December 30, 2018

The 18 Best Beauty Products of 2018

the 18 best beauty and skincare products of 2018

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! I tested, tried and fell in love with so many beauty, skincare and make up products this year. First of all, get out that champagne and let's toast to all the amazing products of 2018! 2018 was a serious deal in the beauty world and I really feel like I came into my own. I discovered more about my skin type and focused on what truly works for me, and not just on the hype products of the moment. There were so many amazing new brands that came out to really shake things up. We had a rise of plant-powered ingredients, tons of green beauty and I gravitated towards natural beauty and skincare. So, while I haven’t tried it all and there are some products I’m itching to get my hands on in 2019, today I’m capping off the 2018 beauty posts with the best of the best. 

Here they are, by category, the best beauty products I tried in 2018.

Best beauty of 2018 graydon skincare foaming cleanser

Can you tell by my empty bottle how much I use this? This has become my number one morning foaming cleanser. I use it every single morning to prep my skin for the day. It’s green, clean and all natural so I don’t have any quaff with using it daily or twice daily. It amazes me how light it is yet how well it foams and actually penetrates and lifts dirt. I have yet to find a natural cleanser with the same results (that leaves me feeling refreshed). Definitely going to restock this come 2019.
Best beauty products of 2018 cleanser

Makeup Remover
Total game changer. This is my go-to night cleanser when I need to seriously remove makeup, open up my pores without stripping my skin, and just feel ultra luxe. With ingredients like chamomile, cocoa butter and clove you just feel soothed, calmed and refreshed in the most luxurious way. There’s a reason why it’s been named the best cleanser in the world. It’s gentle, does not dry you out and improves skin texture. It's a staple. Use it as the first step in a double cleanse, or on its own and you will not be disappointed. I'm so glad I discovered this in 2018.

For the second year in a row, Pixi wins my vote for the best toner for noticeably different results. I tried a fair few and seem to always come back to this one. It’s so gentle on the face, balances the skin and preps it perfectly for subsequent skin care products and reduces the size of pores.  I’ve been trying to reduce my consumption of disposable makeup wipes in 2018 by using spray toners, but Pixi does it best. I hate how most toners have a tendency to make you feel so dry and stripped of your natural face oils, and this does NONE of that. I just love how you don't raw or overexposed after this toner (it's alcohol-free!).

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Peel Pads best beauty products of 2018

Okay. I’ve been through my fair share of scary peels, where I’ve been inflamed, red for hours, and felt like my face was going to burn off. These peel pads are the most gentle, non-abrasive pads I’ve tried and there is noooooo recovery time needed. I can’t believe how gently they are on my sensitive skin and how I can go about my day with zero redness or inflammation. All your left with is perfectly buffed, texturized skin since they remove all the dead skin cells and leave visibly smoother skin. No parabens, sulfates or nasties. These will continue to be a necessity as I get older!

Origins Ginzing eye cream is the best eye cream of 2018

Eye Cream
Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 
Again, I've tried so many eye creams this past year and nothing does it like Origins GinZing Eye Cream. I have brought this with me on long-haul flights, across the world, and back again. It seriously reduces under-eye puffiness and smoothes out lines and creases like no other. It also leaves a little bit of illumination which I love. I came back to it all year and will continue to do so in 2019.

best beauty and skincare products of 2018

All-in-one Moisture
Cocokind Matcha Stick
This is another life saver which I became obsessed with in 2018. Under the eyes, on dry patches, on my lips-- basically anywhere. It smoothes and soothes the skin. It's a does-it-all kind of product, and you don't need to worry about where you're applying it since it's 100% natural and organic. The ingredients are just coconut oil, beeswax, and matcha powder! Allow this one to become your BFF in 2019.

l'oreal lumi glowtion illuminator

Healing Balm
Huna Apothecary Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm
Guys... this stuff is a miracle worker. If you remember back in the summer I broke my foot and had to get stitches. Honestly, it was a nightmare! The cut was huge! I started applying this natural balm on the cut and it healed fast and the scar lessened! That's because it's packed with 22 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients like camellia seed oil, pomegranate oil, chia seed oil, and the list goes on! It nourishes, replenishes and protects. I even apply it to dryer skin and on my lips. Brandon has actually stolen this product from me as his skin get's sooo dry in the winter. Looks like I need another already!

