January 12, 2015

Bedside Inspiration

I think I officially have the winter blues. The temperatures this past week have been just insane (we're talking -20 degrees Celsius) so I have pretty much been in hibernation mode! Since there is no escaping the cold I have restyled my nightstand in the theme of one my favourite cities, Paris. My nightstand is the first thing I see in the morning and usually the last thing I see before I doze off, so it should be fresh, inspiring and clean. 

Here are a few tips to keep your nightstand Parisian inspired:

Have fresh cut flowers to brighten the space. 
Light a romantic candle.
Have reading material and writing tools at the ready.
A scent diffuser to keep the space fresh. 
Display your favourite things; a pair of shoes, a motivating print or a brooch. Pretty things are not meant to be stored away in boxes!
Catch all tray or macaron box to store dainty necklaces or rings.
A cafe au lait for leisurely reading in bed.  

{l'amour print, book, macaron trinket box, notebook, perfume, shoes (similar)}

Find my DIY Headboard here



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