September 27, 2019

How to Plan a Photoshoot

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Nothing will take the place of an image of you.

No stock photography, no flat-lay, no re-post.

As a brand owner, online persona, or digital personality you need to be constantly refreshing your content and investing in high quality photography.


how to plan a brand photoshoot

First impressions are everything. Your client/on looker/person of interest literally will decide how they feel about you within 10 seconds of viewing your profile.

Are you highlighting your true self? I hope so.

Photography is not only essential for social media but think about LinkedIn, headshots, your website, your sales pages, etc… You need to be showing up with an image of you to create likability and trust. If I go to a page and there is no image of a person I am skeptical. Immediately!

So how we can make it happen? Photoshoots!

I like to plan quarterly photoshoots to refresh content with the seasons and ensure I have enough images for a few months.

how to plan a brand photoshoot

But what can you do before to make the process go as seamless as possible?

  1. Find a photographer. Ask around. Look to hashtags on IG (#torontophotographer). I’m sure you have saved images of bloggers or influential people whose photos you admire. Check the tags, and find out who did them.
  2. Get in touch and compare prices. Start thinking about how many hours you’d like to shoot, where you’d like to go if they edit the photos, the turn around time, etc. Keep track of your responses from different photographers and think about it. If one photographer charges a bit more but hands you a deck of completely edited photos, think of the time you're saving, and you're leaving it in the hands of the pros.
  3. Decide on where you’d like to shoot. I love going to a studio or my home. There are so many amazing studios around that setup corners of the room in different aesthetics and have props on hand. It makes it so much easier! Plus you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house or the pile of laundry in the corner. (I shot these photos at OFT Studio in Burlington!)

1. Decide on the look/vibe/aesthetic you are going for. Is this a summer shoot? Is this website photography? For my last photoshoot, I needed professional content that showcased me in a light that was professional, glam and sophisticated (my core GG values!). So I prepped outfits that fit this mold and were so me! Remember when you’re in a studio you have TIME, so bring ALL the outfits! 5-6 is a good number for 2 hours. Even if you’re just swapping out the blouse, or adding on a sweater. It provides more content and will last you so much longer!

TIP: Don’t go out and buy all new clothes! Look to what you have, mix and match and ask indie stores if they’d be interested in loaning the clothes in exchange for high-quality photos!

2. Pull out any props you may want. Is this a website photoshoot? Maybe you want your laptop, or your favourite book, or a chic pillow. Bring it all!

3. Pack your car the night before so you ensure you have nothing left behind. Get your shoes, clothes, props altogether.

4. Have fun! If you chose a photographer that you feel comfortable with (obvi you did) they will make you feel relaxed. Once you build a standing relationship with a photographer it will become so easy, and they may give you a discount!

5. Save your photos to Google Pictures or Dropbox so you have access on your computer and phone.

There you go! Easy peasy! How often do you plan photoshoots? I'd love to know some of your secrets!

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how to plan a social media shoot
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