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic
I have tried so many serums this year and always seem to come back to this one. It's like I miss it when I forget about it for a few days. It's that good. And you can see the results, instantly. We're talking instant skin glow and radiance, and it prevents existing skin damage and reduces wrinkles and lines. It's packed with pure vitamin C and worth every penny. Trust me.

Day Face Oil
Indie Lee Squalane Face Oil
I actually went through a bottle in a few weeks, which is kinda crazy! A little goes a long way but I just love how it feels. It works on all skin types and it's green and clean! I love that it is a lightweight oil and improves texture, tone, reduces wrinkles and lines and leaves you glowing. Squalane oil is great for anti-aging, it calms inflammation and to promotes a healthy glow. Mix it in with some face cream for an even lighter application, or mix it in with some foundation for a dewy look!

best beauty products of 2018 Pai Rosehip Face Oil

Night Face Oil
Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil
This rosehip oil by Pai has become a nightly addition. I love how nourishing it is and actually seeps into the skin. I lather it on nightly and wake up with radiant, glowy skin. It also makes you look a little bronzy which is an added bonus to me!

best face mask of 2018 summer fridays jetlag mask

Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask
Worth the hype, 100%. It hydrates your skin in the most loving, rich, penetrating way. I love how it seeps into the skin, totally absorbs and does not leave you feeling greasy. Puffy, inflamed, dull skin be gone! It's packed with vitamin C, E and hyaluronic ingredients which not only evens out the skin but also boost hydration. It's also very luxurious feeling. I apply before bed and wake up with silky, smooth, baby soft skin! I even apply under the eyes anytime I need a little revival.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask
Man, oh man. There is a reason it's called rescue. When your skin is puffy, tired, hungover, dull, or just lacking in life-- let this be your guiding light back to life. This is my morning after mask, when I need a skin reset. It gives you that deep cleanse, does not dry you out and completely resurfaces the skin. We're talking evens out the tone and texture, too. I love that it reduces redness and inflammation too. It's thanks to the Kaolin clay, honey, and almonds.  Just love this mask.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
While I'm still waiting to try La Mer, Tactcha, and  Sunday Reiley, Charlotte Tilbury's magic cream is my miracle worker. It's luxe, rich, yet does not overpower your skin or feels heavy. It's light and airy and transforms the look of your skin, completely. It's collagen boosting, so gives you the ultimate hydration and plumps your skin back to life. Love the way it smoothly glides on the skin. I am obsessed with the new mini size... perfect for travelling!

best illuminator products of 2018 l'oreal lumi glow

Tinted Creams
L'Oreal Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator 
This is the best drugstore illuminator I discovered all year! It gives you serious glow and dew which I am all about! I still wear my It Cosmetics CC Cream, but I wore this one by L'Oreal all summer, brought it on vacation in the Bahamas and still mix it in with some moisturizer in the winter. Since it's an amazing price point, you can't go wrong. You could just apply it to certain areas you want to highlight, but if you're like me and love the radiance, apply all over! You'll never feel more sunkissed.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer
There is not a week that goes by where I don't get asked if I've just come back from vacation, or why I'm so tanned. My sly response "I do the Hoola". Seriously, this is probably my most asked about makeup product. It is by far the most perfect shade to give you a sun-kissed glow. It's matte so there is no shine or shimmer which I love as a base on my cheeks! If you need a bit of shine you can just add some highlight on top (which I do), but as your base, you cannot go wrong with the Hoola. It's great for contouring and adding a pop of colour to your face and body!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
This one I purchased late into the year, so I wasn't sure if I should include it since I haven't given it the minimum two-month trial. But, YES! I am obsessed. I apply the moisturizing balm before bed, and every time I wake up with supple, plump and completely hydrated lips. It's amazing and completely worth the hype! It's not sticky at all, it contains berry mix complex, which is refreshingly sweet, and it's packed with hyaluronic acid to inject moisture into the lips. I even use it as lipstick primer! It's a lip saver! Also, I love the little applicator it comes with, so you don't have to stick your fingers in the pot.

Niu Body Vanilla Lip Polish
I love this lip product too! I use it as a scrub when my lips feel damaged and are cracking/flaking, and need some exfoliation. So perfect to use in the winter months! I scrub it on my lips and the natural ingredients (shea butter, sugar, hydrating oils) make my lips so moisturized and full of life. Follow with the lip sleeping mask and you are set!

