January 23, 2017

3 Wellness Tips from The Fix + Co

3 Wellness Tips to get on track for the New Year- The Fix + Co

I'm back with my favourite health gurus, Adrianna and Tamara of The Fix + Co., my go-to juice/health food/all things nutritious spot, to give you some insight on how to focus on your wellness this winter. I love working with these ladies because they not only appreciate a positive, healthy lifestyle, but they also know the importance of balance and giving your body exactly what it needs. Last time we whipped up a serious Superfood Smoothie Bowl, and then they gave me a taste of their newest menu addition-- the platters, but now we are focusing on what you can do to be the best version of yourself. Three simple tips to start incorporating into your daily life and it doesn't take much! These ladies know how busy we all are, even after the holidays, so the tips are easy and manageable. Here's what the ladies had to say on re-gain yourself and your wellness this new year.

1. Get ample rest and relaxation. After a busy holiday season, getting in some quality rest and relaxation is important to keep our immunity levels up during this time of year. Even though there may be moments you may feel like you're MIA, forcing yourself to stay in on the weekend could do you some good. You can use that time to catch up on some great Netflix series, organize your closet, or just be a blob. Whatever your body is calling for, do it. Just do you.

2. Eat better, eat less, eat slower. Getting into the habit of being more conscious of your eating habits can only benefit you. Eating better quality foods will make you feel better and will keep you healthy, while eating less will help with reducing indigestion, bloating, and weight gain. We aren't saying that you should under eat, but the majority of the time we over eat. Being conscious of portion sizes is just a way of us figuring out how much food we really need in a day. Also, eating slower and taking the time to eat with the family, friends and co-workers help with your digestion, helps to bond with others and decrease stress levels, and allows you the time to really enjoy your meals. No more eating while standing, while finishing a deadline, or while driving.

3. Focus on yourself. At least once a day, try to do something only for yourself that will better yourself. Often times, we lose focus on our own well-being because we are so busy with looking after other things. Make 2017 the year to be the best version of yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy, so make room for you. Read self-improvement books, take a new fitness class, learn more about meditation or deep breathing. A healthier and happier you means better relationships and better experiences because you have set yourself up for success and have provided yourself with the tools to cope when things get tough.

If you're looking for more The Fix + Co. is now offering a warm cleanse for winter! Great if you can't think of drinking cold juices right now, or if you're like me and need to have actual food! It's full of hot soups, elixirs, and even a warm bowl for only $56/ day! Such a great way to jump back on track after the holidays. They also started a new run club! Check out their Instagram or website for details.

A huge thanks to Adrianna and Tamara for providing these wellness tips! Let us know if you will try any out and incorporate any into your daily routine!

Juice Cleanse Experience with The Fix + Co
Superfood Smoothie Bowl

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  1. Really great tips! I think what I have the most trouble with now is a) sleeping enough and b) taking the time to eat properly!!! This is amazing motivation to change that! <3


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