August 17, 2015

Eyelet on the Island

For a pre-birthday celebration Brandon took me to the Toronto islands for an afternoon of fun in the sun. He packed a basket of all my favourite foods (a bottle of rosé included), and we picnicked by the water with the Toronto skyline in our forefront. We rented bicycles and zipped from island to island, gazing at the picturesque houses on Ward's Island, passing the lighthouse at Hanlen's Point and finally stopping for refreshments at Mermaid Café (which is nothing to write home about). 

When B first saw my outfit he let out a little giggle as he knew bicycling was part of the agenda. But you know me… I had just scored this skirt on major sale (it still is on sale!) and had reconstructed an old dress into a crop top, so needless to say, I refused to change. The skirt proved to be long enough for bike riding, and I don't even think I flashed more than two people while getting on, which I thought was an accomplishment! This crop was once a dress that shrunk two sizes too small. I snipped it at the waistband and now it's my new favourite crop top to pair with high waist skirts. What do you think? Inventive or ill-advised?  

Summer day dates are quite possibly one of my favourite things, and this day is going to be seriously difficult to top.  But, The CNE is opening this weekend so we may have a bit of competition! 

Tips for your trip to the Toronto Islands:
Buy the ferry tickets in advance. 11-2 pm is peak travel time, lines can be annoyingly long!
Pack your picnic! Don't be shy-- I've seen people bring it all! Mini BBQ, coolers on wheels, and food to feed an army. Don't forget water, sunscreen and towels for the beach. 
Bicycle. Either bring your own or rent them on the island. It makes zipping around from one side to the other a lot more enjoyable.
Treat yourself to dinner at the Rectory Café. Sit in the backyard garden patio-- it's picture perfect. 

{RW & CO skirt (major sale!), DIY crop top, Tory Burch clutch, Steve Madden sandals(similar, on sale), Miu Miu sunglasses}



  1. You look perfect for bike riding - it looks like you're riding a dutch step-through, which is made to accommodate ladies in skirts! Sounds like an overall perfect day, and I appreciate your tips for visiting the Toronto Island.

    La Petite Noob

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! You must get there before summer's end!

  2. You look so lovely!! I have the same skirt, but was not lucky as you were and I purchased it full price.Sounds like you had a lovely birthday :)

    Eleni xo - Bijuleni

  3. Can't believe you made that top! You have mad sewing skills. I'm still working on a quilt I started a year ago :P

    Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

    1. Haha Kris… not completely! There was already a tight waistband so all I had to do was cut under the band ad tuck the loose strings under. Took all of 2 minutes!


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