December 13, 2013

Being Productive At Home

Over the past few years I've caught myself in too many scenarios of procrastination that I would like to admit, obviously all occurring around the dreaded exam season. However, these instances have also made me realize when it's time to stop binge watching a new series on Netflix, and get things done. I have somewhat developed a system in order to stay productive at home and I wanted to share my tips in case you find yourself unmotivated to do anything that isn't Holiday related this exam season.

*Personally, I am more productive in the AM, so in order to benefit the most from these hours, I set my alarm early and get straight out of bed. I then follow my usual routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth and making coffee.

*I always make sure to change out of pyjamas, even if it's just to get into comfy pants, a sweater and fuzzy socks. This will help you to re-focus and make you feel more energetic. 

*My desk is in my room, which can sometimes be a bit distracting. To ensure I don't hop back into my inviting, unmade bed, I allot some time for cleaning and declutteing. Having a clean, organized work space gives a fresh attitude and a clear mind to complete tasks. Natural light gives off a much more positive vibe so I also like to open all curtains and blinds.

*Reward yourself with breaks, but be sure to measure when to take them by material, not by time. Let me explain: if I know my break is in 10 minutes I am more likely to be thinking about all the things to do on that break instead of actually focusing on what I'm studying.  Tell yourself you can have a break when you finish a certain chapter or get to a certain page. 

*Do not get back into bed thinking you will just do a little reading lying down. Speaking from experience, this effects all productivity levels and may or may not result in a 2 hour nap.

*And if nothing seems to be motivating, I switch up my workspace. Take over the kitchen table, or head to the nearest library or Starbucks and regroup. 

This morning marked the end of another semester for me! I am jumping back into bed to rest my pounding head and wrap myself in my waterfall duvet- but first to catch up on some missed episodes of Homeland

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