October 09, 2013

Travel Bug

Things I've done today instead of studying (and it's only noon):
  • perfected my gallery wall (stay tuned)
  • painted nails
  • swept floors and dusted shelves
  • checked every recent post on my bloglovin feed
  • tried 3 different tea flavours 
  • oh yeah- and did some endless research to where I would love my next travels to take me (including hotels, flights, activities- the whole 9 yards)
Somedays I love studying, learning and cramming my head into a book. Strangely enough, days like today (cool, grey, fall-esque) not so much. Really why would any need to memorize the entire CBSA glossary? You're probably asking what is that, which just reinforces my point.  All I've learned is that I am itching to go on a exploratory trip; particularly to the destinations below. In the meantime I better get out of this funk or else the only place I'll be going to is back to school... for another year. 



  1. Hi Gabriella,

    Travel is such a great luxury. I visited Amsterdam and Italy this year and found a great hotel in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Let me know if you'd like any tips.

    Great to read a fellow Canadian. Your blog is a great discovery.

    Emilie from www.mimosachic.com

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Emilie.

      I would love to hear any tips or recommendations you have for travelling to Amsterdam and Positano! Finding great hotels online is always a struggle for me! Not to mention restaurants! I could use any advice you have :)


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