December 14, 2018

The New Charcuterie Board in Four Easy Steps

Move aside cheese and charcuterie! Holiday hosting is upon us and if you're looking for one easy, peasy way to wow your guests, it's by creating the ultimate vesper board. You may be wondering just what is a vesper board. Well, friends, let me spill! It's a gourmet take on serving a variety of little snacks. The little snacks that you love, but for some reason don't get much love on the typical charcuterie board. The rule is simple, fill the board, maximize every inch of space, and offer up delectable bites, dips, spreads, and other little delights. The idea is to not separate your sweet and savory items on different trays and to provide a great balance of the both. The vesper board is a great way to make guests feel comfortable since there is sure to be something everyone will love. Plus-- it allows you, the host, more time to mingle with guests since you're not worried about putting things out and making sure all the snack bowls are stocked.

Last weekend I took to making my own vesper board for a holiday party that I was hosting and my guests loved this new take on the charcuterie board! If you're looking to make a board of your own I am sharing my four easy tips over on Summerhill Market's blog. Summerhill Market is my favourite boutique grocery store in Toronto. It's a family own business and the offer the freshest produce, hard to find goodies (like Purely Elizabeth's granola and Siete Chips!), and just a great shopping experience!

Read the post now.

simple mills crackers at summerhill market

Holiday hosting vesper board

The new charcuterie board for the holidays

cheese board for holiday parties

Gourmet foods from Summerhill market

Gingerbread cookies from summerhill market



  1. I love it! So much variety and colour. it looks amazingly festive and there is something for everyone!

  2. Awesome tips. Matt Johnston has this pretty down pat ;)

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