November 06, 2013

Cold Weather Necessities

Aside from the obvious winter coat and pair of boots, there are a few accessories that are essential to have when the cold weather hits. Here in Toronto we have already been graced with single digit temperatures, and since other parts of Canada are experiencing snow I thought this would be the perfect time to whip out the cold weather accessory guide! 
1.Honeycomb Stitch Infinity Scarf- Since my scarves usually double as a pillow for the train and a blanket for early morning classes, I need a scarf that is soft, warm, and big. Old Navy has this scarf in a variety of colours and is a serious steal.

2.Colorblock Oversized Eternity Scarf- Since scarves are a serious fall and winter staple for me it is imperative to have options! 

3.Wilfred Wool Cashmere Socks- The feeling of putting on cashmere socks in the early morning is divine. These will keep your feet warm throughout the day!

4.Knots On Earwarmer-Most wintercoats are neutral in colour. I like to find an accessory in a bright colour that will keep my spirits up for the grey, dull days ahead. 

5.Fierecly Spotted Leopard Print Beanie-I am loving the variety of toques lately! With so many to choose from I am on the hunt for something fun and complementary to all outfits. Leopard suits just about any outfit to me! 

6.Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses-I may be getting ahead of myself here, but snow reflects some serious UV rays and can be blinding (especially for those of us with light eyes)!  Sunglasses are just as much a necessity in winter as they are in summer.

7.Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream-Cold weather means your skin is exposed to the elements. To stay protected from cold winds, and hot furnace air I like to use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. It's light and hydrating. 

8.L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream-As much as our face takes a beating in the cold weather so does our hands! I keep a rich moisturizer with me at all times. 

9.Kate Spade Perforated Leather Gloves-A nice pair of gloves are essential for going out. The colour and the bow sold me. 

10.Texting Lined Gloves-As silly as it sounds, I hate taking off my gloves in the cold to write a text or change a song. These texting lined gloves are key for day to day activities like walking around town and waiting at bus stops. 


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