Ouai anti-frizz sheets product review

Hair Care
Ouai Anti Frizz Hair Sheets
I just had to try these. I was sick of applying some sticky product into my hair to tame the frizz. And, HOLY MOLY, are these a game changer! The make your hair so sleek, without altering your hairstyle and totally tame the pieces that are frizzing out of control. It's a little sheet and you essentially wipe your hair. That's all. And the frizz is gone. I keep them with me in all bags and in my car for all the moments.

And a bonus, because I can never go anywhere without bold brows.

Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil
My brow savior. I find this to be the easiest product to apply to your eyebrows. It's a one swipe does all. I love the creamy texture of the product and the angled shape. It looks so natural on the brow as you can really fill, shape and blend with the built-in spooli which is on the opposite side of the applicator.  It comes with me everywhere I go.

What products did you fall in love with in 2018? I can't wait to hear!

P.S.:  Stay tuned for my best post where I'll be sharing the best lipsticks I tried this year.

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December 28, 2018

Holiday Party Outfit

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas with Ted Baker velvet brooch toe pumps and a sequin coat

"There will always be another pair of black pumps". This was my first thought when I spotted these gorgeous velvet, brooch toe pumps at Ted Baker. They came in two colours-- cherry and black.

I immediately knew that the Ted Baker cherry velvet pumps, paired with this sequin blazer would be the perfect holiday outfit for my upcoming Christmas parties this season.

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas with Ted Baker velvet brooch toe pumps and a sequin coat

But really investing in statement accessories can be tough. It's so easy to gravitate towards black and more black. When I am shopping for accessories there are a few questions I ask myself before I make the commitment.

1. Can this be paired with a variety of colours? 
These pumps can be paired with black, but also with emerald green for a jewel-toned statement look. What about more pink for a love-filled Valentine's day outing (or my typical Saturday night look... lol). Or gold? Or even blue! See, I rest my case. These were a necessity after I did the colour test. They go so well with so much! But really, you need to ensure the colour isn't too wild that it won't work with the colours you have rotating in my closet. If you plan to wear them often make sure you can work the piece with a few different colour combinations to spice things up for different seasons.

2.  Do you have at least three outfits you can make up in your head right now to wear these with? 
If the answer is yes, it makes it so much easier to splurge. If you have to think about it for longer than 15 seconds you're likely going to find yourself struggling on your closet floor trying to whip an outfit together. I knew I would have ample outfit possibilities with these. Dress them down with a pair of jeans, play on the femininity with a mini flare dress, or really hone in on the glam with black on black.

3. Is this trendy or timeless? 
There are some style that you may love, but will they really stand the test of time? For instance, my Louboutins, I purchased in the nude shade and the iconic point-toe style. These will just not go out of style. They are timeless! There were many other more seasonal styles out, however sticking to something that you can see yourself wearing in 5 years is very important when making a splurge.

Do you have any times for making splurge purchases? What are your go-to holiday outfits!?

Now I just need to decide whether or not to splurge on the matching bag...

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas with Ted Baker velvet brooch toe pumps and a sequin coat

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas with Ted Baker velvet brooch toe pumps and a sequin coat

Ted Baker Cherry velvet pumps and sequin coat for holiday dressing 101

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas with Ted Baker velvet brooch toe pumps and a sequin coat

Ted Baker christmas party dress 2019, statement shoes velvet pumps


December 24, 2018

Niagara Road Trip in the 2019 Ford Edge

Ford Edge Review roadtrip to Niagara Falls

The holidays can get so unbelievably hectic. They come so fast and before you know it you have barely had any time to enjoy them. I was not going to let that happen this year. The past few weeks Brandon and I have been on disjointed schedules. I'm home and he's at work, I'm at work and he's at home. We've been missing each other! So we knew this break would be the ideal time to get back on track with some wedding planning and just hanging out! This past weekend we made plans to have our wedding cake consultation and tasting and thought why not make it something more. We packed up our bags and, thanks to Ford Canada, we hit the road. We're getting married in Burlington so most of our vendors are in the Niagara region which gave us the idea to have an overnighter. We hit the road for Niagara in our 2019 Edge and did not look back.
pastel pink faux fur coat, niagara falls roadtrip

So what did we get up to? Here's a mini diary of our little pre-holiday excursion!

2019 ford edge review interior

Hitting the road with the 2019 Ford Edge
First of all, hello spacious! We fell in love with the Edge. The sound system was bumping, we literally blasted holiday tunes the whole way there! And the Co-Pilot 360 Technology is such a great bonus. It has pre-collision assist, a rearview camera, lane keeping system and more. Also, I loooooved the wireless charging dock. You just place your phone inside the centre console and it charges! So convenient.

