April 16, 2019

Eco Friendly Changes to Make Now

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I'm always on the hunt for products that allow me to create less waste. I just hate when a garbage can is piled high with paper towels, makeup wipes and more. There are a few ways I try and cut down on the waste and I figured with Earth Day fast approaching why not share!

Here are 4 eco-friendly changes to make in your kitchen and bathroom now!

blogger's easy eco-friendly changes to make in the kitchen now

Re-useable Towels
Such an amazing way to reduce dependence on disposable towels. KLIIN is a Canadian brand that I recently discovered and have been loving ever since I did. To give you an idea of how absorbent they are, 1 KLIIN towel replaces 17 rolls of paper towels!! They can also absorb 15 times its weight in water. You throw them in the dishwasher or the laundry and can re-use them up to 300 times. It's crazy to think anyone is still using disposable towels with these around! The patterns are so cute. I obviously found some to go along with my kitchen decor of the moment! But really you can use them in the kitchen, washroom, on windows, on counters or anywhere else you need a little disinfecting. Intrigued yet?

Re-useable Bags
So maybe you already use a re-useable water bottle, lunch containers, and utensils...but what about ziplock baggies? The waste they produce is CRAZY. I first discovered Stasher Bags a year or so ago by following blogger Shut The Kale Up. I looked into Stasher bags and could not find them anywhere, so I resorted to Amazon. They seemed like an investment but once you think about it, it really is so practical and I'm obsessed with them. They are a plastic-free version of your baggies, made of 100% silicone! I use them to store frozen bananas and fruit in the freezer, use them to pack up to work with cut veggies and even put leftovers in them. The bags can be heated up, boiled (microwave friendly) and are even dishwasher friendly. I swear I didn't match them on purpose!

Green beauty products that are eco friendly packaging
Face & Body Scrubbers
Daily Concepts has been my go-to in the bathroom. They created face cloths, or makeup wipes, that removes makeup without using any soap! All you need is water! They come with a little bag so you can throw them in the wash, too. Save waste on using cotton pads? I think so! They also make scrubbers for the washroom and sponges that are organic, biodegradable and vegan. I really love that you know its time to replace them when the label has faded.

Spray Facial Toner
I use cotton pads still. I'm not perfect. But I also have been making a conscious effort to go green with my beauty products. There are so many great brands that are creating green beauty that there is no excuse not to start making positive changes. Province Apothecary's Invigorating & Balancing Toner is one way to start! Most toners come in bottle form requiring you to use a cotton pad, therefore creating more waste. I love that this one is in a spray bottle. It has organic rose water, lavender and rosemary so it's cooling, soothing but also wakes you right up! Kaia Naturals also developed a dry shampoo that is in a puff like a dispenser, so there is no aerosol! I know this isn't a toner, but it's just another way I like to make little changes for the better. We all know how harmful aerosol cans can be on the planet, so I love that this one is eco-friendly. Plus it really refreshes the hair and detoxifies orders since its formulated with activated charcoal.

What do you think? What are some eco-friendly changes you have started to make in your life? 

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April 03, 2019

How to Hydrate Dehydrated Skin Without Buying More

how to hydrate dehydrated skin without buying more

I thought my skin was hydrated. It must be... I put on cream, I drink water, I do all the things. Or do I? After being told by my facialist that my skin was dehydrated I was determined to change this! The skin needs moisture to keep it looking fresh, plump and to fight off fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness (aka peeling, redness, etc.).

But how do you know if you have dehydrated skin? Especially when it can feel oily AND dry at the same time, can experience breakouts AND can be flaky, itchy, sensitive, tight or dull. When your skin is dehydrated it starts producing more oil, therefore causing you to think it's overly oily! But it's really telling you it's lacking moisture. Oh, the struggle.

But to keep investing in products is not always the answer. Some of the root causes are from within the body and not on the surface level, so today I am divulging into the other ways you can hydrate your skin without all the products! Save your money and go back to the basics with these four tips.

girl with natural rose

Here are four ways to hydrate your dehydrated skin without buying new products:

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