November 27, 2018

How to Fall Asleep- Benji Sleep Giveaway

Benji Sleep review bedding and duvet cover

"The first night I tried Benji Sleep I slept for 8.5 hours. Talk about the best sleep ever!"

White bedroom with Benji sleep Toronto based companySleep is something we all need to value more. Did you know over 68,000 hours of my life has been spent sleeping ( CRAZY, I KNOW!) so it's beyond important to get the best quality of it that I can. When I don't get enough sleep it shows on my face (hello, undereye bags), in my mood, and through my cognitive function. I can't afford to be sacrificing any of those things if I want to feel my best and work to the best of my ability. And neither should you!

The softest bedding from Benji Sleep

I recently invested more energy in getting a better night's sleep. Does that sound like a juxtaposition? Maybe it is, but hear me out. You need to put in the work! I've developed a bit of a routine to ensure I fall asleep fast and hard, and am maximizing my sleep time. And, it's been working wonders for me. Here are the five ways I've been investing in my sleep and just clocking in those zzZZzzz's to really make the most out of my days. Experiment with them and see what works for you. Also, keep reading because you'll want to get in on this amazing giveaway with Benji Sleep, purveyors of the quite literally, the softest bedding ever (wink, wink).

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How to Fall Asleep- Benji Sleep Giveaway
1) Unwind time.
No matter what, if I am on the go all day long and come home and plan to go to sleep right away, it's just not going to happen. I am on the computer at work, running around to events, then on my phone catching up. My mind is constantly racing. It can be hard but I need to give the mind the necessary unwind time before I switch off into bedtime mode. I find my mind races, the stressors of work and to-do lists are still at the forefront of my thoughts if I don't. Chill time for me can mean taking the time to have a bath, put on a face mask or partake in my nightly skincare routine. It can also mean reading just a few pages of a book or flipping through a magazine on my bed. Whatever makes you feel calm, give yourself 30-60 minutes of this before you switch modes. You can really set the tone for the night and allow your body to naturally wind down.

Benji Sleep Givaway Sheet Set and Duvet

2) Reinforcements.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again... sometimes I need a little backup! There is no shame in that. Magnesium, relaxation boosters, pillow spray... they all help me get a good night's sleep. Magnesium is something I swear by to calm the body and mind and when I mix it with Lee's Provisions' Pink Chai tea, I am on cloud nine. The tea contains the adaptogenic herb tulsi which is grounding, fights stressors and leaves you totally zen. I also love a good pillow spray to aid in sleep. Aromatic blends that include lavender, vetiver, and chamomile are proven to help relax, calm and soothe you to sleep.

How to Fall Asleep Fast with Benji Sleep
3) Premium bedding.
Enter the key player of today's post-- Benji Sleep. Developed in Toronto by two young entrepreneurs, Benji Sleep is changing the game when it comes to affordable luxury bedding. Their slogan is "so damn soft", and I can truly attest to this softness! Literally a game changer. I love decor and interior design but have always dreaded shopping for sheets. I don't know why but it can be so overwhelming! I don't understand the thread count and I just want to get the best quality without being ripped off. At Benji Sleep they want you to know that thread count cotton isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and the real MVP is microfibre. Their sheets provide the perfect blend of breathable microfibre, they are hypoallergenic, and literally are so soft. Ready for the icing on the cake? They are super affordable since they have eliminated overhead costs by focusing on e-commerce. Order online and they ship them right to your door! No warehouse, no markup, no retailer. Plus they offer classic shades that go with any design.

Luxurious bedding isn't something you want to skimp on because it truly does enhance you sleep! Take it from me. I've been sleeping on these softies and I literally fall asleep SO fast. There is something about the material that makes you feel you've plopped yourself on a little velvety soft, fluffy cloud. Little luxuries like premium sheets and a duvet set can, without doubt, enhance your sleep so start with Benji to hone in on your sleep potential!
How to have the best sleep of your life with Benji Sleep

4) Honour your body's natural sleep schedule.
This is something we often try to fight. "It's only 9 PM, I can't go to bed yet". Heck no! If I am tired and fighting to keep my eyes awake, you can be sure I'm going to just give in and go to bed. I find I feel more energized when I give my body what it needs when it needs it. Since I have developed a natural sleep schedule where I wake up at a certain time and go to bed at a certain time, I do not alter this on weekends, give or take a few hours. I find even If I go to bed later I will wake up early. If I need a 15-minute nap on a Sunday afternoon to recover from a late Saturday I will take it, but sticking to my normal wake up routine keeps me and my body in sync.