2019 ford edge review

Stop 1: Check in
Okay, so we technically didn't check in anywhere. My parents have a cottage in Vineland, Ontario which is on the way to Niagara so we headed there first to drop off our bags and freshen up. Since we decided to go so last minute we didn't really look into other accommodations. But this worked perfectly for us as it was a middle point!

Redstone Winery and Restaurant, Vineland Ontario

Stop 2: Redstone Restaurant
Friday night we hit up Redstone Winery & Restaurant. Since the winery is so close to where we were staying we decided to take a taxi just in case we decided to have a glass of their signature wine (which we did)! The restaurant was set up so cozy for Christmas! They had a 20+ foot real Christmas tree all lit up and we dined under the twinkling lights! The food was delicious, too! After dinner, we headed back to the house and put on The Grinch by the fireplace. I fell asleep mid-movie (as per usual)! Haha..

Niagara Falls roadtrip in the 2019 Ford Edge

Stop 3: Niagara Falls
We got up super early Saturday morning and headed to Niagara Falls. We wanted to take in the fresh air and just walk around and see the wonder during this time of the year. Yes, it was freezing near the falls, but we made the best of it! We took in all the Christmas music and lights and had a leisurely morning, coffee in hand.

Sweet Celebrations Wedding Cake Tasting, pastels and pastries wedding

Stop 4: Sweet Celebrations Patisserie 
Next up was our consultation at Sweet Celebrations. We got there smooth and sound in the Ford Edge and we're ready for the cake! Sharlene brought out over ten flavours of cake and different sweets and we got to tasting. I still can't decide what was my favourite. I loved the champagne strawberry flavour, and the lemon!  We left buzzing with excitement, probably due to the sugar, but also for the big day! We loved chatting about our details and finalizing some ideas for the cake. Stay tuned for more on that...

review of the 2019 ford edge

Stop 5: Toronto Prime Outlet
On the way home we popped into the Toronto Prime Outlets for some last minute shopping. It was packed! But there's nothing like seeing all the people hustle and bustle trying to pick up their last minute gifts. We were in and out as we knew exactly what we needed. So it was easy, breezy for us! Since we weren't frantic we actually enjoyed our time walking around. But man was that wind cold! Since it's an outdoor mall we left fairly quickly and set out for home!

Ford Edge roadtrip to niagara falls

We spent just over 24 hours away and it was such a nice treat to just be with one another without the distractions of home. Even though we weren't going far, or somewhere exotic, we got to bask in the holiday cheer of the season and spend some quality moments together before things get even crazier this week for Christmas! Sometimes taking a mini getaway can be just as sweet as going somewhere far. Bonus-- our Ford Edge got us home and back in time for Brandon to watch the leaf game.

Do you have crazy busy Christmas plans, or are you taking it easy this week? I'd love to know!

Thank you to Ford Canada for allowing us to take this mini pre-holiday excursion to experience some holiday cheer! We had a blast learning about this SUV and test driving it for the weekend. It's sleek, has some amazing driver assist features to make driving as smooth and easy as possible, and it comes in so many fab colours! Check it out for yourself at Ford Canada.

December 20, 2018

Leopard Midi Skirt

Dynamite Asymmetrical Satin Leopard Skirt, Gucci velvet pink marmont

Hello, leopard midi. AKA the "it" skirt of the season. 

There is a reason you cannot go into a store right now without seeing leopard print everything. It has become timeless. It's luxurious and sophisticated and playful at the same time. I've been wearing leopard print for years and while I used to get the strange looks, now my leopard pieces are some of my most sought-after pieces!

I recently started reading Fierce: The History of the Leopard Print, and have become even more obsessed with the print! I love the images, the inspiration and the whole tone of the book! It divulges into the history and contains stunning imagery and really makes you feel FIERCE!

But sometimes I get questioned on what to pair the leopard print with. Really, it goes with anything! But if you need some leopard outfit inspo, I got you!

Here are a few styling tips for your new leopard midi:

How to style leopard and gucci
1. Pair with booties.
I love how this instantly makes the skirt more casual and less dainty. I threw on a chunky knit and some booties to run errands this week and it was the perfect daytime outfit. The boots have a bit of a heel, but are not fancy so it served well for daytime activities! I've also been loving pairing the skirt with a turtleneck for the office. The turtleneck really hones in on the sophistication! 

