February 13, 2013

I Heart Cake Pops

Valentine's Day is only one day away, which still gives you time to make something yummy and chocolatey to share with someone special. Cake pops are my go to dessert. Every time I have my girlfriends over they can pretty much expect me to make some variation of the cake pop, they are just so cute and fun to make!

I don't even remember what recipe I first used, but my instructions are very simple: bake cake of choice, mash up into tiny crumbs (when cooled), add a few tablespoons of icing (store-bought will do), roll into balls, and then dip in melting chocolate. It's that simple! This is the first time I made them into hearts (using a cookie cutter) and I am so happy they turned out.

Be sure to:

  • Put the rolled (or cookie cut in my case) cake pops in the freezer for at least ten minutes so they can be dipped into the coloured baking melts without falling apart
  • Let stand for a few minutes after freezer time; they will start to crack when dipped if they are too cold/completely frozen
  • Find an old piece of styrofoam to stick dipped cake pops into for drying and cover it with saran wrap or a plastic bag so you can reuse the styrofoam 
  • Have fun with it- add sprinkles, colours, swirls, etc.


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