October 23, 2013

What to pack: Las Vegas

After a busy Thanksgiving weekend I jumped into an even busier week of midterms, so it goes without saying that I am so, so excited to be heading to Las Vegas tomorrow! I will be attending the inaugural Life Is Beautiful Festival which not only incorporates music, but also food, art and learning. I'm just picturing an ample amount of food trucks, live music and some Cirque du Soleil acts taking over the Fremont Street area! I really can't wait to see how this comes together, not to mention how pumped I am to be able to mix up my wardrobe in a more glam meets festival kind of way. This is my second trip to Sin City (as an adult), so I thought I would put together some wardrobe essentials and all around tips on what to pack for the craziness that awaits you.

Vegas is the place to have fun with your wardrobe and accessories. I would say all sparkle all the time, but I can't forget about the bandage, jewels and leopard. This is the time to wear that bejewelled black dress you wore once on New Year Eve, or the gold sequin ensemble you have sitting in the back of your closet. With that being said, you can still stay within your comfort zone and true to your personal style by not letting the hype get to you while in Vegas, i.e.: I won't be the one wearing 6 inch heels and a full face of makeup at the pool. If there is one place where you can wear whatever makes you feel fabulous, it's Vegas. Just remember: show girl is a profession and you don't need anyone getting you confused with the dancers. 

Do not forget:

Lipstick- As you can see I love to accessorize with lipstick. If you are going out right after dinner lipstick is key to illuminate any outfit. For this trip I am packing my most vibrant, fun shades: Lady Danger, Hang Up, and Lady Gaga (all by MAC). 

Stick on bra- You may think you're not the type to get on a table and shake your tail-feather but Vegas can bring out the inner wild-child in anyone. Since I love anything with an open/detailed back, it is essential that nothing falls out of my dress. Also, stick on bras ensure your temperature is concealed. This may be Vegas but we can still be classy.

Bandages and insoles- It really doesn't matter how seasoned you are with high heels, your feet have seen nothing until you are walking the strip and dancing until sunrise. It's worth it to invest in a pair of flats that can fold and fit in a clutch- you will thank yourself. 

With all that being said, remember to have the time of your life (also to be safe), because there really is no place like Las Vegas. 

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October 21, 2013

Glam Gold Frame

I know I've mentioned that I have been working on a little gallery wall to go above my desk (there is more on that to come, I promise!), but for now I have a sneak peak! I revamped this frame and I think it will be a lovely addition to the wall! I started out with a blue framed cork board that I had lying around the house. While cork boards were totally awesome when I was thirteen, I was looking for a way to upgrade the frame but keep the essence of a cork board, and also have the ability to change whatever is being hung at any time. I popped out the cork board and was left with the frame and some tiny hooks at the back. Next, I spray painted the frame gold, because gold spray paint is immaculate and everything looks glamorous when gold. I then hung some copper wire from the tiny hooks at the back. Simple, simple project here! I found these ultra mini clothespins at Dollertree and although they can snap at the lightest touch they are perfect for hanging pictures and cards from the wire. What do you think of my little chic update? More on the gallery wall soon, but in the meantime check out the breakdown of the project below in case you find yourself in a little DIY mood. 

  • Framed cork board
  • Gold spray paint
  • Mini hooks (if they aren't already on the frame) 
  • Wire or string 
  • Mini clothespins 
Step 1: Remove cork backing, or use a frame that is not home to a cork board
Step 2: Spray paint colour of choice
Step 3: If your frame doesn't have hooks, add to the back on both sides so you can string your wire across, hook to hook 
Step 4: Hang wire or string from the tiny hooks
Step 5: Put up pretty cards and pictures 


October 13, 2013


Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend spending time with loved ones, eating way to much food, and of course giving thanks for all the beautiful things in life.

October 12, 2013

Cinnamon Apple Chips

I love plantain chips- that was pretty much all I had going for me when I decided to make these cinnamon apple chips.  We had an abundance of apples after going to the orchard, so I was trying to find a healthier alternative to baking more pies and crumbles. I don't think I loved apples in chip form but they definitely grew on me after testing a few. I really enjoyed the ones that were slightly under baked, as they resembled dried fruit more than anything. That is something I would do again! They were still chewy and the hint of cinnamon really brought out the juices in the apples. Bonus- the house was filled with an amazing fall scent and no candle was required. 

  1. I used 3 apples- Macintosh to be exact
  2. Slice to desired width (next time I would do them all on the thick side as I liked them more dried then crunchy) and spread along parchment lined baking sheet. 
  3. In a separate bowl mix together cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle on both sides of chips.
  4. Bake for about 2 hours on 200 degrees, flip every half hour


October 11, 2013

Apple Picking

Saturday was a perfect fall day. I woke up to grey, foggy skies and cool weather so we headed out to Pine Farm Orchards for some apple picking. This sweater strangely reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas so it was only natural that I wear it for the falliday activity. I paired it with some comfy boyfriend jeans, and although it's not too form-fitting it turned out to be the perfect outfit for the activity. We started off picking some Delicious, Royal Gala, Macintosh, and Spies (for baking), then we headed inside to browse the shop and have warm apple cider and treats in the cafe. Perfect autumn date if you ask me!
{Dex sweater via Winners, Mavi jeans, Sam Edelmen boots, Coach bag}


