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June 18, 2019

London and Amsterdam Outfit Diary

bloggers fashion guide to london and amsterdam
I was itching to get back to Europe. It had just been TOO long. When my girlfriend and I actually discussed the idea, we didn't think it would happen... until we looked at each other and our eyes light up... "LET'S DO IT!".

Traveling to Europe with a carry on sized bag is never an easy task. Especially when you love taking photos, showcasing your outfits and sharing content. But girl's gotta travel light if she wants to be efficient! I mean-- I was taking planes, trams and walking my behind all over so it was just not an option to travel with a large suitcase. So I packed the essentials. A few pieces to really mix and match my ensembles and make it seem like I had more to work with. I think it worked out pretty well, plus I still had room to bring home two pairs of shoes from Primark and a new satin pink skirt! I was smitten.

Here's how I worked my wardrobe to maximize my outfits:

I brought 4 pairs of pants with me; a pink pair, a white pair, a pair of mustard culottes and a pair of jeans. I wore them all at least twice each! This may seem like a lot, but since they are all very thin wide leg style they rolled so well in my carry on and took up no space! The thickest pair of pants, my comfy jeans, I wore on the plane and on the colder days in London. They were great to pair with a tank top and also my sweater. It's just practical to bring a pair of jeans while travelling since they are so versatile. I find darker jeans to be best for travels as they are super easy to make look fancy with some accessories! The pants I mixed and matched with my tops all week.
bloggers fashion guide to london and amsterdam

I brought all the basics, all neutrals and all thin piece which were perfect for layering. A knit white tank, a fine black tank, and a pink crop top. Each top could be worn with each pair of pants so my outfits literally doubled. I stuffed them my rattan bag in my suitcase so once again they took up no space! Very effective! I ended up picking up a leopard crop top which was once again SO thin that I knew it would take up no space when rolled.
how to style pink pants in london and amsterdam

I wore one sweater on the plane and ended up getting SO much wear out of it, since it was chilly when we would leave in the early morning on our adventures. It was pink (naturally), and once again could be paired with white, more pink, yellow and of course, the denim jeans.
fashion blogger in london and amsterdam
I brought my jean jacket in my suitcase and wore my leather jacket on the flight. Having two options was great as it allowed me to switch up my looks from day to night and make my outfits edgier.
London fashion blogger outside Wyndham hotel

I had to bring some fun pieces! A little leopard dress, my Gucci bag (which stayed with me in my carry on all flight), and a fun dotted jumpsuit. On my travels, I picked up the satin long skirt which was literally 9 pounds, so I HAD to jump on it!

Pink fashion blogger at peggy porschen in London

Here's where I go a bit fun! Big earrings, hair clips, rings, and chain necklaces. They really change up the look of an outfit and are so easy to add a touch of glamour or grunge to any look. As much as I wanted to bring all the clutches and bags, I brought two-- my pink GG and a rattan bag. Both large enough to fit phone, wallet and my lippies. I always had hand wipes in my bags, and my watermelon face mist. Pro tip-- stuffing your bags with your tank tops is a great way to save space!

Tour of Notting Hill's pink houses in London

I love a simple white sneaker while travelling. They are so versatile, and go with everything! Not to mention they are so comfortable to walk endless miles in. I wore my white Keds on the flight and with a few looks. It's so essential to bring a few options because you never know how your feet will respond to walking for hours in one pair. I brought a pair of black slides as well and ended up purchasing a pair of white slides at Primark. I brought along one pair of high heeled black slides which I wore in the evenings. I love that they were low in height, still comfortable for daytime walking, and are open in the back (no swelling!).

what to wear in amsterdam forever 21 dotted jumpsuit

I don't think I overpacked since I got a lot of wear out of EVERYTHING in my suitcase. Next time, I would consider a blazer in place of one of the coats because I am just loving oversized blazers right now! All in all, I think I did pretty great! I even managed to minimize my skincare routine (which you can still catch in my story highlights on Instagram). All my outfits in live action and beauty products are in my London & Amsterdam highlights if you'd like to take a peek!
amsterdam fashion blogger in front of canal

What an amazing trip. Honestly, it felt so good to get away even if only for a week! It's amazing how energized and inspired a little travel, culture and new experiences can make you!

What are some of your packing/traveling light tips?

