February 27, 2013

We'll Always Have Paris

Helping my momma plan her sisters trip to Europe has led me to once again reminisce of my stay in Paris last April. Anyone that knows me can tell how obsessed I am with everything that has to do with la culture française! In hopes of improving my French I decided to take language classes and stay with a host family, which was an incredible experience! I made wonderful friends and was completely immersed in the language, fashion, food, history, and everyday life. Did I mention the incredible food? (I think I ate a croissant every morning and a crêpe every night!) Until I return to this magical city I will be re-living my trip though my pictures! These are some of my favourite moments from mon voyage parisien.

I became very acquainted with the delights of the city, so if you're planning a trip and have questions or need any recommendations of where to eat, shop, go out or tour just ask! 

{Pont des Arts-Love Lock Bridge} 
{Champ de Mars after a rainfall}
{Incredible shopping everywhere}
{Exploring the secrets of the city}

{Out for a night aux Champs-Elysées}
{Exploring Versailles}

{Last night with new friends}


February 25, 2013

Blossoming Trend

Whether it be a skirt (or any bottoms for that matter), blouse or dress I'm a huge fan of the floral print. It can make an outfit airy, sweet and perfect for almost any occasion. But this Spring the floral print is blossoming into unexpected territory- the shoe! In the past I thought printed shoes were too temporary, but some of these new styles are making me change my feelings toward floral footwear. Below are some of my current favourites that are not only perfect for warm weather, since they can take any outfit from drab to fab, but also make perfect transition pieces into Fall and beyond. How do you feel about floral footwear?

1. Manolo Blahnik BB Fabric Watercolor Pump
    8. Aldo- Lisboa 


February 23, 2013

DIY Boho Frame

I have been loving the look of the Boho Twist Frame at Urban Outfitters for a while now, but I could never justify paying the price for recycled paper! I knew that I could re-create the piece for much less and the project ended up being so simple. I had most of the materials lying around the house so my cost was $2.00 (I bought the embroidery thread at the dollar store), which makes my version $17.00 less than the frame for sale! 

  • frame
  • embroidery thread
  • scissors 
  • magazine/newspaper pages
  • glue-gun 
1. Cut magazine/ newspaper pages into strips
2. Start to roll the pages into long cylinders (you may need to use tape for the paper to stay in place)
3. Start rolling and twisting the embroidery thread around the long rolled up paper (use tape if necessary)
4. Starting on the outside of the frame, glue down the thread covered paper rolls 
5. Continue until entire frame is covered

{Frame now resting on my photo shelf}


February 21, 2013

Alice + Olivia Spring Collection

Alice + Olivia's fall 2013 line has just been presented, but it's still the spring line that has me in a state of pastel paradise! I love how the soft, watercolour prints are juxtaposed with the more bold, structured pieces. These are my favourite looks from the preview that capture the flawless femininity of the collection. 

{All photos from www.neimanmarcus.com}


February 19, 2013

Mastering le Macaron

Going into this project I knew noooothing could compare to the macaron goodness that I experienced on my last trip to Paris. But who doesn't love a good experiment! I followed this recipe and made some minor adjustments and let me just say- I was pleasantly surprised! Look at those pieds! They were definitely crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I found the buttercream icing recipe a tad bit sweet so next time I will be substituting it with another. And yes, there will be a next time! I am already envisioning an array of lavender and yellow babies for Easter! In the meantime here are some of my tips: 
  • Make sure you don't add in other ingredients until the egg white mixture is glossy and forms white peaks when you lift batters. I didn't think my eggs would do this, but after testing multiple times it was obvious when the peaks actually formed! Took me 8-10 minutes to form this texture.
  • Make sure you tap the tray a few times to get out excess air and let them dry for at least 15 minutes. I was so anxious to just pop them in the oven that I almost forgot this crucial step!
  • Try and find two trays that are the same thickness. One of my trays was thicker than the other so the macarons on the heavier tray did not fully cook. It was a sad moment when I pulled them off the tray to find the bottoms were stuck! 
Even though people say they are very finicky and stubborn, I thoroughly enjoyed making them, and at the end of the day they were delicious! Isn't that all that matters?


February 17, 2013

Springin' In

Even though it's finally feeling like Winter I am already anticipating all the excitement that Spring will bring. Yes, my February wardrobe may consist mostly of wool sweaters and cashmere socks, but I can't help to smile each time I catch a glimpse of the pink polish on my toes (as it's hinting me of the goodness to come)! In order to help me get through the dreary days ahead, I have put together some pretty pastel (obviously) pieces I am currently coveting for Spring. Any favourites? 


February 15, 2013

Half Moon Manicure

Need to add a little sparkle to your weekend? I came across a picture on pinterest of a pretty lavender and silver half moon manicure and knew it would add just the right amount of glitter to kick of my reading week. I tested out the technique using paper reinforcements and after a few tries I finally got the hang of it!

{OPI- Bring On the Bling & Mod About You}


February 13, 2013

I Heart Cake Pops

Valentine's Day is only one day away, which still gives you time to make something yummy and chocolatey to share with someone special. Cake pops are my go to dessert. Every time I have my girlfriends over they can pretty much expect me to make some variation of the cake pop, they are just so cute and fun to make!

I don't even remember what recipe I first used, but my instructions are very simple: bake cake of choice, mash up into tiny crumbs (when cooled), add a few tablespoons of icing (store-bought will do), roll into balls, and then dip in melting chocolate. It's that simple! This is the first time I made them into hearts (using a cookie cutter) and I am so happy they turned out.

Be sure to:

  • Put the rolled (or cookie cut in my case) cake pops in the freezer for at least ten minutes so they can be dipped into the coloured baking melts without falling apart
  • Let stand for a few minutes after freezer time; they will start to crack when dipped if they are too cold/completely frozen
  • Find an old piece of styrofoam to stick dipped cake pops into for drying and cover it with saran wrap or a plastic bag so you can reuse the styrofoam 
  • Have fun with it- add sprinkles, colours, swirls, etc.


February 11, 2013

House Lovin'

I love decorating for any and all occasions, so Valentine's Day is no exception. After all, the house needs some loving too! But I have to say, I prefer incorporating festive items that take a sleek approach to the holiday as opposed to tacky porcelain cupids and heart window decals! These pieces on their own don't necessarily allude to Valentine's day and I wouldn't mind having them out all year round, but when brought together they scream lovey dovey!

13. Red Rose Stacking Bowls 


February 10, 2013


You know that thing you've been wanting to do for the past little while? But never really got around to seeing it through? Well for me, this is it. Welcome to pastels and pastries. I am really excited to share with you (if there are any of you out there) all that inspires me, my ideas, hopes and anything else that comes up in between! 

So, this is my official welcome and thanks for stopping in! 

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