February 25, 2013

Blossoming Trend

Whether it be a skirt (or any bottoms for that matter), blouse or dress I'm a huge fan of the floral print. It can make an outfit airy, sweet and perfect for almost any occasion. But this Spring the floral print is blossoming into unexpected territory- the shoe! In the past I thought printed shoes were too temporary, but some of these new styles are making me change my feelings toward floral footwear. Below are some of my current favourites that are not only perfect for warm weather, since they can take any outfit from drab to fab, but also make perfect transition pieces into Fall and beyond. How do you feel about floral footwear?

1. Manolo Blahnik BB Fabric Watercolor Pump
    8. Aldo- Lisboa 



  1. Pretty pretty! Love #9 - and there is always the Dr. Martens in floral!

  2. I want #4...stop tempting me with these delectable posts, lady! Haha.

    1. I know, Emily! Right now I'm loving 1 and 2!


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