November 04, 2013

How To: Halloween Party

One thing to note is that I adore organizing events. Some do call me a tad crazy, but I like to think of my love of party-planning as a gift that I can share with everyone (it may not be a gift in the process, so watch out). This year I decided to throw my first Halloween party, and although I was still in Vegas mode the days leading up to the party, it still managed to come together. All this last minute planning even scored me a few deals  (thank you Bulk Barn for putting all remaining festive candy 75% off the day after Halloween)! Throwing a halloween party does not have been complicated or expensive, it can be quite fun as long as you work that creativity! To break down the party I will first start with the decoration details then move on to desserts. As you will see below, we were going for an eerie look. What do you think? 
Black roses: Initially I bought these from Dollar Tree to put in vases, but the day of I decided to cut each stemmed rose to hang individually from the ceiling above the sweet table. When we lit up the candles they definitely upped the ambiance! 

Old candles: My friend and I scoured her basement and found a bunch of creepy looking, old, used candles. We decided to group them together on a tray and drip red "blood" (paint) on each candle. Wicked effect! Also, we placed candles all around the room to add a supernatural element. 

Tablecloths: For the dessert buffet we used ripped old white shirts to act as coverage. For the dinning table we used an old white sheet and (while I was away) my friends kindly bloodied it up! They went full out with red hand prints and wrote words such as "kill" and "murder" all over it. So cool!

Jarred creepers: We put toy snakes and fake human hearts in mason jars and filled them up with water, a drop of milk, and some food colouring. To create a glowing effect we placed candles around the jars. These were actually spine-chilling!

Spiders: We placed them anywhere and everywhere. 
Blood spattered cupcakes: Just a marble cupcake and some buttercream icing.  But, to top them off I splattered red food colouring all over the icing. I think Dexter would approve.

Caramel apples: I loved how the twigs added a rustic, eerie feel! This was my first time making caramel apples, and I did not anticipate the challenge I had from melting the caramel. I am determined to perfect them! 
Popcorn: We popped some kernels on the stovetop and added some candy and chocolate while it was still hot. Made for a mysterious mix of goodies! 

Candy: Like I said, I scored at Bulk Barn and served a wide variety of festive bonbons.  

With Halloween falling on a Thursday and the party falling on a Friday, I knew I wouldn't be able to send some spooky inspiration your way in time for this year's festivities, but I hope you keep these simple, inexpensive, yet dramatic ideas in mind for next year! Remember, getting a little creative with the decorations can really impact the overall look of the party, and in this case can boost the scare factor! 

**Self serve bars are key! Don't forget to make a crimson red punch and add some garnishes on the side, and obviously fun straws. 

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