December 24, 2018

Niagara Road Trip in the 2019 Ford Edge

Ford Edge Review roadtrip to Niagara Falls

The holidays can get so unbelievably hectic. They come so fast and before you know it you have barely had any time to enjoy them. I was not going to let that happen this year. The past few weeks Brandon and I have been on disjointed schedules. I'm home and he's at work, I'm at work and he's at home. We've been missing each other! So we knew this break would be the ideal time to get back on track with some wedding planning and just hanging out! This past weekend we made plans to have our wedding cake consultation and tasting and thought why not make it something more. We packed up our bags and, thanks to Ford Canada, we hit the road. We're getting married in Burlington so most of our vendors are in the Niagara region which gave us the idea to have an overnighter. We hit the road for Niagara in our 2019 Edge and did not look back.
pastel pink faux fur coat, niagara falls roadtrip

So what did we get up to? Here's a mini diary of our little pre-holiday excursion!

2019 ford edge review interior

Hitting the road with the 2019 Ford Edge
First of all, hello spacious! We fell in love with the Edge. The sound system was bumping, we literally blasted holiday tunes the whole way there! And the Co-Pilot 360 Technology is such a great bonus. It has pre-collision assist, a rearview camera, lane keeping system and more. Also, I loooooved the wireless charging dock. You just place your phone inside the centre console and it charges! So convenient.

2019 ford edge review

Stop 1: Check in
Okay, so we technically didn't check in anywhere. My parents have a cottage in Vineland, Ontario which is on the way to Niagara so we headed there first to drop off our bags and freshen up. Since we decided to go so last minute we didn't really look into other accommodations. But this worked perfectly for us as it was a middle point!

Redstone Winery and Restaurant, Vineland Ontario

Stop 2: Redstone Restaurant
Friday night we hit up Redstone Winery & Restaurant. Since the winery is so close to where we were staying we decided to take a taxi just in case we decided to have a glass of their signature wine (which we did)! The restaurant was set up so cozy for Christmas! They had a 20+ foot real Christmas tree all lit up and we dined under the twinkling lights! The food was delicious, too! After dinner, we headed back to the house and put on The Grinch by the fireplace. I fell asleep mid-movie (as per usual)! Haha..

Niagara Falls roadtrip in the 2019 Ford Edge

Stop 3: Niagara Falls
We got up super early Saturday morning and headed to Niagara Falls. We wanted to take in the fresh air and just walk around and see the wonder during this time of the year. Yes, it was freezing near the falls, but we made the best of it! We took in all the Christmas music and lights and had a leisurely morning, coffee in hand.

Sweet Celebrations Wedding Cake Tasting, pastels and pastries wedding

Stop 4: Sweet Celebrations Patisserie 
Next up was our consultation at Sweet Celebrations. We got there smooth and sound in the Ford Edge and we're ready for the cake! Sharlene brought out over ten flavours of cake and different sweets and we got to tasting. I still can't decide what was my favourite. I loved the champagne strawberry flavour, and the lemon!  We left buzzing with excitement, probably due to the sugar, but also for the big day! We loved chatting about our details and finalizing some ideas for the cake. Stay tuned for more on that...

review of the 2019 ford edge

Stop 5: Toronto Prime Outlet
On the way home we popped into the Toronto Prime Outlets for some last minute shopping. It was packed! But there's nothing like seeing all the people hustle and bustle trying to pick up their last minute gifts. We were in and out as we knew exactly what we needed. So it was easy, breezy for us! Since we weren't frantic we actually enjoyed our time walking around. But man was that wind cold! Since it's an outdoor mall we left fairly quickly and set out for home!

Ford Edge roadtrip to niagara falls

We spent just over 24 hours away and it was such a nice treat to just be with one another without the distractions of home. Even though we weren't going far, or somewhere exotic, we got to bask in the holiday cheer of the season and spend some quality moments together before things get even crazier this week for Christmas! Sometimes taking a mini getaway can be just as sweet as going somewhere far. Bonus-- our Ford Edge got us home and back in time for Brandon to watch the leaf game.

Do you have crazy busy Christmas plans, or are you taking it easy this week? I'd love to know!

Thank you to Ford Canada for allowing us to take this mini pre-holiday excursion to experience some holiday cheer! We had a blast learning about this SUV and test driving it for the weekend. It's sleek, has some amazing driver assist features to make driving as smooth and easy as possible, and it comes in so many fab colours! Check it out for yourself at Ford Canada.


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