January 14, 2014

Sheinside- to order, or not to order

I'm not sure how big of a rock you are living under if you have not heard of Sheinside, but I caved and made my first purchase before the Christmas break.  Here is my experience. 

Although skeptical after hearing some not so great reviews, I decided to check Sheinside out for myself. Blindsided by cheap prices and cute pieces I ordered three coats (totalling < $100), which I was very excited about. I do have to say, as a international studies major who focused on human rights, the reasons why these prices are so low made me remorseful. Fast forward 8 days after my order went through, I had still not received a confirmation of shipping. Christmas was in a week or so, so I let it slide. Finally I received my tracking number, which led me to a Chinese website (no translation available), and the waiting game began. Twice I was told they came to deliver and no one was home. Well, I was home... both times! 

About three weeks after my initial order I woke up to an email in broken english exclaiming the shipping company would destroy the package if I did not pick up the parcel, and I would not be reimbursed. Needless to say, my butt got out of bed real fast that morning! I ended up having to drive to Brampton (ugh) to pick up my package. So let's get to it… the pieces are more or less Forever 21 quality (which is to be expected), the shipping was a disaster and the customer service reps, although helpful, were let's just say... interesting to deal with. Would I order again? In an effort to shop more consciously, probably not. However, here is coat numero uno. I'm obsessed, in a sheepy kinda way! So glad the temperatures rose above freezing this weekend so I could wear it on my day date! 

I'd love to know, have you ordered from Sheinside? Also, stay tuned for the next 2 pieces. 

On a side note. For many reasons, I've been admiring the whole idea of "tartan" from afar this season. However, when I came across this scarf in my basement (score!) I decided to give it a whirl. I came to the conclusion that I only like wearing red tartan when paired with red point toe pumps. What do you think? 
{sorry for the brightness...it was the only way to emphasize the tone on tone leopard pants in this dreary weather}

{Sheinside coat, vintage scarf, Zara pants, Aldo pumps}


  1. So cool!

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