November 29, 2014

Cheerful in Knit

 December is a mere day away, which means holiday prep is now in full swing!! Let the baking and shopping begin (kidding- I already started both weeks ago). I feel like this outfit is the epitome of casual holiday wear. Chunky knits, plaid scarf and red accents- does it get any more festive? This sweater almost didn't happen for fear of my suitcase malfunctioning before I made it home from Quebec, but I am so glad it did. It's the comfiest thing ever, and I love how booties and a swipe of my favourite red lipstick instantly dress up the outfit. It's a nice change from a classic black dress. What do you think?

{MACLady Danger lipstick, Simons sweater, vintage scarf, Kate Spade bag, H&M tights, Michael Kors booties}




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