June 13, 2013

DIY Gold Party Accents

It's safe to say that planning two parties on the same weekend is causing a bit of havoc around here. Next weeks champagne birthday party just so happens to fall on the day before the graduation party my lovely mother is hosting for me (inspiration board to come!). I know I'm not technically supposed to be planning my own party, but I can't stop myself from tweaking the details! Since the majority of guests will be attending both parties, I knew I didn't want to use the same accessories, but I still wanted to personalize both parties.

First up are the stir sticks that I intend to put out beside the champagne glasses (at the champagne birthday party, obviously). Although they did take a fair bit of time, I love the look and how this sparkly accessory will fit right in with the theme! The supplies were pretty basic (and all found at the dollar store): any gold fringe or gold ribbon, wooden sticks, glue gun. 

Moving on to the graduation party. To add a touch of glamour to the whimsical feel of the grad party, I decided to glitterize the bottom halves of some mason jars (which will act as vases). Again, pretty simple stuff; I taped off the bottom, applied glue, and glittered the jar. This way I can add a touch of the ravishing sparkly colour and create a chic-vintage vibe. And, when filled with my beloved peonies, they make for the perfect party accent! 

I do still have a few touch ups to do but I am very pleased with the results! Stay tuned to see them finished and on display at the party! 


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