August 08, 2016

Boho Mini Dress

Fringe sandals, boho mini, black crossbody
I had every intention to avoid the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. After a few weak moment of browsing the goods I settled on this mini dress (along with a set of pink bowl, and a pillow that have since sold out). I know what you're thinking-- another floral dress?! But the longer bell sleeves and the mauve colour make it the perfect transition piece into Fall! That's one thing that I can justify spending money on right now.. if it's not a piece of furniture or a house ware item, you better believe it's going to take me right into the new season. Switch out the sandals with a pair of booties, and tights if it gets chilly, and I'm good to go! 

Things are a little chaotic right now. Moving during the summer has been intense and overwhelming, but also so lovely. We are finally a week in, and starting to figure out our groove. On Saturday we finally went out to celebrate at Paese Ristorante, an Italian inspired restaurant in North York. They invited us to come check out their menu, and it was one of the most delicious meals we had in a long time! Their veggies are sourced from their own garden located a few doors down, they have some of my favourite rose from Provence, and the served up a pretty mean basil gimlett. Needless to say I was in heaven. It was fun to finally get into something pretty and do my make up for a night out toasting to new beginnings. Is it lame for me to say coming home to "our" place after date night was even more exciting that I have anticipated? 

Do you have any tips for me on moving in together and other ways to make nights special?! 

What I'm Wearing
Poppy & Peonies The Crossbody Black (wear 5 different ways!)

Suede fringe sandals, boho mini bell sleeve mini, black crossbody
Fringe suede sandals, bell sleeve woven dress, black 5 way crossbody
Lush 'Whitney" Bell Sleeve Woven Dress Le Chateau Suede Like Open Toe Ghillie Tie Sandals  Poppy & Peonies The Crossbody Black sea salt spray hair, boho mini, suede fringe sandals
Dry bar sea salt spray in hair, boho mini dress, fringe sandals
Lush 'Whitney" Bell Sleeve Woven Dress Le Chateau Suede Like Open Toe Ghillie Tie Sandals  Poppy & Peonies The Crossbody Black

Lush 'Whitney" Bell Sleeve Woven Dress Le Chateau Suede Like Open Toe Ghillie Tie Sandals  Poppy & Peonies The Crossbody Black



  1. Soooo exciting!This is such a wonderful chapter in your life. Plus you will have so much more free time Looking great as usual!! Definitely a great buy!

    1. Thanks, Eleni!
      It all has been so, so exciting! And I could use more free time haha

  2. Love the print and dress style! Looks amazing on you! Cheers to you on this special new chapter in your life lovely! 😘

  3. This is such a lovely dress. I like that shade of purple. I couldn't resist the nsale either!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. It's a pretty shade! Not to overpowering I find.
      The Nordstorm definitely was worth it!


  4. I know that I say this every time, but THIS is my favourite outfit on you! Love the print and cut of the dress so much xo

    La Petite Noob

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