G E T  T H E  G O O D S

Pink lover at Elan Cafe in London


June 06, 2019

Glamorous Bachelorette Weekend in Toronto

St Regis Toronto Bachelorette Suite

Okay, so it's been a bit since my bachelorette staycation.  I know, I know! There was a lot going on and I did need a few days before I was fully functioning (lol). It was THAT fun. I felt like I was 19 again. Jumping on beds, running around town with my girlfriends, staying up until 5 AM. Ah.. the good old days! The only difference is that we had a gorgeous hotel suite to ourselves and didn't have to worry about waking up our parents! My girlfriends really made me feel soo unbelievably special and honored to be in their lives. Our weekend consisted of some of my favorite things-- champagne, guacamole from Baro (one of my fave restaurants in Toronto), sparkly dresses, photoshoots and more! We even had tarot cards readings and in-room yoga!

I'm going to break down all the goods, and dive into exactly what you need to have the ultimate glamorous bachelorette staycation in Toronto. 

Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Toronto St Regis

Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Toronto at The St Regis Hotel
Bachelorette Weekend at The St Regis Hotel
St Regis Hotel Toronto Bachelorette

WHERE TO STAY: Since we weren't going too far and we didn't have to worry about flights and transfers, we picked a luxurious hotel where we could truly feel like princesses! The St. Regis Toronto was the epitome of luxury and glamour! From the moment I pulled up the staff was waiting for me with a glass of prosecco in hand, and ready to accommodate my needs. I felt like a true celeb! It was so swanky and I loved it. Who wouldn't? And seriously, just the smell of the hotel is so breathtaking. You walk in an immediately you feel at ease, refreshed and like a true star.

The bed was fluffy and oh, so comfy and the staff were actually divine. They came to pull out our sofa bed every night, and put it back together the next morning. They brought us chocolate dipped macarons, and even a chocolate tower molded to the shape of the hotel! They were so accommodating and even brought us up buckets of ice to chill our bubbly! How soon can I get back here?!

bridal robe in hotel suite

Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Toronto

glamorour st regis hotel toronto girls night

girl gang t shirts for bachelorette

bachelorette weekend girl gang
bachelorette staycation weekend at st regis hotel

glamorous bachelorette weekend st regis hotel

PARTY VIBE: The girls were already upstairs and were setting up the room.  So I headed on up, glass in hand to our deluxe suite on the twenty-fifth floor, overlooking the gorgeous Toronto skyline. There were balloons, photo props, and pink party accessories! Night one got started. We had snacks delivered from my favourite healthy foodies, the girls from The Fix + Co. put together a veggie tray, and fruit tray with coconut bites and more. It was delish! You need room snacks, especially when the drinks come out. Popcorn, veggies and dip, fruit and protein bites were all essentials!

GAMES TO PLAY: The girls put together some really cute games for my arrival. Number one-- guess who brought the lingerie. The coffee table was adorned with undergarments which each of the girls had brought. I had to guess who brought one depending on their styles. If I got it wrong-- drink! (well, we drank if I got it right, too!). The next game was my favourite. They had asked Brandon a series of questions regarding our love story before. Think-- what's your favourite quality in Gab, where was your favourite vacation spent together, what was your first impression of Gab, etc. I had to guess his answers. It was really so sweet to hear his answers and to have his direct quotes read out to me. I could hear his answers in my head and having them read out exactly as he wrote them was hilarious.

glamorous Bachelorette outfit

"LOW-KEY" NIGHT: Our first night was supposed to be low key. That's a big LOL. They had made reservations at Baro Toronto-- one of my absolute favourite resturants. I loved that the girls picked Baro because this meant we did not have to switch places for after dinner dancing. We ended dinner at 11 PM and headed right upstairs to Escobar. You need a password to get in, but the hostess brought us up where we stayed for drinks and dancing.

For Love and Lemons sequin star dress

DAY ACTIVITY: Day two consisted of brunch at LOUIX LOUIS. It's the restaurant at the St.Regis. The decor is stunning, just so luxurious and alluring. The ceiling looks like pink marble, the room is grand and the bar is massive. We had our breakie and headed back down to the room for in-room yoga and tarot card readings put on by One Love Tarot. We had a restorative yoga session, where we got to basically nap (lol) and then we hung out altogether before refreshing.

for love and lemons studio fitzroy dress rental

bachelorette weekend glamorous outfits

Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Toronto

Glamorous Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Toronto

FANCY NIGHT: You need to have one fancy night for your bachelorette (even if it just is one night). For us, this meant we all got decked out in sequins. As soon as the girls decided on sequins, I visited my ladies at The Fitzroy for a dress rental. This piece was the most perfect bachelorette piece, ever! Just enough booty! We got ready and I had my favourite photographer, Laura Clarke, come over to take some fun shots of all of us in the room. Then we put on our outfits and basically had a hell of a time running around the city in our sequins while Laura took pictures. Having these moments captured meant so much to me! Especially I'm such a lover of capturing the moments. So many little giggles and laughs that cannot be captured by a selfie. We went back to our suite and the girls told me we were going to A Toi, which is the hidden restaurant/bar behind the coffee shop, Coffee Oysters Champagne. The decor, the menu, the drinks and the staff-- it's all an experiential vibe that makes you feel like you're walking into a scene from The Great Gatsby. It was sooo swanky, such Paris vibes. I was obsessed! You walk into a hidden champagne room and a secret door transports you back in time. You can't even leave back through the front door! My superstitious girlfriend was freaking! Such a good time if you're looking for a totally unique experience!

