February 27, 2017

Sharing the Sparkle

Hillberg & Berk red sparkle earring

International Women's Day is meant to celebrate the achievements of women and empower women so we can lift one another up and push each other forward. Ever since getting into the blogging world, my eyes have been opened to extremely talented, incredible, inspirational and hard working women. So many companies I've had the pleasure of working with are run full-time by local women who truly inspire me to do and be more! I mean, these women just don't stop hustling. But, before meeting all these women, there was my mother. The most hardworking, loving, kind, sincere individual I know. She is my best friend and deserves the world.

Hillberg & Berk red sparkle earring

Although no gift I ever give her will ever be enough for all that she has done for me, I still like to try to make her feel special. Hillberg & Berk was created by Saskatchewan designer and entrepreneur Rachel Mielke in 2007. Her jewellery is stunning-- hand-crafted, bold, timeless and beautiful. She is also a serious powerhouse of a lady that inspires me to be more confident and daring. Not only does she create her line using the finest semi-precious stones, pearls and metals, she is also a huge supporter of charities that support women empowerment. To date, Hillberg & Burke has contributed over $500,000 to charities and organizations that set out to assist women. Some of them include the Somali Women's Scholarship Program and the Malala Fund! The Queen has even worn one of her brooches. If that doesn't suggest girlboss status then I don't know what does!

Hillberg & Berk red sparkle earring

To celebrate International Women's Day, which is on March 8th, I am sharing the sparkle with the first woman to ever empower me, and make me feel like I am unique, special and worthy of anything. I gifted my mother a pair of Hillberg & Berk's iconic Sparkle Ball Stud earrings. We were out on Saturday for a day trip and made a stop into Kelly's Bake Shoppe where we sat down for treats and coffee. It was the perfect moment! Not only are the earrings a stunning piece of jewelry, but because they signify something more-- love, support, originality and a bond that we can share with all women.

I'd love to know who do you look up? Who empowers you and inspires you to be the best and work your hardest, and achieve amazing things?

Share the sparkle with someone special this IWD. You can get your Sparkle Ball Stud Earrings here


  1. This is such a great gift! I love the idea of celebrating inspirational women - my mom definitely holds top place too!

    xo Joëlle
    La Petite Noob

  2. This is such a beautiful post, Gab! I love the idea of gifting your mom something special. <3

    Something About That

    1. Thanks, Jackie!!
      So important to let them know how much they mean to us!

  3. I''m blushing here ☺️ You deserve the credit for following your dreams with passion and integriity but I am so honoured that you feel I helped empower you. Yes to girl power, we can all do it together. And I feel like a star with these gorgeous Hillberg & Berk earrings on ❤❤����


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