March 18, 2013

Going Green

Although this Saint Patrick's Day did not consist of dressing up in goofy attire and drinking green beer from midday to midnight, I was perfectly content with brunch and parade watching on Bloor. It may not have been as warm as I had hoped but the sun was shining and my green Kate Spade mini and salmon stripped sweater sure heightened my spirits. This was the first time since high school that I could bring myself to wear knee high socks, and their frilly tops paired with a chiffon skirt was the only thing that helped to relieve some just painful uniform memories. I swear some parade watchers thought I was going to jump right in with the bag pipe players, but at least I was festive! 

{Kate Spade bag, Juicy Couture jacket, Central Park West skirt, Joe sweater}



  1. Love the outfit!!
    And the comment about the high socks, is so true.
    It will make me feel like I'm back in High School.
    But they're too cute to not wear them.

  2. Omgsh - that bag has my name written all over it - LOVE <3 it!!


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