October 01, 2013


Now that October has officially begun I am trying to embrace fall fully. September graced us with some surprisingly pleasant weather so I have been half reluctant to jump into the new season.  If you are (or have ever been) a student I'm sure you can agree that October can become overwhelmingly busy- we have Thanksgiving, Halloween, and I am already starting mid-terms this week! In hopes of embracing this fast paced month, and since I truly love the beginning of fall (when it's not too cold and you can still enjoy the crisp, clean air), I have created a large list of classic, fun fall activities. Starting with a new haircut, I am excited the list is getting smaller and I'm making progress. Here is what I'm still looking forward to doing over the next few weeks.  
{images via pinterest}

Are there any activities that truly make the season for you? What are they!

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