no discomfort. This was something new for me, as I thought it was normal to leave a wax wanting to rip your pants off!

Some tips I've learned from the ladies:
- Moisturize and exfoliate in between waxes
-Go natural (from scents, perfumes, etc.) on the days following to avoid any irritation
-If you are worried about pain, you can apply numbing cream 30 minutes prior

Btw: they sell my favourite dry brush for exfoliating the skin,

Now you tell me. What's your wax experience like? If you have any questions about Fuzz shoot them my way. Or just walk into the location closest to you. You'll feel at home!

The Truth about waxing at Fuzz Wax Bar, Toronto waxing



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