August 29, 2019

How to Turn Your Patio Into An Oasis

It's mid August... where did the time go! Soaking in the last bit of summer has been exceptionally sweet now that our little patio space is finally decorated. When Brandon and I moved in last summer we were so focused on the inside of the house that we totally neglected the outdoor space! I know it's a small space, but we just had priorities to get to!  It was a huge goal of ours to turn the space into a little oasis, where we could relax, have some friends over for drinks and BBQ some delicious food. Now that things have slowed down we have been enjoying it more and more. There are definitely a few ways we mastered the patio hang-out, and turned our space into a little oasis.

You don't need much to make it happen! Here's what you need to turn your outdoor space into a mini summer oasis:

1. Comfy seating
We knew we wanted a lounge sofa instead of a dining table and chair set up. It's just so much more conducive to hosting and hanging out! Plus who doesn't love a good cat nap outdoors? We scored our sofa at a great price online, but I knew I wanted to add in a pop of colour with some fun accent pillows so I headed to Target to pick up a few. I love how the colours are bright and fun and they do go with the couch.  Having a large seating area is perfect for hosting friends and family. Just make sure your pillows are weather proof! You don't want the rain to destroy them.

white topshop summer dress, hello sunshine hat, social lite vodka grapefruit pomelo

2. Delicious Drinks

To really feel like we're in a mini oasis we serve up some delicious drinks. This summer I was introduced to SoCIAL Lite vodka drinks and they are a serious game changer! Any drink that I can feel good about drinking is a winner in my book. They are crafted cocktails made from vodka, soda and 100% natural flavours. I am OBSESSED with Grapefruit Pomelo and Blood Orange! They are a nice light drink, and since I hate sugary drinks these are perfection. They have 0 g of sugar and 0 carbs. Yeah, summer-time perfection!

social lite vodka drinks on a patio oasis

3. Music
Is there anything better than cooking and dancing along to good music? Usually we have a Frank Sinatra playlist going, or French bistro music (LOL). Or we go full on Spanish-mode when it's taco night. We always bring out our portable speaker  and connect to a playlist. It set's the tons for the night and livens things up when friends are over!

How to turn your patio into an oasis with social lite vodka
4. Plants/Decor
To have an oasis you need some greenery or plant life! It just takes the space up a notch and really makes you feel like you are somewhere tropical. We found some tropical plants to place around the perimeter of the deck and on the coffee table. We also hung an antique mirror on the back wall. Call me crazy, I know! But it makes the space look that much bigger and it feels so rustic, yet cool, and very homey! I love how the wall looks larger and adds in some ambiance.
How to turn your patio into an oasis with social lite vodka

SoCIAL Lite Vodka Grapefruit Pomelo and Blood Orange
5. Good people
Yup, the icing on the cake? Good friends and family to spend your days with. Summer is short, guys! You don't want to miss out on those special moments and get-togethers. Make time for loved ones this summer and get them over for a SoCIAL Lite! The drinks pair exceptionally well with popcorn or my fave, chips and guac!

That's it! A few key elements and suddenly you'll feel like you're in the tropics! Is there anything I'm missing that you feel makes a patio something special?

Thank you to SoCIAL Lite for sponsoring this post!
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