November 09, 2013

Project Photo Wall

There is nothing less motivating than staring at a blank, white wall. Since my desk was facing this wall of emptiness, I realized it needed a rejuvenation and since doing so, my newly finished gallery wall has brought a smile to my face nearly every time I look up and am reminded by memories, love and all around happiness. I have to admit, before I started the process of sourcing supplies I was a tad intimidated and I wondered if I would ever pull it off, but the whole project turned out to be so fun and easy (especially since my handy boyfriend helped me with all the tough stuff). It was really important for me to personalize the space, so I incorporated not just photos but beautiful cards, notes and prints on the wall.  Most of the items used were things I have been collecting over the years, like the handmade card of Japanese stamps my cousin sent me while teaching there, or the calendar cut out of Audrey Hepburn sitting on a dock. In case you are interested in creating your own personal gallery wall here is the process I followed:

1. Source your pictures. These do not have to be store bought prints. Remember to look through your memory boxe for pretty cards, magazine or calendar cut outs, photo booth pictures, and of course your favourite images.

2. Find frames to fit your items. I found many of my frames in my basement, but also bought a few from Ikea for a steal. Also, use matting to give some pictures a bit of depth. I also used this DIY collage frame so I could display current notes and multiple pictures easily.

3. Using painter's tape, tape off the area on the wall you want to cover. Then measure this area and tape off the exact same shape on the floor. You will use this to decide how you want to display your pretty things. 

4. I wanted my pictures to form a rectangle, so I started placing photos in the box on the floor making sure that spaces were somewhat even and frame colours were balanced. 
**Unfortunately I did not account for pre-existing holes in the wall from old frames so I had to make some last minute adjustments to my display.

5. Take a picture of how you want your gallery wall to look (just in case you need a reminder while you're on the ladder), and start hanging! 

Remember to have fun with it and create something you love to look at each day!


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