July 07, 2015

Snaps from the South

Last week we took a little southern vacation to South Carolina (which I'm sure you are aware if you've been following along on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat). We met up with B's family in Myrtle Beach for a few days and then rented a car for a road trip to Charleston. I will be putting together a mini travel diary for Charleston because I simply fell in love with the town; the beautiful architecture, the mouth-watering food, the friendly people- it was all so lovely! While in Myrtle Beach we took advantage of some serious beach time. The weather was perfect, and we celebrated our first ever Fourth of July. Here are a few iPhone snaps of our southern stay. 

{soaking up that Charleston charm}
{Looking out before I cross, just outside of Poogan's Porch}
{I could pastel house gaze for hours!}   


{ice coffee is essential to beat the heat}
{my 4th of July outfit // stocking up on salt water taffy}
{sunset walks}
{fun shops in North Myrtle Beach}                    
{stop off for Margaritas}
{headed to the beach}     
{marble stooping}



  1. Looks like such a lovely trip. I will definitely have to add this destination on my list. I love how the buildings are so colourful and pretty.

    Eleni xo Bijuleni

    1. So colourful! The architecture was insanely gorgeous, Eleni!

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  3. the best sight in all of that is you!

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