February 17, 2014

Spring, Is That You?

The weather is seriously playing games with my heart. One day we will be graced with 1 degree weather and sunny skies, the next it is snowing and back to -14 degrees. It's safe to say that I officially have the winter blues. My valentine's day tulips are giving me too much hope for warmer weather and are seriously making me crave the springtime! Until the warmth is here to stay I will be surrounding myself with evocative spring symbols, such as my favourite blooms and pastel polish, and will slowly infiltrate my wardrobe with sheer, lighter pieces. And I can't forget overindulging in Godiva truffles that almost seem to pretty to eat (almost).  


February 12, 2014

Impromptu Valentine's Day Brunch

This past weekend I surprised my beau with an early Valentine's Day brunch. It was lovely and delicious, and obviously unexpected since it was a week early. I decided on the brunch at the 11th hour which meant I didn't have some of the essentials. Not to worry! Here's how to pull off an impromptu brunch for someone special!

The main. Originally I was craving waffles, but not having a waffle maker killed that dream real fast! Then a Pinterst picture popped into my head, the Nutella stuffed French toast! I had tons of fresh berries, which was great, but was out of Nutella. I decided it would taste just as good stuffed with chocolate so I used some Cadbury Buttons and filled the centre. Unlike this recipe,  I lightly grilled the toast, then layered the chocolate, and sandwiched another piece of toast on top, to avoid the sogginess.

His favourite. He loves strawberry milk, which I surely don't have lying around. I blended milk, pure strawberry jam, and frozen strawberries. Ta da! And in 15 seconds I had a strawberry milkshake.

The extras. Anytime we go out for brunch I hate choosing between the sweet and savoury items. I mean maple syrup and bacon go hand in hand, right? I didn't want to neglect the savoury side, so I baked some bacon (which eliminated the whole house smelling lik a diner), and cracked a heart shaped egg over a piece of whole grain toast. For the sides I whipped up a Greek yogurt parfait and dipped strawberries in vanilla Greek yogurt (after dipping put in freezer to set). Add a few cups of coffee, maple syrup and vanilla Chantilly cream, and we had a perfect, last minute, brunch!

February 10, 2014

One Year Old

happy first birthday pastels and pastries.

It's hard to believe that only a year ago I published my fist post on Pastels and Pastries, and finally brought my vision of this blog into existence. This blog has channeled not only my inspirations, but has also helped to evolve my soft-hued dreams and record my adventures. Although I may not share daily outfits or groundbreaking perspectives, I hope you find yourself constantly encouraged and excited to live a more radiant and lustrous life. 

Thank you for choosing to venture back to my little, virtual corner of the world, and for your kind words of encouragement. I think it's quite obvious that there is really only one way to celebrate today. 

xx gabriella

{chocolate cake recipe found here}

February 03, 2014

Red Velvet Cookies

Looking for an easy and festive treat to make for Valentine's Day? Look no further! These red velvet cookies are gooey, chewy and delicious! And the white chocolate chunks are the perfect addition! Follow this recipe if you're wanting to bake from scratch, or use this recipe if you're looking for a quick fix! Either way you won't be disappointed! 

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