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My name is Gabriella and I'm just a girl documenting the daily on Pastels & Pastries. I'm constantly in and out of Toronto and the GTA looking for ways to elevate the simplicities found in everyday life. What can you expect to find around here? I mostly post fashion, beauty, home & event design and travel-related content, because those are my big loves! But every now and again I'll get personal. I'm constantly on the hunt for a blush coloured dress, a bouquet full of lovelies, a matte lipstick, and looking to hop on the next flight out of town. I love exploring and discovering. I love wellness and being connected to the universe. And I'd love to hear from you! Even if it's just to say hi. Drop me a line and let's connect

(If you're interested here are 10 facts you didn't know about me)
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