April 02, 2013

Mastering le Macaron - Part Two

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend! If you saw my first attempt at making macarons, you knew I was on the hunt for a yummy buttercream recipe. I used the same recipe for the base of the macaron, but found an amazing raspberry buttercream icing to sandwich in the middle- and what a difference it made! I was hoping for a stronger yellow colour, but I was worried adding too much food colouring to the base would make them too watery, and not turn out. Still, I find the natural-ish colour looks great with the pink icing.

I used this icing recipe, but instead I changed the strawberry jam to seedless raspberry jam, and added a tad bit more for a stronger flavour. Although I still cannot compare them to the ones I had in Paris, this batch was far better than my first attempt. They were also a perfect addition to our Easter sweet table! Still wondering if any of you have mastered the macaron? 


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  1. Exciting! Gonna try this. Last time, I tried making macaron, I had the same problem as you. So i'm deff trying this one!
    Thanks xo


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