Fall Asleep Fast with Benji Sleep and a giveaway

5) Know what effects your body.
It is very important to take note of the things that give you more energy and cause your body to react. For example, if I eat a pile of sugary food before bed, I can almost guarantee I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a racing heartbeat and a spike in cortisol levels. When my body releases cortisol it's basically like an internal alarm clock for me and I am unable to fall back asleep for hours. The same goes for me and wine. If I have too much wine before bed I can almost guarantee I'll fall asleep fast, and then wake up a few hours later wide awake. I just have gotten to know my body and the way it reacts to certain things. Does sugar keep you up? Does having alcohol give you an interrupted sleep? What about caffeine? Can you drink it after 5 pm? This isn't just about food and drink. Some people are more sensitive to working out at night, while others can do it no problem. Just take note and experiment cutting certain things out.

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Contest closes December 4th, 2019. Only open to Canadian residents. Thank you to Benji Sleep for sponsoring this post. 
Softest bedding and duvet cover Benji Sleep

How to fall asleep better and faster with Benji Sleep
How to Fall Asleep Fast and Longer with Benji Sleep

November 21, 2018

The Best Holiday Gift Sets

Round up of the best holiday gift sets to buy for beauty lovers

Makeup, skin care, hair care, oh my! Here are the best beauty gift sets to buy this Holiday season.

Holiday Beauty Sets to buy for 2018

I love gifting beauty sets for the Holidays. First of all, you can't go wrong with gifting a set as they are a more affordable way to try out a variety of best-loved products. Brands usually pack up their fan favourites and combine them for you at a fraction of the price, and a melody of top shelf goods is something I can never pass up. I have a few different categories lined up below to ensure you know the top picks for each. We're talking general beauty kits, lip sets, the best in natural skin care, hair care and even some luxury picks. Let me know what is on your wish list!


Best holiday gifts sets to buy for beauty lovers

1. Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit always combines a selection of full-size products which I love and they have a set for every budget. A ornament inspired Hoola bronzer to top your Christmas tree, decadent cake tins packed with goodies and more. I love the Gimme Some Sugar since it has all my favourites-- (full size) mascara, bronzer, highlighter, and a (mini) primer. All for $59 ($147 value) at Shoppers Drug Mart! Plus, the adorable packaging cannot be beat! No wrapping required! The Goodie Good Gorgeous is also a great value. It costs $39 and has a value of $86 value. It includes a full-size bronzer, mascara, and mini primer. Probably my favourite one and done sets for the Holidays!

Ultimate Beauty Kit 5th edition for holiday 2018 gifting

2. Pixi Beauty
I'm a sucker for their skincare sets. They always do the best combinations. The Glow Skintreat Bestie is my favourite as it contains the Glow Tonic and Glow Mud Cleanser. They also do a rose version of the Skintreat Bestie. As for makeup, the Ultimate Beauty Kit 5th Edition has every shade you will ever need. Look no further.

Best beauty sets to buy for the makeup lover

3. Mary Kay
This palette is kind of a game changer. The Chromafusion literally allows you to make your own face kit. If you're looking to gift the most customizable set this Holiday, this one if the way to go! Get the Pro Palette and the pick your eyeshadow, blush, highlight, and contour shades. Best idea ever!

best holiday gift sets for the beauty lover from bareminerals

4. Bare Minerals
I love their celestial vibes this Holiday season. Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lips are some of my favourite lippies, so the fact that they packaged them up into a trio this year is divine! The Lunar Lip trio is a score at $28 US (a $57 value)!

Buxom Cosmetics holiday gift sets 2018 for the beauty lover

5. Buxom Cosmetics
The theme is "after dark", perfect kits to take you straight into celebrating the near year! I'm a huge fan of the Big O (plumping balm) so the Party Girl Pout is the perfect set for someone who wants lip moisture. But if you're looking to go bold or go home, the Doll in Disguise is perfect.


