January 25, 2014

Love Month

While you may or may not endorse the whole idea of Valentine's Day, you cannot deny all the cuteness that is currently be-bopping around the stores. Since the festive day revolves around one of my favourite pastel colours,whether it be a skirt or scarf, a decoration for the home, or a yummy treat, I am in total acceptance of all things blush and heart shaped. Here are some of my current cravings that have definitely been influenced by the love month! 

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January 23, 2014

Trip Planning 101

As I've mentioned before, I am in the process of planning a European adventure for this May. I am even more excited because my boyfriend and I are going together! Since this will be his first trip across the pond I have gone a tad planning crazy. There is just so much I want to experience together and ideally I want everything to go absolutely perfect (don't laugh). As of now we have finalized our destinations, trying to mix where I want to go with where he wants to go, and have began the bookings. But, behind the pretty gold notebooks, and sparkly sticky notes are the growing excel spreadsheets, the looming budget and highlight stricken travel books. Here are a few things making the planning process painless and fun! 

Travel Apps
Trip It is seriously a life saver. Forward your confirmation emails to your account and a full itinerary, including maps, searchable activities and weather forecasts, is created. It is a must have when travelling. Be sure to print out a copy and stick it in each luggage in case things go astray (btw-it's free)! 

Since hotel sites can be misleading, Trip Advisor has become a savour. So grateful for some of the reviews I have found, which have led to some deal scoring! 

I know this isn't an app, but on AirBnB you can find some seriously amazing places at crazy affordable rates. Some of the places I have been looking into are actually more beautiful than the, so called, 5* hotels in some cities. I like that you can contact the homeowner and discuss details before booking. Their policies regarding payment look solid and I have heard some amazing reviews from friends. I am definitely excited to be using AirBnB for the first time, and having a whole apartment to ourselves some cities! 

Travel Blogs
So easy to find and oh so helpful. I google or pinterest search "5 best things to do in _____" and the blogs materialize! It's great for discovering local restaurants and the reviews are genuine and sincere. Lately I've been addicted to Now What's the Plan. I reached out to the author, Jizelle, and she has been just the sweetest and so eager to help me plan! Not to mention she is a fellow Canadian that lives in Amsterdam, and has travelled to 28 countries!

Spreadsheets are seriously a planner's best friend! Since we are really focused on staying near-to budget, this Excel travel expense calculator has become so useful. Closer to the date I will be making a separate detailed itinerary for each city. I know this may seem crazy but it's so important to research what you want to do before you go. You don't want to miss out on key sights or let a yucky-tourist-trap restaurant change your perception of a city. 

Are there any important planning tips you have that I am totally missing? Hope you guys stay tuned and follow me on my upcoming journey! 


January 14, 2014

Sheinside- to order, or not to order

I'm not sure how big of a rock you are living under if you have not heard of Sheinside, but I caved and made my first purchase before the Christmas break.  Here is my experience. 

Although skeptical after hearing some not so great reviews, I decided to check Sheinside out for myself. Blindsided by cheap prices and cute pieces I ordered three coats (totalling < $100), which I was very excited about. I do have to say, as a international studies major who focused on human rights, the reasons why these prices are so low made me remorseful. Fast forward 8 days after my order went through, I had still not received a confirmation of shipping. Christmas was in a week or so, so I let it slide. Finally I received my tracking number, which led me to a Chinese website (no translation available), and the waiting game began. Twice I was told they came to deliver and no one was home. Well, I was home... both times! 

About three weeks after my initial order I woke up to an email in broken english exclaiming the shipping company would destroy the package if I did not pick up the parcel, and I would not be reimbursed. Needless to say, my butt got out of bed real fast that morning! I ended up having to drive to Brampton (ugh) to pick up my package. So let's get to it… the pieces are more or less Forever 21 quality (which is to be expected), the shipping was a disaster and the customer service reps, although helpful, were let's just say... interesting to deal with. Would I order again? In an effort to shop more consciously, probably not. However, here is coat numero uno. I'm obsessed, in a sheepy kinda way! So glad the temperatures rose above freezing this weekend so I could wear it on my day date! 

I'd love to know, have you ordered from Sheinside? Also, stay tuned for the next 2 pieces. 

On a side note. For many reasons, I've been admiring the whole idea of "tartan" from afar this season. However, when I came across this scarf in my basement (score!) I decided to give it a whirl. I came to the conclusion that I only like wearing red tartan when paired with red point toe pumps. What do you think? 
{sorry for the brightness...it was the only way to emphasize the tone on tone leopard pants in this dreary weather}

{Sheinside coat, vintage scarf, Zara pants, Aldo pumps}

January 09, 2014

Places to Go, People to See

all photos via style.com

As we saw today, the first stop on the Kate Spade year of "places to go, people to see" is Brighton, England. While I am absolutely loving the pretty pastel, bubblegum colours I am even more excited for her next stops. Going by my 2014 KSNY agenda (seen here), in February Kate is headed to Paris, in March she is headed to Capri, and in April she is headed to Monaco (and the subsequent months get even more exotic). The fact that I am travelling to some of Kate's destinations this May is really adding to my excitement for this spring collection! Today I found myself looking back on pictures from the New York fashion week show to get another sneak peak of what's to come! I adore the romantic pieces from Paris, the bright and fruity styles from Capri, and the racing stripes that scream Monaco Grand Prix! I can say one thing, I'll definitely be adhering to the #travelcolorfully this May (even if it contradicts my spelling of the word colourfully). 

Here are my favourite pieces from the Brighton collection :

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January 07, 2014

Show Your Colours

February is fast approaching which means that Valentine's Day is not the only reason to wear red. Us Canadians are ready to sport red and white to cheer on our great country at the 2014 Winter Olympics, and show how unified, strong and proud we are to be Canadian! Today the men's hockey team was revealed for Sochi which means the Olympic buzz is in full force! I know it may be a tad early, but I'm excited! I'm ready to show my support by sporting some pieces in our nation's classic colours. What about you?

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January 03, 2014


One of my favourite things to do when starting a new year is to get organized. This year I made the move to a reusable day planner which I am very excited about. It's a compact size, has a place to put a pen or pencil, and did I mention the theme is travel?! Oh, and it's in true KSNY style- polka dots and all. Getting organized for the new year (and term) is vital for me to increase productivity and enhance clarity, so I really need to take a day or so to refocus and plan this next stretch. I can't be the only one that gets anxious if things get too disorganized or chaotic! 

Do you have any tips on how to start a new year on the right foot?

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