2. Glam it up.
Pair it with heels, and a tank top for a swanky soiree. You can totally take the leopard midi dancing. I love the slit on the leg! I opt for a satin flowy tank top to take this number on the town. 

3. Break it up with a leather coat.
Black accessories like a leather coat and leather flats break up the print. They really allow the leopard print to become a wardrobe neutral. 

4. Go bold with more prints.
I love doing this for some fun! Pair the leopard print with a polka dot blouse, or a floral top. It's such a fun twist on playing with neutrals.

5. Add a slouchy tee. 
Extra casual. I would totally wear this with a tied up t-shirt on the hot summer days walking up and down the boardwalk. Do I even live near a boardwalk? Sadly, no... lol but I can totally see it happening on vacay! 

Do you love the leopard midi? What's your take on it?  

{btw- my skirt is from Dynamite, and it's on sale!}
S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Leopard print 5 ways and gucci pink velvet marmont

Dynamite Asymmetrical Satin Leopard Skirt, Gucci velvet pink marmont

Dynamite Asymmetrical Satin Leopard Skirt, Gucci velvet pink marmont

Dynamite Asymmetrical Satin Leopard Skirt, Gucci velvet pink marmont


December 14, 2018

The New Charcuterie Board in Four Easy Steps

Move aside cheese and charcuterie! Holiday hosting is upon us and if you're looking for one easy, peasy way to wow your guests, it's by creating the ultimate vesper board. You may be wondering just what is a vesper board. Well, friends, let me spill! It's a gourmet take on serving a variety of little snacks. The little snacks that you love, but for some reason don't get much love on the typical charcuterie board. The rule is simple, fill the board, maximize every inch of space, and offer up delectable bites, dips, spreads, and other little delights. The idea is to not separate your sweet and savory items on different trays and to provide a great balance of the both. The vesper board is a great way to make guests feel comfortable since there is sure to be something everyone will love. Plus-- it allows you, the host, more time to mingle with guests since you're not worried about putting things out and making sure all the snack bowls are stocked.

Last weekend I took to making my own vesper board for a holiday party that I was hosting and my guests loved this new take on the charcuterie board! If you're looking to make a board of your own I am sharing my four easy tips over on Summerhill Market's blog. Summerhill Market is my favourite boutique grocery store in Toronto. It's a family own business and the offer the freshest produce, hard to find goodies (like Purely Elizabeth's granola and Siete Chips!), and just a great shopping experience!

Read the post now.

simple mills crackers at summerhill market

Holiday hosting vesper board

The new charcuterie board for the holidays

cheese board for holiday parties

Gourmet foods from Summerhill market

Gingerbread cookies from summerhill market


November 27, 2018

How to Fall Asleep- Benji Sleep Giveaway

Benji Sleep review bedding and duvet cover

"The first night I tried Benji Sleep I slept for 8.5 hours. Talk about the best sleep ever!"

White bedroom with Benji sleep Toronto based companySleep is something we all need to value more. Did you know over 68,000 hours of my life has been spent sleeping ( CRAZY, I KNOW!) so it's beyond important to get the best quality of it that I can. When I don't get enough sleep it shows on my face (hello, undereye bags), in my mood, and through my cognitive function. I can't afford to be sacrificing any of those things if I want to feel my best and work to the best of my ability. And neither should you!

The softest bedding from Benji Sleep

I recently invested more energy in getting a better night's sleep. Does that sound like a juxtaposition? Maybe it is, but hear me out. You need to put in the work! I've developed a bit of a routine to ensure I fall asleep fast and hard, and am maximizing my sleep time. And, it's been working wonders for me. Here are the five ways I've been investing in my sleep and just clocking in those zzZZzzz's to really make the most out of my days. Experiment with them and see what works for you. Also, keep reading because you'll want to get in on this amazing giveaway with Benji Sleep, purveyors of the quite literally, the softest bedding ever (wink, wink).

BONUS- I have a promo code, too!

How to Fall Asleep- Benji Sleep Giveaway
1) Unwind time.
No matter what, if I am on the go all day long and come home and plan to go to sleep right away, it's just not going to happen. I am on the computer at work, running around to events, then on my phone catching up. My mind is constantly racing. It can be hard but I need to give the mind the necessary unwind time before I switch off into bedtime mode. I find my mind races, the stressors of work and to-do lists are still at the forefront of my thoughts if I don't. Chill time for me can mean taking the time to have a bath, put on a face mask or partake in my nightly skincare routine. It can also mean reading just a few pages of a book or flipping through a magazine on my bed. Whatever makes you feel calm, give yourself 30-60 minutes of this before you switch modes. You can really set the tone for the night and allow your body to naturally wind down.