October 09, 2013

Travel Bug

Things I've done today instead of studying (and it's only noon):
  • perfected my gallery wall (stay tuned)
  • painted nails
  • swept floors and dusted shelves
  • checked every recent post on my bloglovin feed
  • tried 3 different tea flavours 
  • oh yeah- and did some endless research to where I would love my next travels to take me (including hotels, flights, activities- the whole 9 yards)
Somedays I love studying, learning and cramming my head into a book. Strangely enough, days like today (cool, grey, fall-esque) not so much. Really why would any need to memorize the entire CBSA glossary? You're probably asking what is that, which just reinforces my point.  All I've learned is that I am itching to go on a exploratory trip; particularly to the destinations below. In the meantime I better get out of this funk or else the only place I'll be going to is back to school... for another year. 


October 07, 2013

Possibilities and Pants

After most items on my wish-list for fall pretty much revolved around the colour burgundy, I headed into change rooms with high hopes and ready for the fabulous colour. I was a little disappointed when I realized some pieces didn't work so well with my hair/skin combo. We all know the feeling: when you love something so much but you put it on... blah. Does not work. I was still determined to end my nail-polish-only love for the colour, so I moved on to the pants. These pants, which literally are as comfortable as leggings, turned out to be so versatile! I dressed them up with classic all black accessories for an outing this week, but I love them just as much paired with flats, a leopard tank and a chambray shirt, the colour just pops! I love when pieces like this are just as versatile as they are powerful! Oh, and I love finding new possibilities when you move out of your comfort zone!
{J Crew top, Babaton pants, Smartset jacket, vintage necklace, Tory Burch clutch, Zara heels}


October 04, 2013

Around Town

I can't believe the beautiful weather we have been experiencing here in Toronto! Aside from today, this week has been predominately sunny and warm every day, which is perfect for bustling around the city and taking in all that's going on. I wanted to make sure you take full advantage of the events happening, so check out my little list and have yourself a great weekend! 
1. The AGO is hosting the Davis Bowie is exhibit, which came straight from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, until November 7th. I went last weekend and was actually amazed! What an icon. It was pretty cool to get a glimpse into his mind, and see firsthand some of his personal objects. The man can literally do it all- act, sing, write and even paint! I really enjoyed seeing all his costumes on display, and the way the AGO carried his music throughout the exhibit. While I was there I also noticed the AGO is hosting the Ai Weiwei exhibit. I am actually so intrigued by this man! His works, that promote basic truths and the freedom of expression, have raised so much social criticism that he has been stripped of his passport by the Chinese government.  Two must see exhibits! 
2. While we are on the topic of art, Toronto's Nuit Blanche will be held this Saturday, October 5th. I am already seeing preparations for the event around the city, and they seem very interesting. I love that the exhibits can be found all around the city, and that it literally goes all night. Bonus- TTC will run all night!
3. Last month I fell in love with Dlish Cupcakes' limited edition S'mores cupcake (pictured above). It was everything I ever thought it would be, and more! Sadly you can't bask in it's beautifully crafted graham cracker base, chocolate ganache centre, or marshmallow topping this month. But, they are featuring a Salted Caramel Mocha cupcake! Since they are only available on Wednesdays and Sundays I recommend getting there early as they tend to sell out.

4. As I mentioned above- the weather has been perfect, especially for brunch! Last week I tried the belgian waffles at School in Liberty Village, and they were phenomenal! Just looking at their brunch menu will make you hungry.  Also, they have two secluded patios and the vibe is so fun- upscale decor and even cartoons playing on the big screens! Not so conventional of a menu, but their combinations are seriously good! Check it out. 

5. If you are in the mood for a spook, Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland kicks off this weekend! Why not check off maze and haunted house from the fallidays list? Equally exciting- most rides and roller coasters are open! Inquire online for discounted tickets. 


October 02, 2013

Fall On Point

There is no better uniform for running errands on a Saturday morning than a top knot and pointed toe flats. I wasn't able to find these flats in New York like I had hoped (as seen on my wish list), and after searching multiple Zara locations here I was ready to give up. Finally, they became available in my size again online so I scooped them up right away. I love how they dress up an outfit and really their all around chicness! I'm just hoping we continue to have this perfect weather for a while longer so I can get more use out of them before freezing feet declare it's time to bring out the boots!

{J Crew necklace, eBay shirt, Old Navy sweater vest, Tommy Hilfiger skinny jean, Coach bag, Zara flats}


October 01, 2013


Now that October has officially begun I am trying to embrace fall fully. September graced us with some surprisingly pleasant weather so I have been half reluctant to jump into the new season.  If you are (or have ever been) a student I'm sure you can agree that October can become overwhelmingly busy- we have Thanksgiving, Halloween, and I am already starting mid-terms this week! In hopes of embracing this fast paced month, and since I truly love the beginning of fall (when it's not too cold and you can still enjoy the crisp, clean air), I have created a large list of classic, fun fall activities. Starting with a new haircut, I am excited the list is getting smaller and I'm making progress. Here is what I'm still looking forward to doing over the next few weeks.  
{images via pinterest}

Are there any activities that truly make the season for you? What are they!
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