March 15, 2016

Blushing Repeater

Spring Pastels-- Ripped denim, blush trench, blush lace up flats

A weekend filled with sunshine and a killer to-do list makes this pastel lover a happy girl at that! I spent the weekend doing a few shoots (which I can't wait to share!), but it was just so nice to have the sun on our side. The spring like temperatures came out on Saturday which triggered me to finally wear these lace-ups flats that I am particularly obsessed with. I can't wait to couple them with more cropped pants and dresses as the weather gets warmer! But I must say... I am particularly loving them paired with this blush trench. This combo is going to be on serious rotation for the next little while! I believe they call it the "outfit repeater" (FF to 1:06...gotta love Lizzie!).

There really is something so lovely about dressing for spring, it's so natural and easy! Don't you think? Maybe it's just the summertime girl in me. By the way-- nearly every person who has asked where I purchased these jeans is shocked to discover it was at American Eagle. They are the most comfortable pair I own right now, and I would recommend this fit to anyone looking for a new skinny. So soft, but still have the denim feel that you'll want. Just a warning- you'll foot will go into each and every hole on the way into them! Oh, the struggle!

How have you started dressing for spring? And I'd love to get your take on firstly, the lace ups-- are you over them? And secondly, the jeans-- too holey for you or just the right amount of holey goodness?

What I'm Wearing:

RW & CO trench (similar)
American Eagle jeans
Topshop flats
Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)

Spring Pastels-- Ripped denim, blush trench, blush lace up flats
Spring pastels, denim, blush trench, blush lace up flats



  1. These are the perfect jeans! I loved the snap you shared on Insta. And those shoes?! Such a good look!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. I am so into bush pink right now too!! I can't seem to get enough of it lately :)

    Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

  3. This is basically my favourite colour loving this whole look! I can't believe those jeans are from American Eagle. I need to go try on some jeans!

    Something About That




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