Benji Sleep Givaway Sheet Set and Duvet

2) Reinforcements.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again... sometimes I need a little backup! There is no shame in that. Magnesium, relaxation boosters, pillow spray... they all help me get a good night's sleep. Magnesium is something I swear by to calm the body and mind and when I mix it with Lee's Provisions' Pink Chai tea, I am on cloud nine. The tea contains the adaptogenic herb tulsi which is grounding, fights stressors and leaves you totally zen. I also love a good pillow spray to aid in sleep. Aromatic blends that include lavender, vetiver, and chamomile are proven to help relax, calm and soothe you to sleep.

How to Fall Asleep Fast with Benji Sleep
3) Premium bedding.
Enter the key player of today's post-- Benji Sleep. Developed in Toronto by two young entrepreneurs, Benji Sleep is changing the game when it comes to affordable luxury bedding. Their slogan is "so damn soft", and I can truly attest to this softness! Literally a game changer. I love decor and interior design but have always dreaded shopping for sheets. I don't know why but it can be so overwhelming! I don't understand the thread count and I just want to get the best quality without being ripped off. At Benji Sleep they want you to know that thread count cotton isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and the real MVP is microfibre. Their sheets provide the perfect blend of breathable microfibre, they are hypoallergenic, and literally are so soft. Ready for the icing on the cake? They are super affordable since they have eliminated overhead costs by focusing on e-commerce. Order online and they ship them right to your door! No warehouse, no markup, no retailer. Plus they offer classic shades that go with any design.

Luxurious bedding isn't something you want to skimp on because it truly does enhance you sleep! Take it from me. I've been sleeping on these softies and I literally fall asleep SO fast. There is something about the material that makes you feel you've plopped yourself on a little velvety soft, fluffy cloud. Little luxuries like premium sheets and a duvet set can, without doubt, enhance your sleep so start with Benji to hone in on your sleep potential!
How to have the best sleep of your life with Benji Sleep

4) Honour your body's natural sleep schedule.
This is something we often try to fight. "It's only 9 PM, I can't go to bed yet". Heck no! If I am tired and fighting to keep my eyes awake, you can be sure I'm going to just give in and go to bed. I find I feel more energized when I give my body what it needs when it needs it. Since I have developed a natural sleep schedule where I wake up at a certain time and go to bed at a certain time, I do not alter this on weekends, give or take a few hours. I find even If I go to bed later I will wake up early. If I need a 15-minute nap on a Sunday afternoon to recover from a late Saturday I will take it, but sticking to my normal wake up routine keeps me and my body in sync.

Fall Asleep Fast with Benji Sleep and a giveaway

5) Know what effects your body.
It is very important to take note of the things that give you more energy and cause your body to react. For example, if I eat a pile of sugary food before bed, I can almost guarantee I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a racing heartbeat and a spike in cortisol levels. When my body releases cortisol it's basically like an internal alarm clock for me and I am unable to fall back asleep for hours. The same goes for me and wine. If I have too much wine before bed I can almost guarantee I'll fall asleep fast, and then wake up a few hours later wide awake. I just have gotten to know my body and the way it reacts to certain things. Does sugar keep you up? Does having alcohol give you an interrupted sleep? What about caffeine? Can you drink it after 5 pm? This isn't just about food and drink. Some people are more sensitive to working out at night, while others can do it no problem. Just take note and experiment cutting certain things out.

Benji Sleep is SO kind to offer one P&P reader a Benji Bundle. This includes a sheet set and a duvet! So perfect for the holidays! All you have to do to enter below.

Also, if you don't win, don't worry! I reaaaalllllly want you guys to try these sheets out. I promise you they are SO.DAMN.SOFT. So, we are also offering all P&P readers 15% off your order over $100.  Code: GAB15

Get your bundle here
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Contest closes December 4th, 2019. Only open to Canadian residents. Thank you to Benji Sleep for sponsoring this post. 
Softest bedding and duvet cover Benji Sleep

How to fall asleep better and faster with Benji Sleep
How to Fall Asleep Fast and Longer with Benji Sleep
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