Hi! I'm so happy you stopped by.

I'm Gabriella. Lover of all things pink. I'm constantly in and out of Toronto and the GTA looking for ways to elevate the simplicities found in everyday life. What can you expect to find around here? Fashion and style tips, home and event decor, a bit of travel, and the best of the best in beauty and especially natural skincare. I'm obsessed with clean beauty! 

You'll likely find me on the hunt for a blush coloured dress, my face oiled up with some rosehip oil, with a bouquet full of lovelies in tow and a matte lipstick in clutch... All of that, or I'm looking to hop on the next flight out of town.  I love exploring, discovering and all the universe woo-woo! 

And I'd love to hear from you! Even if it's just to say hi.  Drop me a line and let's connect

Did you know we can work together? I offer freelance writing and photoshoot styling!

(If you're interested here are 10 facts you didn't know about me)
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