October 21, 2013

Glam Gold Frame

I know I've mentioned that I have been working on a little gallery wall to go above my desk (there is more on that to come, I promise!), but for now I have a sneak peak! I revamped this frame and I think it will be a lovely addition to the wall! I started out with a blue framed cork board that I had lying around the house. While cork boards were totally awesome when I was thirteen, I was looking for a way to upgrade the frame but keep the essence of a cork board, and also have the ability to change whatever is being hung at any time. I popped out the cork board and was left with the frame and some tiny hooks at the back. Next, I spray painted the frame gold, because gold spray paint is immaculate and everything looks glamorous when gold. I then hung some copper wire from the tiny hooks at the back. Simple, simple project here! I found these ultra mini clothespins at Dollertree and although they can snap at the lightest touch they are perfect for hanging pictures and cards from the wire. What do you think of my little chic update? More on the gallery wall soon, but in the meantime check out the breakdown of the project below in case you find yourself in a little DIY mood. 

  • Framed cork board
  • Gold spray paint
  • Mini hooks (if they aren't already on the frame) 
  • Wire or string 
  • Mini clothespins 
Step 1: Remove cork backing, or use a frame that is not home to a cork board
Step 2: Spray paint colour of choice
Step 3: If your frame doesn't have hooks, add to the back on both sides so you can string your wire across, hook to hook 
Step 4: Hang wire or string from the tiny hooks
Step 5: Put up pretty cards and pictures 


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