Best Natural Beauty Sets for Holidays

6. Indie Lee
Skincare grounded in nature... Ah, have you ever heard a more beautiful sentence? The Discovery Kit is the perfect gift for anyone. Seriously. First of all, it's a clean beauty brand I am obsessed with, and these products are perfect for ANY skin type. It comes with a cleanser, toner and (a holy grail of facial oils), the Squalane Facial Oil. Coming in at $36, it's the perfect kris kringle gift for someone who needs to step up their skincare regime.

7. Cocokind
Cocokind just proves you do not need to spend a fortune for quality skincare. If you asked me one product I never leave the home without, it would be my Cocokind Matcha Stick. It's your do-it-all moisture stick, perfect for under the eyes, lips, cuticles, or anywhere else! The ingredients found in Cocokind are the purest I have ever seen. Nothing added. Absolutely nothing. This holiday skincare set would be my ideal gift, 100%. This perfect travel set contains their whole skincare lineup, which is just an amazing way to try out the brand.

In your element gift set for holiday beauty 2018 by Pai Skincare

7. Pai
The In Your Element gift sets by Pai literally will have you starry-eyed. They are based on the four elements (earth, wind, water, fire) so you can choose your favourite. The best part is that they all include my most favourite, the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil.

8. Drunk Elephant
If there is one skincare brand I am dying to try, it's Drunk Elephant. I've heard amazing things about their serums. The Rise + Glow Duo includes the B-Hydra and C-Firma for your dose of vit B and C. Hydration and brigtening at it's finest. However, if you're feeling extra (like I always am), I would spring for The Littles Kit. It's 8 of their best products wrapped into 1!


Holiday Beauty Sets Eve Lom Cleanser Review

Just saying the name literally just transports me into a blush coloured rose garden. This skincare brand is one of my essentials for their botanically based ingredients, radiance inducing effect. The Award Winners Set contains two of my most used products-- the cleanser, and the rescue mask. It is an amazing value. Read more on the amazing cleanser here. 

The ever so popular Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment. I have been waiting for the perfect time to splurge on this product and I think with the release of the Good Genes Holiday Kit I may have too. You are literally getting a free product. It is an insane value! 


Top Holiday Beauty and Hair Gift Sets Ouai

11. Ouai
Oh my. The new Dyson paired with Ouai. This is most definitely a splurge, but I mean the Blow-a-Ouai kit is a hair lovers dream. The Rose Hair and Body Oil is included, which is one of my favourites!

12. DesignMe
I am loving the PowerDry.Me! It blow dries in half the time and gives you frizz control. This set also comes with the Fab.Me which is great for breakage and heat protection. The Ultimate Hair Care Kit is the way to go! And if you're wondering I did the test... using the Dry.Me my hair dried in under three minutes!

13. A mix bag
If you're looking for a hair care sample kit to add some volume and texture this holiday season, try out Sephora's Party Hair Kit for a one-stop shop. This may just have every brand you are looking to try!


November 12, 2018

The Best Clean, All-Natural Skincare Products To Try

Best all natural skincare products to try

I rounded up the best natural skincare products that you need to try today. 

Last week Jennifer Freitas, founder of The Truth Beauty Co. put on the True Beauty Talk in Toronto. Over 20 clean beauty pioneers that are taking over the industry with their latest creations came together over the span of the day. The talk offered great networking opportunities, an expert panel, and an open forum to discover new leaders in the beauty space.

The morning panels were my favourite! I listened as the panelists discussed growth and investment, sustainability, and ingestables. All I can say, is I am excited about the clean movement taking place in Canada. Clean and green is not going anywhere. As we've seen with Clean at Sephora, and the influx of clean beauty entrepreneurs, it is here to stay, as it should! There are so many brands that are pushing the envelopment when it comes to cost, plant-based ingredients (which means no chemicals or parabens!), and are eco-friendly. I caught up with some of my favourite brands and their founders and here are the launches I am looking forward to.