For Love and Lemons Stardust Maxi

For Love and Lemons Stardust Maxi

For Love and Lemons Stardust Maxi at St Regis hotel

For love and lemons stardust maxi dress
bachelorette weekend st regis lobby toronto

The next day we woke up and made our way back to the real world. It was such a dream to live such a luxe life for two nights! I'm seriously still in awe from the weekend and how amazing my girlfriends are! It felt so good to spend the whole weekend with them. Best part is we didn't have to far at all! Having a glamorous hotel suite to ourselves for two days was so perfect-- no flight necessary! We got to laugh, dance, cry and pop bubbly. Now that it's over it's basically all steam ahead to the wedding! Oh, baby, are we every getting close!

P.S. You can check out my Instagram highlights reel for the behind the scenes x-rated moments ;) (click GB WEB)

AND make SURE you watch the VLOG here:

sequin street style toronto

*Thank you to The St. Regis Toronto for partnering with me on this occasion, and to The Fix + Co. for satisfying all cravings!

*All of these glorious photos were taken by the most talented Laura Clarke Photography.

glamorous bachelorette weekend


May 17, 2019

What To Bring On Your Bachelorette Weekend

bachlorette weekend packing

It's officially the first long weekend of the summer season and I'm headed on a staycation in the city... for my bachelorette! Yes, I'm a little nervous, excited and don't know what to expect! I have also waited until the very last second to pack my bag. All I've been told is to show up at the hotel later today, with a few outfit options and a yoga matt. Since I really don't know the plan or what's going down, I'm trying to cover all my basis when it comes to packing. Last year we did my girlfriend's bachelorette in the Bahamas so I think I have a pretty good idea of what I need to bring. Some key essentials to get me through 2 nights with 8 ladies in 1 hotel room. Here's what I'm bringing:
What to pack for your bachlorette weekend

Kaia Naturals Cloths To Go: I don't want something that's going to strip my face of its oils. These are natural, alcohol-free and won't leave you feeling dry. Perfect for taking my makeup off after a long night. I also swear by Kaia natural deodorant, so I'll be bringing that along too.

Cake Beauty The Take Out Dry Shampoo Sheets: I love that these are so compact. I can literally throw them in my bag when I'm heading out the door! No need to lug around a huge spray bottle. Perfect for being on-the-go. And, yes they are 100% vegan, and contain no parabens, sulfates, and nasties!

Vita Liberata: Guys, tanning is a no-no for me. I'm a sunless kind of tanning gal! I'm obsessed with Vita Liberata because it looks so natural, bronzy. I have light skin, so I need something that doesn't make me look orange. Since I can't go out and get spray tans all the time, this tanning water is the perfect back up. I already did a coat on my legs last night and they look so lovely! So fresh and glowy. I'm bringing it with me to do my legs again tomorrow, just because! Haha. I love how easy it is to use with the mitt, no streaks!

Gua Sha tool: It basically comes with me everywhere. I slather on some good quality facial oil and work my way up and down my face to de-bloat and de-puff. This will definitely come in handy tomorrow morning.

Cela Essential Balm: You don't know where you'll need a little moisture. Hands? Knees? Elbows? Lips? Tips of your hair? I'm covered with the all-in-one balm. I looooove that it is all natural, contains some amazing ingredients like coconut oil, bergamot oil, and serious vitamins from the ucuuba butter. Plus, another amazing Canadian brand!

Bride Robe: I have milking my use of this robe! And rightfully so! When else will I get to wear it. No doubt I'm packing it along for the trip.

Fun shirts: So, my girl gang shirts? I had my brother make these for me! And I'm so excited we'll all get to wear them together!

Pixi DetoxifEYE eye pads: Yes, they are essential. You want to look your best, feel your best and puffy eyes will definitely make you feel like crap. I just love the feeling when you take off your eye pads and your face feels firm, tight and like it has literally bounced back to life.

What to pack for your bachlorette weekend

Stay tuned into my Instagram for updates and to come along on the weekend! It's likely going to be something you'll want to see!


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