November 19, 2013

Party Couture

Last week we celebrated my mother's birthday, and while she was out of the house I decided to do a bit of decorating. Since I was running late for class I opted for a quick and easy DIY tassel garland to hang above the buffet which held her flowers, cupcakes and gifts. I used some tissue paper I had lying around the house and followed the instructions found here (I won't bother going into detail because she does such a good job of explaining the process). I was a bit pressed for time so I couldn't fix some of the mistakes I made, like tangling/ripping the fringe, or cutting some tassels too short, but overall it looked lovely! It may not look identical to the infamous Confetti System, but it sure made an impression! She even kept it up for a few days! I'm already visualizing a red, cream and gold garland for my annual girls Christmas party. Try it out, and add a little pretty to your party! 


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