Graydon Skincare Full Moon Serum best all natural skincare

Graydon Skincare: Fullmoon Serum
Okay, are you ready for this one? It's a water-based, plant-powered serum, which means it feels as light as air and oh so breathable. The ingredients in this one are crazy beneficial. We're talking hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin c, moringa extract, and retinol. , it does it ALL! Minimizes pores, nourishes dry skin, battles environmental stressors, reduces lines and wrinkles and it soothes. I know what you're thinking... too good to be true? And it's so lightweight you can still add on an oil overtop to lock it in. It's going to become a winter staple for me. It improves your skin, keeps you looking radiant, all while reducing signs of aging.

Indie lee squalane facial oil best all natural skincare from the true beauty talk

Indie Lee: Squalane Facial Oil
This oil hydrates the skin, balances oil levels and leaves you feeling nourished, moisturized and full of life. This isn't a new product, but it's a new to me product. I tried it on my hands and I couldn't believe how revitalized and refreshed they looked and felt! It changed the look of my hands, it gave the lines a blurred out effect, which is exactly the goal of this miracle worker. It works to fight uneven tones and textures and comes in at an amazing price point (C $38). Most importantly-- it does not feel clogging, or greasy. I can't wait to try out this oil, morning and night! Face, decollete, and hands! Another bonus, it's cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% pure olive-derived oil.

Well Told Health at The Truth Beauty Company best in clean and natural skincare

Well Told Health: Relaxation Booster (formally called Sleep)
Natural supplements made of organic botanicals and nothing else? Sign me up! I was immediately drawn to Well Told Health from the moment I heard founder Monica Ruffo speak. NO synthetics, no filler ingredients, just purely plant-based. They craft health boosters made from food ingredients. I'm excited the try out the sleep aid made from goji berries and lemon balm. As Monica said, sure you could eat a cup of lemon balm, but this is so much more realistic nowadays. Melatonin is a hormone, and I've been taking it a bit due to some irregular sleeping patterns so I cannot wait to replace melatonin with this booster. Other boosters include Energy (to counter stress and feelings of weakness), Anti-Inflammatory (for joint pains, minor wounds), and Vitamin D. I'll keep you posted!

Cardea AuSet: Sea Mineral Soak
Channeling the inner goddess in you and derived from nature and the Southern Ontario region, this brand is new to the space and is drawing in some major attention. They focus on gorgeous packaging, minimal aesthetic, and scents that will make you float to the clouds. I can't wait to try the Sea Mineral Soak to up my bath game.

best all natural skincare products from the true beauty talk

Rocky Mountain: Face Polish
I am obsessed with this idea. It's a mineral base that you can literally mix in with your favourite agent. Water, coconut oil, yogurt, honey, avocado... the possibilities are endless! You leave it on like a mask and then wash off. Ah, so luxurious feeling!

Do you have any favourites? I'd love to know what you look for in clean beauty. All these fabulous brands can be purchased at The Truth Beauty Company

November 08, 2018

Three Networking Tips for Young Professionals

How to network and dress stylish for fall

Networking can be overwhelming. Whether you're a young professional, in school, trying to make new contacts, or just trying to make new friends, networking can be down right scary!

How to network successfully if you're shy

The blogging sphere has become much more inclusive over the recent years however for someone that is introverted or shy, blogging events can be a scary situation, a hit and miss even. Will I know anyone? Will they be worthwhile? What will I get out of it. And let’s get real, sometimes we just need alone time and would rather sit on the couch reading. But instead of asking what will I get out of it, there is a different way to tackle the networking game. It all starts with asking what can I offer?

Floral Chiffon Shirtdress from RW&CO by Pastels & Pastries

Here are a few tips to up your networking game and navigate the scene. 

1. Engage in conversation. 
Do not go to events looking to chat with the who’s who. If you are in conversation with someone actually engage with them! It can be so disheartening when you can totally tell the person you’re speaking with is glancing over your shoulder to see who they need to say hi to next. It's just sad and will make the person feel horrible. If you’re in a conversation with someone fully commit to chatting with this person and learn something about them! Make the mental note to repeat their name in your head (so it actually sticks), and to try and remember one thing you can take away from your conversation about them. Did they just come back from vacation? Are they taking a new night course? 

