October 23, 2013

What to pack: Las Vegas

After a busy Thanksgiving weekend I jumped into an even busier week of midterms, so it goes without saying that I am so, so excited to be heading to Las Vegas tomorrow! I will be attending the inaugural Life Is Beautiful Festival which not only incorporates music, but also food, art and learning. I'm just picturing an ample amount of food trucks, live music and some Cirque du Soleil acts taking over the Fremont Street area! I really can't wait to see how this comes together, not to mention how pumped I am to be able to mix up my wardrobe in a more glam meets festival kind of way. This is my second trip to Sin City (as an adult), so I thought I would put together some wardrobe essentials and all around tips on what to pack for the craziness that awaits you.

Vegas is the place to have fun with your wardrobe and accessories. I would say all sparkle all the time, but I can't forget about the bandage, jewels and leopard. This is the time to wear that bejewelled black dress you wore once on New Year Eve, or the gold sequin ensemble you have sitting in the back of your closet. With that being said, you can still stay within your comfort zone and true to your personal style by not letting the hype get to you while in Vegas, i.e.: I won't be the one wearing 6 inch heels and a full face of makeup at the pool. If there is one place where you can wear whatever makes you feel fabulous, it's Vegas. Just remember: show girl is a profession and you don't need anyone getting you confused with the dancers. 

Do not forget:

Lipstick- As you can see I love to accessorize with lipstick. If you are going out right after dinner lipstick is key to illuminate any outfit. For this trip I am packing my most vibrant, fun shades: Lady Danger, Hang Up, and Lady Gaga (all by MAC). 

Stick on bra- You may think you're not the type to get on a table and shake your tail-feather but Vegas can bring out the inner wild-child in anyone. Since I love anything with an open/detailed back, it is essential that nothing falls out of my dress. Also, stick on bras ensure your temperature is concealed. This may be Vegas but we can still be classy.

Bandages and insoles- It really doesn't matter how seasoned you are with high heels, your feet have seen nothing until you are walking the strip and dancing until sunrise. It's worth it to invest in a pair of flats that can fold and fit in a clutch- you will thank yourself. 

With all that being said, remember to have the time of your life (also to be safe), because there really is no place like Las Vegas. 

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