November 08, 2018

Three Networking Tips for Young Professionals

How to network and dress stylish for fall

Networking can be overwhelming. Whether you're a young professional, in school, trying to make new contacts, or just trying to make new friends, networking can be down right scary!

How to network successfully if you're shy

The blogging sphere has become much more inclusive over the recent years however for someone that is introverted or shy, blogging events can be a scary situation, a hit and miss even. Will I know anyone? Will they be worthwhile? What will I get out of it. And let’s get real, sometimes we just need alone time and would rather sit on the couch reading. But instead of asking what will I get out of it, there is a different way to tackle the networking game. It all starts with asking what can I offer?

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Here are a few tips to up your networking game and navigate the scene. 

1. Engage in conversation. 
Do not go to events looking to chat with the who’s who. If you are in conversation with someone actually engage with them! It can be so disheartening when you can totally tell the person you’re speaking with is glancing over your shoulder to see who they need to say hi to next. It's just sad and will make the person feel horrible. If you’re in a conversation with someone fully commit to chatting with this person and learn something about them! Make the mental note to repeat their name in your head (so it actually sticks), and to try and remember one thing you can take away from your conversation about them. Did they just come back from vacation? Are they taking a new night course? 

2. Focus on giving.  
Instead of asking what can this person do for me, ask what you can do for them.  It’s so important to not focus on your end game because what you put out to give, you will receive. Would you have gotten anywhere without the help of others? No, probably not. When your in an engaged conversation you can surely provide your expertise. It may be as simple as offering a contact, or saying something as simple as “sure, I’ll read it over”. It could mean the world to someone and you don't even know it! A talent or skill that comes so naturally to you, may not for the person you are connecting with. Networking is all about sharing your expertise and helping others. In turn, you will end up helping yourself. So try putting the other person first and see where it takes you! 

3. When in doubt- just keep talking. 
So is the conversation going nowhere? Are you bored and looking for an out? Try having a log of simple questions to pull out of your hat for when the conversation is dying off. Where did you grow up? What brings you here? What are you most excited about right now? What the best thing you have going on right now? If you just keep talking, you will find somewhat of a common ground. Having these questions in your back pocket to throw out when the conversation falls flat can be a game changer. 

Networking doesn't have to be a chore! It can be fun if you open up a little bit and embrace the possibility of really learning something new about someone. Even if you're shy or an introvert, you can apply these tips and really get something out of the conversation or event!

What goes better with networking than a new floral dress (on sale!)? Except this one is moody florals. Perfect for the fall season... to embrace darker, jewel tones, while still maintaining true to my core. It's so important to be comfortable in what you're in when your trying to make new connections. You'll feel more like yourself and this will enable you to open up.

Your turn! Tell me what networking tips you have!
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