2. Focus on giving.  
Instead of asking what can this person do for me, ask what you can do for them.  It’s so important to not focus on your end game because what you put out to give, you will receive. Would you have gotten anywhere without the help of others? No, probably not. When your in an engaged conversation you can surely provide your expertise. It may be as simple as offering a contact, or saying something as simple as “sure, I’ll read it over”. It could mean the world to someone and you don't even know it! A talent or skill that comes so naturally to you, may not for the person you are connecting with. Networking is all about sharing your expertise and helping others. In turn, you will end up helping yourself. So try putting the other person first and see where it takes you! 

3. When in doubt- just keep talking. 
So is the conversation going nowhere? Are you bored and looking for an out? Try having a log of simple questions to pull out of your hat for when the conversation is dying off. Where did you grow up? What brings you here? What are you most excited about right now? What the best thing you have going on right now? If you just keep talking, you will find somewhat of a common ground. Having these questions in your back pocket to throw out when the conversation falls flat can be a game changer. 

Networking doesn't have to be a chore! It can be fun if you open up a little bit and embrace the possibility of really learning something new about someone. Even if you're shy or an introvert, you can apply these tips and really get something out of the conversation or event!

What goes better with networking than a new floral dress (on sale!)? Except this one is moody florals. Perfect for the fall season... to embrace darker, jewel tones, while still maintaining true to my core. It's so important to be comfortable in what you're in when your trying to make new connections. You'll feel more like yourself and this will enable you to open up.

Your turn! Tell me what networking tips you have!
S H O P T H E P O S T :


November 02, 2018

Win an Advent Calendar from The Body Shop

the body shop advent calendar contents 2018

Who's ready to win an advent calendar from The Body Shop?

Goodbye, pumpkin spice.

Hello, holidays!

Who's with me?! It is by no means too early to embrace the season of giving. The year The Body Shop has released three magical advent calendars that are basically the perfect gift for anyone on your list who cares about their body. The theme of the calendars is Enchanted Forest and enchanted you will feel after you try out the selection of top Body Shop products!

P.S. you'll want to keep reading since I'm giving one away!

holiday giveaway body shop advent calendar body shop body shop products body shop online makeup advent calendar body shop body butter best body shop products body shop makeup beauty advent calendar advent calendar advent calendar for women shop beauty advent calendars advent calendar for christmas ultimate advent calendar beauty advent calendar 2018 advent calendar canada win a body shop advent calendar

You guys know caring for the skin is so, so important to me, and so much important than makeup, but it can be an investment! And no one wants a wasted investment. That's why I love this advent calendar. First of all, who does not love to open a special treat every day, and one that you can use and take with you on the go! Yes, I'm looking at you Mr. Almond Hand Cream! You get to sample a selection of 24 goodies to see what you love, and then if it works for you, why not get the full size.

2018 Enchanted Forest Advent Calendar from the Body Shop Review, Born Lippy lip gloss

Winter can be rough on the skin. I'm talking dryness, flakiness, and redness. This calendar features The Body Shop favourites such as the Coconut Body Milk, the Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter, two Born Lippy Lip Balms, and soooo much more! They really curated the perfect pack of skincare essentials to soothe and hydrate your skin for the winter. Not to mention make you feel luxe. A bath bomb, some seasonal faves like the Peppermint Candy Cane shower gel, and even a sample Rose Plumping Mask to make your face glow.

The value of the set is pretty legit. This calendar retails for $69.00 and you get over $150.00 worth of goods. But really I wanted to share this with you guys because I need you to love and care for your skin. If I can help you do that then I'm winning. So how about you win? I'm giving away one of these bad boys to make your spirits bright and kick off the Holidays nice and early.

Check out The Body Shop's page to open advent with me on December 1st as they'll be featuring different bloggers every day on their page, and don't forget to enter right here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blogger holiday giveaway 2018, peppermint candy cane shower gel, chamomile make up remover, The Body Shop

skincare products from the body shop's enchanted forest advent calendar 2018 holiday skincare giftguide

2018 Enchanted Forest Advent Calendar from the Body Shop Review

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